Permanent Eraser - 2.3.2

When you normally delete your files in Mac OS X, the operating system is only forgetting where those particular files are placed, while the data still physically remains on the drive. Beginning with Mac OS 10.3, Apple enhanced its security by introducing the Secure Empty Trash feature, which follows the U.S. DoD pattern of overwriting data seven times.

Permanent Eraser provides an even stronger level of security by implementing the Gutmann Method. This utility overwrites your data thirty-five times, scrambles the original file name, and truncates the file size to nothing before Permanent Eraser finally unlinks it from the system. Once your data has been erased, it can no longer be read through traditional means.

Permanent Eraser is free of charge, and the source code is also provided for educational purposes.

* Implements the Gutmann Method via srm to remove files
* Erases the files in your Trash
* Erases CD-RWs and DVD-RWs
* Erases files dropped on the application icon
* Provides a warning dialog before files are erased (Press the Option key to bypass this warning).
* Universal Binary
* Localized for English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese
* Source code is available
* It's free!

Download Permanent Eraser

Gizmo -

Gizmo Project uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. You talk clearly. For as long as you want. For free.

And with inexpensive add-ons like CallIn and CallOut, you can talk to any telephone–mobile or landline–on the planet. Any phone? Yes.

Download Gizmo Project, and suddenly it all clicks–some calls are better online.

Download Gizmo

PixelWalker - 0.7.0b

PixelWalker is a fast, lightweight image browser. This application is useful to quickly navigate and browse images which are stored in folders (such as a cd) rather than in a photo management application like iPhoto. PixelWalker is much more productive than manually using the Finder and Preview applications, and PixelWalker provides support for integration of both of those programs, as well as any other image application on your system. Features include fast navigation, full keyboard control, PDF and Multi-Page Tiff support, external editor launching, automatic JPEG rotation, extensive zoom and pan, and more.

Download PixelWalker

Pathway - 1.0.5

A semantic browser that tracks your steps through MediaWiki sites. It represents visited pages by nodes, which are interconnected to form the trail that you've made. As you hop from page to page, Pathway constructs a web, which enables you to keep a clear overview of your wiki explorations.

Download Pathway

Corripio - 0.7.1

Corripio is the premier tool for gathering album artwork. Corripio enables the user to get the best artwork available for their iTunes libraries with the click of a button. The user also has the ability to search for song lyrics. The lyrics will automatically be added to each songs' ID3 tag. Corripio is the iTunes companion a music lover cannot live without.

Download Corripio

MemoBlock - 4.8

MemoBlock is a useful notepad utility for OSX. Store as many styled text notes as you require, transfer of notes to iPods, save as vNotes for mobile phones and more. Alarm reminders can be set for individual notes, and notes can be categorised as you wish. Best of all, MemoBlock is free to use!

Download MemoBlock

GolfCard - 5.2

GolfCard allows you to store all of your golf scores, save the details for your favourite courses and save scores for future analysis. Like all BlockSoft products, GolfCard is donationware.

Download GolfCard

MLB Schedule - 1.8

The MLB Schedule widget is a simple dashboard widget which provides a small glimpse at the course of any Major League Baseball team's schedule. You can choose your favorite baseball team and the widget will display a five day range of both completed and upcoming games, providing information such as opponent, projected starters, TV channel, start time, game result, game score, winning pitcher and losing pitcher. You can even choose your time zone, to adjust the game start times.

Download MLB Schedule

iGTD -

You are a busy person, aren't you? And there's an easy way to track all things that have to be done... and to get those things done! iGTD takes some concepts from Getting Things Done methodology and makes them easy to understand and use in your every day life. Just divide your tasks by contexts - where they have to be done? At home? At your office? At laptop? At any time you can access the Internet?

Download iGTD

Louis - 1.0

Louis is a full featured braille translator for the Apple Macintosh. Designed around liblouis and liblouisxml Louis is designed to produce braille in a wide range of formats and languages.

* Full Mac GUI with VoiceOver support.
* Full online and local documentation.
* Translation of MS Word, text, XML, HTML, DocBook, DAISY/NIMAS, NewsML documents
* Ability to learn new XML based formats.
* Support for a wide range of languages.
* Support for MathML to nemeth translation.
* Back translation.
* Creating and saving custom configuration files.
* Including files into configuration files.
* Integration with TextEdit, including a TextEdit AppleScript menu script.
* Braille contextual menu for translating English text to U.S. Grade two braille in Cocoa applications.
* Braille widget for quick translations and sign making.
* Braille and BrailleShadow True Type fonts in the public domain.
* Ability to run translations from the command line.

Louis and it's support pograms are free, open source under the GNU license. The source code for Louis can also be downloaded from the Louis web site

Download Louis

PSCafePOS - 1.1

PS Cafe is a POS (Point of Sale) designed for a school cafeteria, it integrates with SIS Systems like PowerSchool 5.0 (replaces Powerlunch), and Pentamation Student Information System. It takes into account free and reduced lunches and student credit.

Download PSCafePOS

GimmeSomeTune - 3.7

GimmeSomeTune is an application that extends iTunes' functionality. With GimmeSomeTune, you can download lyrics and album covers without the user having to do anything - so that he can do things the computer can't do for him. Furthermore, it shows you iTunes' currently playing song in a beautiful floating window, which you can hide with the push of a button, and it can as easily be brought back to the foreground. GimmeSomeTune offers the user a lyrics-window, which shows you the lyrics of the currently playing song. In this window, you can also edit the lyrics on the fly, and, if GimmeSomeTune can't find any lyrics, look for them on Google. Of course, GimmeSomeTune features a vast number of hotkeys to control iTunes (and parts of GimmeSomeTune itself) out of any application. Alternatively, or as a complement, there is a mini-controller that lets you control iTunes with the mouse. To please every individual user, GimmeSomeTune has functionality to change it's appearance. The user can, amongst other things, modify the infowindow and the status menu. Even the information GimmeSomeTune shows you is changeable. Other features of GimmeSomeTune are support for iChat, a "Recently Played" menu and a daemon, which starts and quits GimmeSomeTune whenever iTunes starts or quits.

Download GimmeSomeTune

iTunesFS - 1.1.2

iTunesFS allows you to mount the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file as a file system, using the excellent MacFUSE ( All playlists are exposed as directories, with their respective entries. Order of tracks within the playlists is maintained by prefixing the tracks with their playlist index.

Download iTunesFS

Aqua4iTunes - 3.2.0

Aqua4iTunes restores Aqua to iTunes 7! Version 3 includes 5 window styles with a preview window so you can see what it will look like before installing. Both Aqua and Graphite buttons are supported.

Window styles are:

* iTunes 6 style
* Brushed Metal
* All Aqua
* Aqua Shade (updated)

You can now change the application icon as well.

v3.2 requires iTunes 7.2.x

Download Aqua4iTunes

MLB Standings - 1.6

The MLB Standings widget is a simple dashboard widget which provides the current major league baseball standings for all teams. You can choose which league and division you would like to keep track of and every time you open the dashboard the information is pulled straight from's standings page.

Download MLB Standings

YemuZip - 2.0.5

Fed up with clumsy zip tools that are difficult to use and cost way too much? Well, we were. So we wrote YemuZip and we're sharing it with the rest of the Mac OS X world. YemuZip is a simple, no-frills, easy-to-use application for making zip files. YemuZip sports Yellow Mug's signature intuitive user interface, and it is free of charge for personal use. Please note that YemuZip does not yet handle resource forks. YemuZip also does not perform unzipping.

Download YemuZip