Ensemble2 - 0.5.2

* Correnspond for RSS0.9x/1.0/2.0 Atom0.3/1.0
* Correnspond for PodCast/VideoCast/PhotoCast (RSS2.0 Enclosure)
* 2-4pane changeable
* Manage feed list with tab ("box")
* Synchronize database via network (.mac/FTP)
* Custom pasteboard can copy with a optional format
* Post to sorcial bookmark service
* Smart list
* Search
* Manage history
* Tagging with entries
* Protect or mark flag on a entry
* Analyze entries
o Extract comments
o Extract track backs
o Extract entry contents
* Import/Export OPML
* Correspond for Default RSS reader
* Correspond for Growl

Download Ensemble2