FirstClass Client - 8.325

Client for their messaging, discussion groups, document sharing, conferences system.

Download FirstClass Client

Pixer - 1.6

Pixer is a little application thet help you to rescale Png, Jpeg, Tiff, psd , bmp or Pict images in batch. Drag a image, a group of images or a folder of images into Pixer icon and type the size you want (for example 500 for 500 pixel): Pixel convert them to the typed size. That's all!

Hint 1: leave the insert window blank and press OK, Pixer leave the size unchanged and building the icon to all images.

Hint 2: for PNG 24bit, Pixer icon abilities preserve trasparency!

Hint 3: type H for 800pixel, M for 480pixel, L for 305pixel and T for 80pixel. If you use letters instead of numbers, Pixer insert a standard prefix and postfix in the name of image (image.jpg becomes H_image_1.jpg)

Hint 4 (new!): type percentage instead of pixel (50%, 74%, 16%)

Hint 5 (new!): type two dimensions and Pixer crops or to adds pad to image (for example, "1440x900" instead of "1440")

Download Pixer

PSCafePOS - 1.0M3c

PS Cafe is a POS (Point of Sale) designed for a school cafeteria, it integrates with SIS Systems like PowerSchool 5.0 (replaces Powerlunch), and Pentamation Student Information System. It takes into account free and reduced lunches and student credit.

Download PSCafePOS

SkyORB VR'06 - 1.6.7

SkyORB is a 3D planetarium, star gazing and epheremis, based from engine. It features a modern 3D interface, search engine, a large catalog of stars, planets, moons and updatable comets and asteroids database, and let you choose see the actual sky from any point on Earth or from any planet from the solar system.

Download SkyORB VR'06

iPhotoToGoogleEarth - 1.03

If you've got photos with GPS coordinates embedded in their Exif tags, this iPhoto plugin will create a KMZ file so you can view the photos in Google Earth. The file contains everything so you can send it to others and they'll be able to see not only what you saw, but *where* you saw it. It can also include a NMEA track file to show where you went between photos.

Download iPhotoToGoogleEarth

MyMahj - 4.0b

MyMahj is a nice and relaxing solitaire mahjongg game. The purpose of the game is to clear the screen of tiles by clicking on two identical tiles (or two seasons or flowers).

Only exposed tiles can be removed at any given moment. A tile is exposed if there is no tile over it, and if there is empty space on its left or right side.

Download MyMaj

OttoMate Web Test Automator Actions - 0.9

OttoMate Automator Web Test Actions, the Suite of Mac OS X Automator Actions that mates the simple, intuitive beauty of the Aqua graphical user interface with Automated Web Testing.

The OttoMate Actions serve as an engine for Apple's best-of-breed web browser, Safari -- running your web application through its paces by commanding Safari to visit your site, click links and buttons, fill out and submit web forms, and assert the existence of success pages, titles, text or HTML source code. All while you watch the results live on your Mac's screen. The OttoMate Actions can even ask Safari to evaluate arbitrary JavaScript code against your webpage!

Download OttoMate Web Test Automator Actions

iRemindU - 2.1

iRemindU is a small program which will remind you of something after a number of minutes that you define. You can use it if you do not want to forget the pizza in the oven or the tea bag in the cup.

Download iRemindU

MulleSight - 1.1.8

MulleSight is a tiny application for capturing pictures taken with your iSight camera (others may work as well). It features a complete AppleScript interface, so you can do all sort of stuff with it.

Download MulleSight

RapidoStart - 1.0

RapidoStart is a Free application designed to quickly launch applications, open documents, or access folders. When there is not enough space in the Apple Dock, you can use RapidoStart to stock an endless number of items! RapidoStart is also more discreet. It can be used in conjunction with the Apple Dock or as its replacement. RapidoStart is Freeware, gratis and freely usable! You can copy and distribute it. You can use it for as long a time as you want. RapidoStart requires Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. RapidoStart is optimized for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Download RapidoStart

SpotlightIndexer - 0.2.2b

By default, Apple's new "Spotlight" feature in Mac OS X 10.4 has been a saving grace for local searches. One limitation that ails this software is the fact that it will not index hidden directories; some that Apple deem off limits. SpotlightIndexer will allow the user to easily index folders that may not currently be searched by Spotlight. This software does not modify the way that Spotlight runs, or alter it in any way. The program simply uses the same process that Spotlight does to import files and folder contents into its index. SpotlightIndexer acts as a front-end to the command line utility mdimport.

Download SpotlightIndexer

OpenGL Extensions Viewer - 2.29

OpenGL Extensions Viewer displays the vendor name, the version implemented, the renderer name and the extensions of the current OpenGL 3D accelerator.

If you have an Internet connection, you can retrieve from SGI the extension's specifications that explain the available extensions.

OpenGL Extension Viewer (GLView) has been suggested by and nVidia for OpenGL developers. Available for English, French, Czech, Ukranian, Dutch, German, Japanese.

Download OpenGL Extensions Viewer

Pic-a-POD - 1.1.5

Pic-a-POD downloads a picture of the day from up to four different collections and sets your desktop picture. It can then randomly change the picture at set intervals. Downloading new pictures can be scheduled to happen every day, or only when you want. You can browse through the downloads, deleting or setting the desktop as you wish. The user interface can be shrunk to a mini window if you want to save space and it can have different color themes applied.

Download Pic-a-POD

PatchBurn - 4.0.3

PatchBurn is a tool to patch existing CD/DVD-drivers (under Mac OS X 10.2.x) or to generate and install new device profiles (under Mac OS 10.3.x and later). It allows many, otherwise unsupported burners to be used directly with Mac OS X, iTunes and Disc Burner.

Download PatchBurn

TrackRunner - 1.3.8

TrackRunner is a GPS-enabled exercise logbook for Mac.

Coupled with a GPS receiver and using LoadMyTracks from ClueTrust to connect to your GPS device, you'll be able to log your workouts and keep track of distance, time, elevation, heart-rate etc. Activities can be organized into categories, and by location.

Tracks can be displayed on satellite-images and data such as heart-rate, pace and cadence can be viewed in customizable graphs

TrackRunner is free for you to try, but is considered Donationware. So if you enjoy the software and find it helps you train better please consider donating.

Download TrackRunner

DockArt - 1.1

Written in response to a Usenet request, DockArt simply displays any embedded artwork for the currently-playing iTunes track in the dock. You can either add a new icon to the dock or replace iTunes' dock icon with the artwork.

Download DockArt

GSMS - 0.9.3 insec

GSMS is a Dashboard widget for sending SMS over GMX. You must have an account at GMX to be able to use it. At the moment the widget is only working for German accounts.

Download GSMS

MagiCal - 1.09r3

MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in conjunction with, or instead of the built in system menu clock. In addition to this, MagiCal features a handy drop-down calendar that can be torn off and placed anywhere on screen.

Download MagiCal

RegExpress - 1.0.0

RegExpress is a tool for testing regular expressions, this have a straightforward interface which help to have your test done quickly.

Download RegExpress