Font Mate - 1.1.1

Font Mate is a simple utility for displaying the fonts installed on your computer. You can see all of the characters in all of the fonts, and copy selected characters to the clipboard for use in other programs. You can print a sample character sheet for any font.

Download Font Mate

Pixer - 1.9

Pixer is a little application thet help you to rescale (or rotate, add pad and, crop) Png, Jpeg, Tiff, psd , bmp or Pict images in batch. Drag a image, a group of images or a folder of images into Pixer icon and type the size you want (for exemple 500 for 500 pixel): Pixel convert them to the typed size. That's all!

Download Pixer

ZipCleaner - 1.0

Although being able to create zip files right in the Finder is very convenient, they have the disadvantage of often including invisible files. These can be handy on the Mac, but if you send them to people using other operating systems, e.g. MS Windows, they show up as a bunch of unusable extras, like .DS_Store, Icon^M and __MACOSX.

ZipCleaner can remove these files from the zip archives the Finder creates: just drop them on it. It also allows you only to remove the .DS_Store files, which contain Finder settings and Spotlight comments. To do that, drop an archive on ZipCleaner, while holding down the option key.

Download ZipCleaner

RapidoMap - 1.0b1

RapidoMap is the ultimate geotagging solution for Mac. It allows you to easily add your photos and home videos at the location where they were taken. Using high resolution satellite maps, easy to use search tools, and a simple, integrated interface, RapidoMap makes it easy and fun to manage and present your media or just localize your contacts. Key Features: - Browse your media with street-level maps or a detailed list - View your media right in the application, or present a virtual tour of your photos in a Flyby Slideshow - Geotag your media just by entering the name or address of the places you went. - Drag and drop photos directly on the map from the integrated iLife Media Browser - Share your photos and their locations with anyone from anywhere with the integrated Flickr uploader - View and edit information about each place, such as its name, address, phone number, and comments - Import geotagged photos from GPS enabled cameras

Download RapidoMap