FinKit X Interest Tables - 20070712

A total of 63 tables that can be used as reference data or to calculate interest using FinKit's Interest between Dates calculation.

Download FinKit X Interest Tables

CUPS - 1.2.12

CUPS provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It is developed and maintained by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing solution and is the standard printing system in MacOS X and most Linux distributions.

CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") as the basis for managing print jobs and queues and adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description ("PPD") based printing options to support real-world printing.

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PosteRazor - 1.4

As input, the PosteRazor takes a raster image. The resulting poster is saved as a multipage PDF document. An easy to use, wizard like user interface guides through 5 steps. PosteRazor is available as a Windows and as an OSX version.

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Nature and Science Widget - 2.1

Shows latest news (with links) from Nature and Science (

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Cog - 0.06

Cog is an audio player that supports many popular file formats, including Ogg Vorbis, Flac, Musepack, Mp3, Shorten, Wavpack, AAC, and Monkeys Audio. Features include seeking, smart shuffle, and the ability to read unicode tags.

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TubeTV - 0.9.1

TubeTV is a new freeware program for Mac OS X Tiger and above which enables you to search for, save, and convert Google Video and YouTube videos to a format suitable for playback on your favorite devices.

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Pontoon - 2.2

Pontoon is a fun, donationware version of the classic card game BlackJack for OSX. Ideal for whiling away the hours on your desktop, with no financial loss! Pontoon aims to be a complete one player vs dealer BlackJack game, and includes the ability to customize your game by enabling the major BlackJack rules and options, including Surrender, Insurance, Five Card Charlie, Split and Double.

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Pando -

Introducing a little app with a lot of muscle.

Pando lets you send your home videos, giant presentations and entire folders of original quality photos to anyone with an email address. See how...

No adware, no spyware ... no, really.

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Second Life -

Second Life is a virtual world - a 3D online persistent space totally created and evolved by its users. Within this vast and rapidly expanding place, you can do, create or become just about anything you can imagine. Built-in content creation tools let you make almost anything you can imagine, in real time and in collaboration with others. An incredibly detailed digital body ('Avatar') allows a rich and customizable identity. A powerful physics simulation running on a backbone of hundreds of connected computers and growing with the population allows you to be immersed in a visceral, interactive world that as of November 2005 holds more than 80,000 residents. The ability to design and resell 3D content, combined with the ability to own and develop land and a microcurrency, which can be exchanged to real money means that you can build a real business entirely within Second Life.

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Tuna Pitch - 1.0

Tuna Pitch helps you tune your guitar (or any similar instrument), with 5 built-in presets, and the option to set all six strings to any note. Also, with the standard EADGBE tuning, there are Drop D, Drop C, Open G, and Open D tuning presets. It features keyboard control, reference tones, a big, high-contrast, easy to read display which can be resized to fill the screen or made small to be unintrusive and it requires minimum CPU to get its work done…

Download Tuna Pitch

IPW - tga

Keyring makes me nervous. IPW doesn't; it's a simple program that lets you store and retrieve passwords via copy/paste.

Download IPW - tga

IceClean - 2.5

IceClean is a powerful Finder and System optimization tool using ONLY built-in Unix system tasks to help your System stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks: • System Maintenance Process & Infos - Periodic Routine Scripts - Verify Preferences .plist files - Repair Permissions - Update Prebindings - Update Locate & Whatis Databases - Rebuild Launchservices - Check Disk S.M.A.R.T. Status - System Info (Fixed Internal & External Disks, Kernel Infos & Processes Status, Power Management Settings) - Show (/var, /bin, /etc, /private, Receipts & Virtual Memory Lists) - Unix MAN Pages - Call Terminal & Console • System Cleanup - Remove Root & User System Caches - Deep Safari Cleanup - Remove Safari Icons - Remove Log fIles - Remove .Localized & Temporary files • Finder Utilities and Customization - Spotlight features (Rebuild, Update, Optimize, Remove Databases. Show Spotlight Index Status, Enable or Disable Spotlilght Indexing) - Dashboard ON/OFF - Show Hidden FIles and Folders - Force Relaunch Dock and Finder - Show Finder 'Quit' Item - Enable or Disable Finder Animations - Rebuild Finder Menu Icons - Force Empty All Trashes - Completely remove .DS_Store Files - Disable .DS_Store files from creating on Network Volumes - Three Desktop Screenshots Capture Options - SpeedUp Applications Windows Opening - Fast Screen Lock - Quick Display Sleep - CD-DVD RW Quick and Full Erase - Force CD-DVD Eject • Security & Network - Display Network Status & Socket Connections - Traceroute - Whois Informations - Enable or Disable Journaling Process - System Activity Monitor (CPU, Memory & Threads Usage) - General Network Info (IP Number, DNS Servers, TCP/IP & UDP Statistics) - Enable or Disable Firewall - Show Firewall Settings and Rules - Deep Hibernate Mac Possibilities (Default, Deep Sleep, Old Safe Sleep)

Download IceClean

ElectropaintOSX - 0.3

ElectropaintOSX is an OS X screensaver module port of Kent Rosenkoetter's clone of SGI's Electropaint screensaver "the most mesmerizing screensaver ever written". Kent's page can be found here. Kent eloquently describes it best: "Back in the day, when SGI was the pinacle of the graphics field, included in IRIX was a pretty little screensaver known as electropaint. It consisted of only a few quads swirling around the screen on a black background, but for everyone who saw it, the memory was burned in, never to be forgotten. It was simply the most mesmerizing screensaver ever written. Entire rooms of educated computer scientists were reduced to drooling unblinking zombies within minutes." This port only wraps Kent's OpenGL code in a screensaver module using Objective-C++. The source is released under the General Public License.

Download ElectropaintOSX

GPSPhotoLinker - 1.5.2

With GPSPhotoLinker the latitude and longitude from your GPS receiver can be directly embedded into the metadata of your digital photos, creating a permanent record of where the photo was taken.

GPSPhotoLinker saves the position data in the EXIF header, a common format used by many programs, like iView Media Pro which can immediately read the position data and use that information for sorting photos. Apple has already committed to supporting the GPS position data in Spotlight, the search engine in MacOS X 10.4.

GPSPhotoLinker reads gpx files for track data, a common xml format for saving tracks, waypoints and routes from a gps.

Download GPSPhotoLinker

Screen Sieve - 1.1.0

Screen Sieve lets you search the contents of the currently active window at any time. It highlights all occurrences of characters, words and phrases as you type, without requiring modifications to applications. Putting Mac OS X' built-in support for Accessibility to good use, Screen Sieve works with any application that supports the Accessibility APIs. Applications that do include Mail, Safari, Xcode and the Finder, as well as most other applications written in Cocoa and to some extent Carbon.

Screen Sieve lets you configure the hotkey used to invoke it, as well as the color used when Screen Sieve fades your screen. It can also be configured to start automatically when you log in.

Download Screen Sieve