DasBoot - 1.0.2

Do you have a nice new portable music player in your pocket? Or perhaps a flash drive or portable hard drive? Why not turn it into a Mac OS X diagnostic, repair, recovery, and maintenance tool? With SubRosaSoft DasBootâ„¢ it's easy. DasBoot allows you to take any third party boot CD (such as those shipped by Inc, Prosoft Engineering Inc, Alsoft Inc, or Micromat Inc) and quickly create a bootable diagnostic device that contains any of your own utilities that you may wish to install.

You can use your portable music player to boot, check, maintain, and repair Mac OS X computers* as needed without erasing it and taking away your ability to play music or use your device as you always have. With the help of DasBootâ„¢ you get to carry all the tools you'll need in your shirt pocket. But unlike expensive third party alternatives, you'll have plenty of space left over for a multitude of additional utilities as well as ample drive space when you need to recover data.

DasBootâ„¢ allows you to run data recovery applications such as FileSalvage, diagnostic and repair applications, and much more, all from your MP3 player, portable hard drive or flash drive.

SubRosaSoft DasBootâ„¢ gives you the power to create and maintain your own pocket-sized toolkit for your Mac - exactly the way you want - on one portable device and it's totally free!! Just plug it in and all your tools will be at your fingertips.

If you want a forensically sound boot device then please use the MacForensicsLab boot CD. This boot CD is specifically modified for forensics use in that it disables the portions of the operating system that can effect your investigation. In doing so it will effect the operation of non-forensics based tools in order to stop them altering your evidence.

DasBoot has been tested with the following disk utilities and data recovery tools, but will also run many others; CopyCatX, FileSalvage, MacForensicsLab, VolumeWorks, Drive Genius, Data Rescue II, DiskWarrior, Apple Disk Utility, and TechTool Pro.

* Note - Users of DasBoot must have purchased licenses to install the various disk utilities and own an appropriate disk utility bootable CD/DVD to use as the source disk.

DasBoot is free to download and can be freely distributed.

What's new in this version:

* New documentation
* New FAQ
* Filtering to make sure you're not using an unsuitable boot disk along
* Some minor bug fixes

Download DasBoot

m3u2mp3 - 1.08

m3u2mp3 downloads the MP3 files listed inside "streaming" M3U files. This app is based on a Perl script, but provides full drap-and-drop support, as well as the ability to associate M3U files with this app (allowing double-click download of the M3U contents).

Download m3u2mp3

MusicWatcher - 1.0

MusicWatcher is a native OS X application written in Cocoa for performing realtime and non-realtime music analysis, visualization, and animation.

Download MusicWatcher

IceClean - 2.0

IceClean is a powerful system maintenance and optimization tool using built-in Unix system tasks to help your Mac stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks:

* Periodic routine scripts
* Verify preference files
* Repair permissions
* Run periodic scripts
* Update prebindings
* Remove user and root cache files
* Update Locate & Whatis databases
* Rebuild LaunchServices

What's new in this version:

* Traceroute
* Netstat
* Whois
* Lock your Screen
* Tell your Desktop to sleep in 1 minute
* Speed Up Applications Windows Opening
* Keep Screenshots

Download IceClean

iBackup - 5.2.3

iBackup is a simple to use backup/restore utility for scheduled backups of your system preferences, like the dock, deskop picture, time settings, firewall, bluetooth and system applications like AddressBook, Mail, Stikies, iChat, iTunes and more.

You can edit these preferences settings and add your own.

iBackup do also backup/restore files, folders and applications.

What's new in this version:

* bug fixed: 10.3.9 is now able to use iBackup
* bug fixed: if item is not found while performing a backup, no error message is shown

Download iBackup

G*Power - 3.0.3

G*Power 3 is a statistical power analysis program. It covers many different statistical tests of the F, t, chi-square, and z test families as well as some exact tests. G*Power 3 provides improved effect size calculators and graphics options, it supports both a distribution-based and a design-based input mode, and it offers five different types of power analyses. G*Power 3 is free.

Download G*Power

SM2DGraphView - 1.4

This framework provides an NSView subclass which draws pie charts or graphs of lines and/or bars including axis labels. The SM2DGraphView class acts very much like an NSTableView or NSBrowser; SM2DGraphView takes responsibility for all of the drawing code but relies on a data source object to provide the specific lines and points to draw. A delegate object can also be assigned to a graph object to modify the behavior of the graph view.

Includes Interface Builder (IB) palette to easily add graphs to your nib files.

What's new in this version:

* Enhancements
o Added accessor to get the area of the graphpaper area (where the graph itself is drawn within all of the labels).
o Added accessors to get/set the title of the graph as an NSString or an NSAttributedString. Titles are drawn above the graph area.
o Non-ASCII graph symbols are now created as NSString from Unicode constants instead of cluttering up the InfoPlist.strings file.
o Changed the way bar graphs are drawn to use NSBezierPath and the CTGradient class.
o Added an override of the -print: method to make sure that SM2DGraphView and SMPieChartView objects are scaled down to fit on a single page if necessary. Added a "Print" button to the sample app to test this out.
o Changed the Xcode project configurations to have more options for what minimum OS version you are targeting. All of them build a Universal binary (except the Development target which builds only whatever you're compiling on).

* Bug fixes
o Fixed drawing the grid lines when the number of tick marks is 2 or more.

Download SM2GraphView

iTunes Feeds - 1.1

iTunes Feeds is a widget and allows you to get the best from the iTunes Music Store :

* learn about current top songs and albums and just click on them to listen.
* be aware about new releases and featured albums.
* search iTunes Music Store.

What's new in this version:

* Widget can now be resized
* preference panel has been redesigned
* other minor interface changes

Download iTunes Feeds

expod - 0.3

With expod you can copy any or all of your songs (or videos) off your iPod, using whatever file naming convention you like.

What's new in this version:

* Fix a bug reading from ipods on Intel Macs
* Added tag
* Changes to the extract panel
* French translation - thanks to Charles Camirand

Download expod