ShakesPeer - 0.9.5

ShakesPeer is a p2p, or peer to peer file sharing program. It is a client for the Direct Connect protocol. The main goal of ShakesPeer is to create a fully featured client, compatible with DC++, that runs on Mac OS X with a native Aqua GUI. The program is released as Open Source under the GPL License.

Download ShakesPeer

LightMe - 1.0

LightMe is a little utility for your mac notebook (or any LCD monitor connected to your mac). I’ve created it in order to switch off the screen without hold pressed the light on/off key of my macbook pro. Using command-F1 (or command-fn-F1) your screen switch off while if you press command-F2 (or command-fn-F2) it returns to the previous value (if you press again the same key combo it switch to the maximum value).

It’s a background process so you will not see any icon in your dock. It’s normal!

To install it, move the application where you want in your hard disk (Library? Applications or something else), then open System Preferences; Account; Login Items and drag&drop the application into the list. Enjoy!

Download LightMe

NovoEdit - 0.4

This program is designed to edit the following document types:

* .rtf
* .txt

More document types will be available in later versions of NovoEdit.

This program is a pre-release beta. Many features do not work yet.
You can support production of this application by assisting in the development of the Save, Open, and Print features.

Download NovoEdit

Digital Passages RSS - 1.0

A Quartz Composer ScreenSaver for RSS

Download Digital Passages RSS

Today In Discordia - 1.0

A Cocoa wrapper around ddate, the Discordian calendar program originally written for UNIX systems.

Download Today In Discordia

SubSync - 1.1

You have encoded your favorite series, a friend sends you the subtitle s/he made, but the filenames don't match, so your favorite player won't be able to detect the subtitles when playing the videos. Don't worry! SubSync will save you tedious copy-pasting by renaming the subtitles (.srt files) with the same name as the corresponding videos (.avi files). THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT SYNCHRONIZE VIDEO AND SOUND IN ANY WAY.

Download SubSync

Amazon Search Widget - 2.09

A cute little widget for searching Amazon for everything you need. Easy shopping wit a click in the dashboard. You can search,, and Special Easter Edition with new Grafics.

Download Amazon Search Widget

iTunes Volume - 8.7.6

iTunes Volume is a "Slider Only" iTunes Controller that floats on your desktop.
Seemingly, this software that can do only volume adjustment.
however just try using it!
you can understand immediately...

Download iTunes Volume

FreeShare Client - 1.0.1

FreeShare is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code. FreeShare's underlying architecture follows the original Hotline protocol. As such, it functions just like a regular Hotline client and server; and all original, or third party, clients which follow the Hotline protocol, should be able to easily connect to a FreeShare server.

While the FreeShare client and server are similar to the original Hotline software, the FreeShare suite enjoys a unique feature set which you will not find in the older Hotline, Openline and Underline releases.

Download FreeShare Client
Download FreeShare Server

Arachnophilia - 5.3.2164

Web development software.

Download Arachnophilia

Subliminal Message - 4.4.0

Subliminal Message helps you explore the idea of subliminal messages.

There are three modes: Text, Picture and Both. Set the mode. Set the on-screen time (1 - 50 ms), the time between flashes (2 - 30 sec), the message font darkness/picture darkness color, bold on/off and size and let the program run in the background. Use the default messages or enter your own messages. All settings and messages are saved between sessions.

Because of its power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed on TV in many countries.

Download Subliminal Message

KEGS-OSX - 1.94

KEGS is an Apple IIgs emulator originally developed for HP-UX by Kent Dickey (thus its name Kent's Emulated GS) and since then was made available to various UNIX-based platforms. The present version uses SDL, a cross-platform library designed to make it easy to write multi-media software, implemented in KEGS 0.61 by Frederic Devernay. This is a port to the Cocoa environment with a lot of optimization done for "l'Emulateur-ki-tue", both on the source code and in Cocoa integration.

Download KEGS-OSX

MacSSController - 1.0.1

MacSSController helps you to make your Mac to start/shut down/sleep on schedule. For example It starts/wakes up your computer at midnight so you can run backup tool while you are sleeping, or start at morning before you wake up and download new Podcast episodes. MacSSController would be much more convenient and useful with SUL. Maybe you know you can set schedule through "Energy Saver" pane of "System Preferences", but it allows you to set only 1 schedule. MacSSController can set many schedules as you want. To set up schedule you need "root" password. About root password, please check it out by yourself.

Download MacSSController

ABCLaunch - 0.6.3

ABCLaunch incrementally searches applications, files and directories whose name matches as you input. For example, you could launch "Safari" as soon as you type "sa". :-)

Download ABCLaunch

Nano - 1.3

Nano is a C++ framework for developing modern Carbon applications, which combines the simplicity of Cocoa with the performance of Carbon.

Nano provides:

* A HIG-compliant application+document model
* C++ wrappers around every HIToolbox view
* Advanced features such as one-line-undo
* Built-in support for Software Update
* Improved Interface Builder experience

Built around the native Carbon framework, Nano allows developers to create full-featured, 64-bit clean, Universal Binaries with minimal effort using the industry-standard C++ language.

Download Nano

Shortcuts - 1.1

Shortcuts is a Mac OS X application to assign hot keys to contextual menu items. It works only with menu items added by contextual menu plug-ins. It allows you to assign a hot key combination to chosen menu item so you can select some object (file in Finder or text) and hit keyboard combination to execute the task normally performed by choosing that menu item.

Download Shortcuts