Battery Health Monitor - 1.1

Battery Health Monitor is a free utility for PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook owners that monitors virtual all battery health parameters and displays them in an easy-to-read format.

Battery Health Monitor displays your battery's original capacity, current capacity, current charge, number of charge cycles and more!

Download Battery Health Monitor

Router IP Address - 1.0

Router IP Address is a small utility for discovering the dynamic IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) when you have a router connecting several computers to a single internet connection (cable modem, DSL, or telephone modem).

Using router IP Address is simplicity itself. Just run the program and it displays the IP address that the rest of the Internet sees when you browse or communicate with various service providers. If you have a direct connection to the Internet this number should match that being used by your operating system but if you are using a router or gateway on your local network it will likely be different.

Download Router IP Address

D2X-XL - 1.9.161

D2X-XL is an enhanced version of D2X, the OpenGL modification of the classic 6dof shooter game Descent 2. D2X-XL is available for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is well documented and maintained.

Although D2X-XL contains a lot of enhancements and new features, it is still fully backwards compatible to every other Descent 2 version. As many fixes restore features of the original Descent 2 that were missing in D2X (like availability of all cockpit views, or working mouse steering), it is even closer to them than D2X itself.

If you want to support my efforts, you can do so by going to my web site and donating. :)

Download D2X-XL

QuickEffect - 2.1

QuickEffect is a small, free and easy to use application you can use to add multiple CoreImage filters to your images with a single click.

Download QuickEffect

Pando -

Introducing a little app with a lot of muscle.

Pando lets you send your home videos, giant presentations and entire folders of original quality photos to anyone with an email address. See how...

No adware, no spyware ... no, really.

Download Pando

BackupNow - 1.0

This handy app will compress your files and burn them to Disk creating a quick efficient on demand backup solution. A handy tool to keep on the desktop for quickly backing up your important folders and files. Don't put it off until tomorrow, Back up Now !

Download BackupNow

TapDex - 3.1.1

TapDex gives you a quick and simple search interface to your Mac OS X's Address Book.

Tap the hot key and up pops a search window, start typing to narrow down your search. TapDex is small, fast and takes up very little resources. It is designed to run in the background and activated with a hot key. Customize it to auto-launch on log in and all your Address Book contacts will always be one tap away!

Download TapDex

Stick 'Em Up - 1.3

Stick 'Em Up is a desktop sticky notes application, similar to Apple's Stickies application which is included in Mac OS X. Stick 'Em Up lets you create notes in different colours and sizes that can contain rich text and graphics. With Stick 'Em Up you group your notes in to categories, only the notes in a selected category are shown on screen. You can navigate your categories via the application menu, keyboard commands, or with a small categories list window.

Download Stick 'Em Up

MailWidget - 2.0

MailWidget checks your Apple Mail account every time Dashboard is activated without having Apple Mail running all the time. It is able to check all your POP, IMAP, Exchange and .Mac accounts. Unlike other widgets MailWidget knows which mail from your POP account has been received in Apple Mail. That's especially interesting for those who do not have an IMAP account and therefore are not deleting their old mail from the POP mail server immediately in order to be able to read their last mails on travels via webmail. Other widgets would say something like "there are 88 eMails on the mail server" but only MailWidget will tell if there are new eMails that doesn't have been already received by Apple Mail.

Download MailWidget

ScreenMat - 1.0

This application allows users to change the default format that screen shots are saved in. ScreenMat allows you to change your default screen shot format to PDF, PNG, JPG or GIF.

Download ScreenMat

FotoHound - 1.0

FotoHound is a basic PHP script, that generates simple image gallery web pages. One needs only to push up an image and a thumbnail to a server and FotoHound takes care of the rest. The site may state Mac OS X 10.x.x butt so long as you have a webserver with PHP4 or PHP5 we intend to support you.

Download FotoHound

StarLogo TNG - 1.0p4

StarLogo TNG is The Next Generation of StarLogo modeling and simulation software. While this version holds true to the premise of StarLogo as a tool to create and understand simulations of complex systems, it also brings with it several advances. Through TNG we hope to

* Lower the barrier to entry for programming by making programming easier.
* Entice more young people into programming through tools that facilitates making games.
* Create compelling 3D worlds that encompass rich games and simulations.

Download StarLogo TNG

darken / brighten - 3.0.0 u

This little gem is probably one of the most under-estimated iMovie plugs-ins in our line-up. It is a general color effects plug-in whose features do sound a bit boring: it allows you to make parts of your clip darker or brighter. Still, the plug has some amazing capabilities that elevate it above most of the other one-trick pixel-pushers. It allows parallel darkening and brightening with relative and absolute values, allowing you to apply some special effects that would usually require multiple passes (and multiple plug-ins). The algorithm first applies the relative darkening or brightening, without applying any clipping to brightness. It then applies the absolute darkening/brightening, and only then clips the pixel's value to the legal range.

What should i use it for?

Use darken/brighten when you need to adjust the brightness of a clip. Remember that with all cf/x clips you can choose the area of effect. Therefore you can use it to introduce stylish-looking darker bars at the top and bottom or at the sides of the clip. Or you can use it to spotlight an interesting part of the clip (either by making the interesting area brighter, or everything else darker).

Using a combination of relative and absolute settings (in the same run!) you can achieve wash-out as well as heightened contrast effects.

Download darken / brighten

QuickPass - 1.0

QuickPass is a quick and easy password generator for the menubar!

Download QuickPass

Greenfoot - 1.2.0

An integrated development environment that makes it easy to write games and simulations in the Java Programming Language. It comes with a broad range of demo scenarios and documentation that gets newcomers started very quickly. Greenfoot may be used to learn or teach programming, or just to put a cool game up on a website. (Yes, Greenfoot can export the game to a web page!) Originally developed for school age learners, but now used by all age groups.

Download Greenfoot

Fernsehen - 1.8.3

This widget shows the schedules of TV channels in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, it allows "Reminders" to be set so you'll never miss your favorite shows again. It uses data by TVToday, they were so kind to allow us to use their data.

Download Fernsehen

MacFreePOPs - 2.0

MacFreePOPs includes the binary version of FreePOPs compiled for Mac OS X (10.2 or later) and allow to use it with an pure Acqua-style user interface (in short is a GUI to FreePOPs).
FreePOPs is an extensible software that allow you to access different resources with POP3 protocol. The main use is to download e-mails from the most famous web-mail system, but it could be used as a RSS feed aggregator and for other services. This allow you to access all your messages with your preferred e-mail client.

MacFreePOPs is donation-ware: if you like this software, feel free to send a little contribution, a comment and the version you’re using to the author.

Download MacFreePOPs

TranslateIt! - 6.0 build 6085

* Small and minimalistic, very fast, extensible translation tool, with nice interface and history.
* Useful flexible and customizable user interface.
* Ru-En-Fr-Spanish dictionaries already included to bundle TranslateIt!+Addons. Other dictionaries can be downloaded from product page (see Dictionaries tab).
* Color formating output for translated text.
* HTML formated dictionaries support.
* Extended multimedia dictionaries format (images, wavs, movies, Flash, any documents attaches).
* Users can rename and reorder (change priority) dictionaries as they whishes.
* Speech syntheser.
* Users can add RTFD-Notes for existing articles and even create new articles as Notes for existing active dictionaries.
* Two different modes for translation history.
* Dictionary developer utilities - DictBuilder (Perl core scripts + GUI included to TranslateIt!).
* Global dictionaries support (publication to /Library/Application Support/TranslateIt!).
* Auto look-up new dictionaries (in ~/Library/Application Support/TranslateIt! and /Library/Application Support/TranslateIt!) on start-up.
* User can select needed dictionaries, using all selected dictionaries for translation at the same time (without dictionary switching).
* Topmost and transparency facilities, fast alignement control for main window.
* Drag-and-Drop operation support for words from other apps and TranslateIt! by itself (just select word and drop it to TranslateIt! window to any place excluding word to translate field).
* Translate any word from TranslateIt! by double click.
* Copy any word from article by double click on it with OPTION key.
* Fast dictionaries reordering (by mouse click to article with CMD key).
* Smart history for learning with import/export.
* Integrated game mode based on learning history.
* Printing history on double sided paper cards.
* Smart drawer behavior (like iCal).
* Customizable font size and colors.
* Registration at Services.
* Localized to Russian, English, French, Portuguese, zh_CN, zh_TW.
* Console mode - TranslateIt! works in terminal ( and remote SSH.
* Growl (visual notifications) & Sparkle (software updating) support.
* TranslateIt! Dashboard Widget (Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later required) included.

Download TranslateIt!

MyPopBarrier - 2.3.5

This is a program which makes it possible for the user to remove emails directly from the server. There're a Mac PPC version and a Mac INTEL version, please watch which one you download.

Download MyPopBarrier Intel
Download MyPopBarrier PPC