Relationship Completer - 1.0.0

Let’s say you have the two Address Book entries: “John Doe” and “Jane Doe”. If John and Jane are married, you may set the appropriate “Related Name” fields in Address Book to denote this fact. To completely realize the relationship you will need to add a spouse relationship to both John and Jane’s entry - each pointing to the other. This violates my first law of data entry duplication: don’t do it.

That’s where Relationship Completer comes in. It will add a new menu item for “Related Names” that allows you to automatically complete the relationship by creating the complementary related name entry. Now all you need to do is create one of the spouse entries and have the other one created automatically.

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cd to... - 2.1.1

Fast mini application that opens a window cd'd to the front most finder window. This app is designed (including it's icon) to placed in the finder window's toolbar. It's written in Objective-C and uses apple events which makes it much faster than applescript applets that do the same thing. Support has been added for iTerm, xterm and pathfinder (ie Finder->PathFinder not PathFinder->Terminal).

What's new in this version:
Version 2.1:

* Fixed bug involving apostrophes in path
* Default plugins for iTerm & X11/xterm in addition to
* Pathfinder plugin (Finder->Pathfinder) contributed by Brian Koponen

Download cd to... Now (File Size: 952k)

IceClean - 1.6.5b

IceClean is a powerful system maintenance and optimization tool using built-in Unix system tasks to help your Mac stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks:

* Periodic routine scripts
* Verify preference files
* Repair permissions
* Run periodic scripts
* Update prebindings
* Remove user and root cache files
* Update Locate & Whatis databases
* Rebuild LaunchServices

What's new in this version:

* Resolved an error in ‘Show Hidden’ Task and in Remove Browsers Cache Button
* Added Documentation in Application Package

Download IceClean Now (File Size: 1.5M)

Ambulant Player - 1.8

Ambulant Player is a SMIL 2.0 playback engine available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and handhelds (Windows CE or Zaurus Linux).

Ambulant Player is primarily targeted at the developer community, with strict adherence to the SMIL 2.0 standard, DTD/Schema checking and full source availability. Other players may be more suited for the consumer market, with a wider range of codecs, etc.

Download Ambulant Player Now (File Size: 10.9M)

iTunes Volume - 8.7

iTunes Volume is a "Slider Only" iTunes Controller that floats on your desktop.
Seemingly, this software that can do only volume adjustment.
however just try using it!
you can understand immediately...

Download iTunes Volume Now (File Size: 990k)

Le compte est bon - 2.4

Le compte est bon is a mathematics game based on a well known French television game (Countdown for England).

What's new in this version:

* First release in English.
* First Universal release.

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Deeper - 1.0.1

Deeper allows you to enable and disable the hidden functions of Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Exposé, Safari, Login window and any Apple's applications.
What's new in this version:

* You can cancel the operation before choose the Single user Startup Mode
* Show/hide the Debug menu of Backup
* Setting "Speed of display of the Web pages" removed (obsolete)
* Bug corrected: The window position is correctly saved in all situation
* Bug corrected while modifying the saving path of screenshots
* Bug corrected: Number of recent items in the File menu of QuickTime

Download Deeper Now (File Size: 1.5M)

RubyCalc - 1.0.3

Google can be used as a calculator really handier than the Calculator application of MacOS X.
But what if you are not connected to the Internet? Did you already need a quick, light, and free calculator able to :

* use numbers arbitrarily long (more than 10 figures...) ?
* type long expressions with parenthesis but without mistake ?
* easily mix numbers in different basis (binary, decimal, hexadecimal...) ?

RubyCalc may be what you are looking for. It supplies an application with its service, and a widget.

What's new in this version:

* Fixed a bug related to decimal point on english systems: spaces were required around operators;
* The website access from within the software was limited to the english page;
* Minor interfaces tweaks.

Download RubyCalc Now (File Size: 1.3M)