Psst - 2.0.8

Psst is a faceless application that lets you adjust/mute the volume of your Mac's startup chime. Double-Click "Psst!" in the Finder to adjust the volume settings.

Important: The method Psst! uses to change the volume does not work on every model! What it actually does: It simply adjusts the volume settings before shutting down and after logging in.

Download Psst

Schoolhouse - 2.1

Schoolhouse helps keep track of homework, reports, notes, and projects from all of your courses. You can sort and manage your homework with ease. Color code your assignments by due date, priority, or course to give a visual cue of your upcoming deadlines. Organize your homework in notebooks and use smart notebooks to filter by many criteria. Quickly email your assignment info to classmates or contact your instructors with one click to get help with your assignments. Classcasts allow classmates to subscribe to your assignment info and receive updates when you make changes. An instant calculation and graphing of your grades over the term gives you a heads up before the final exam. Schoolhouse helps any student organize their assignments and get a hold on their homework.

Download Schoolhouse

SleepLock - 0.2.1

SleepLock is a custom built Screen Locking mechanism, it was designed after the Apple lock that is available in Apple Remote Desktop, its main purpose however is to serve the users that run programs such as alarm clocks. Often these programs need the computer to login and can not have the "lock screen, awake from sleep" option Apple provides enabled, however this Application allows for the best of both worlds

Download SleepLock

JIKANKEI - 1.6.1

JIKANKEI is a software of Art Project. The word JIKANKEI is the Time System in Japanese. JIKANKEI does not express scientifically accurate data. It is just an Art work. Linger in the morning brightness, in the afternoon glow, and enjoy the gradually changing seasons on this globe. JIKANKEI is like fictions or poems. It is useless in this pursuit of profitable computer society. The author makes no warranties to your physical and/or mental damages.

JIKANKEI displays angles of the SUN and local times of cities and places on the Earth. Sunrise and sunset data are taken from US Naval Observatory Date Services through Internet. The latest version shows Sun directions and FUJYO JIHOU (gradually changing time) that is before Westernized Japanese Clock System. FUJYO JIHOU divides daytime to six equal periods which an angular unit to 30 degrees is measured along the celestial equator. When it is equinox one of periods is almost two hours. However It is changed by seasons, summer time is longer and winter time is shorter. The each divided points were named to the 6 directions of zodiac symbols in day time and the 6 directions of symbols in evening, such as U (rabbit, sunrise: six gongs), TATSU (dragon, about two hours form sunrise: five gongs), MI (snake, about four hours from sunrise: four gongs), and so on. JIKANKEI also shows one twelfth of daytime and one twelfth of evening time for the understanding of differences between twenty fourth even divided modern clock system.


Warp Rogue - 0.7.5

Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike game. It features RPG-like game mechanics, recruitable NPCs, and a consistent theme.

Download Warp Rogue

SoundandLights I - 1.2

Turn a light bulb on and off.

Download SoundandLights

SigAlert Traffic Maps - 1.3.2

The SigAlert Traffic Maps widget allows you to get the latest traffic maps for your local freeway traffic.

  • Using the maps from, the following cities/regions are currently supported:
    • Inland Empire (San Bernardino)
    • Los Angeles (greater LA, West LA, and East LA)
    • Orange County
    • Phoenix
    • Sacramento
    • San Diego
    • San Francisco
    • Ventura
  • The widget can be resized and allows panning of the map so that you can focus on the data you are interested in (settings will be stored for each instance of the widget).
  • Pointing the mouse over any speed dot or incident icon will display a popup with additional details - pointing the map over a camera icon will display a live traffic camera picture from that location.
  • Double-clicking the map will open the corresponding full map in your browser
  • The current speeds and incident reports will be updated every three minutes when the Dashboard is showing.

Download SigAlert Traffic Maps

SunriseBrowser - 1.0.1

Light & fast. The open-source browser for web developer.

  • Auto Resizable Window
  • TransParent Window
  • Draw URL
  • URL Field is Web Search field
  • URL Copy
  • Page Shot
  • make HTML
  • URL specified Downloader

Download SunriseBrowser

GlyphHanger - 0.1a3

GlyphHanger is a Mac OS X system service that takes the currently-selected text in the frontmost application and copies it to the Clipboard as an image, suitable for use in a graphics or other document. Note that it is still an alpha, so there may be a bug or two.

Download GlyphHanger

Subliminal Message - 4.5.0

Subliminal Message helps you explore the idea of subliminal messages.

There are three modes: Text, Picture and Both. Set the mode. Set the on-screen time (1 - 50 ms), the time between flashes (2 - 30 sec), the message font darkness/picture darkness color, bold on/off and size and let the program run in the background. Use the default messages or enter your own messages. All settings and messages are saved between sessions.

Because of its power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed on TV in many countries.

Download Subliminal Message