MailRecent Mail Plugin - 1.0.3

Adds "Copy to Recent," "Move to Recent," and "Go to Recent" menu items to Apple's Mail application. These menu items contain dynamically-updated lists of recently used mailboxes. The number of mailboxes kept in the list is determined by the "Number of Recent Items" setting for Documents in the Appearance panel of the OS X System Preferences.

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LockMeBaby - 1.1.1

LockMeBaby is a GUI for "chflags uchg/nouchg" command. You can lock/unlock multiple files and folders by selecting them in the file browser just like you do in Finder.

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TrailRunner - 1.3v134

If you ever asked yourself how long your workout routes are and what route you should choose for this evening - then TrailRunner should be your training-partner.

* Geographic display of your workout area.
* Plan routes interactively.
* Collect routes.
* Route description and direction signs at crossings.
* Timed-checkpoints according to your pace.
* Rate your favorite tracks.
* Plan routes automatically with target distance and as many favorite tracks as possible.
* Export route descriptions onto your iPod as Notes-Text or NanoMap-Photos
* Collect your workout data in a Diary.
* Send to and exchange routes with friends and workout partners.
* Import GPX-Tracklists from GPS-units.

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Longest Day - 1.0

A clock screensaver with optional, 4 pane slideshow. Inspired by the show "24".

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iTunes Feeds - 1.0

iTunes Feeds is a widget and allows you:

* to get iTunes top songs/albums
* to be aware of new releases and featured albums
* to search iTunes Store for a music

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Collage Saver - 1.0.1

Collage Saver creates attractive collages of your photos or images. Integrates with iPhoto so you can choose to use images from any album in your photo library, or choose images from a folder on your Mac.

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SimplyBurns - rev250

Comes with audio and data project, duplication mode, burn image mode, and disc ripping mode.

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Zipeg - 1.3.0

Zipeg is free decompression utility for Mac OS X and Windows. Zipeg allows to open and explore content of zip, rar, arj and other archives, preview files and images before you extract/unzip them. Extract only the files you want. Pictures come to your mailbox as zip archives? Zipeg allows you to decide what do you want to extract. You can choose what to extract and where to put extracted files or just drag and drop them. This is safer (browse before extract) and more intelligent way of zip archives handling.

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InerziaDevHelper - 1.7.1

It keeps track of all relevant info in a XCode project; with InerziaDevHelper one can:

* keep a list of all projects and...
* keep a list of all versions for each project, identified through the version number;
* list the bugs found in the various version, with their level of severity, OS affected and others;
* list the various customers that purchased or registered the product, together with the eventual serial number;
* automatically make a backup of the whole project at the present status, making possible to go back to a working version.

A complete on-line help is available: it explains all operations and the position of the data on your hard disk.

At present there is no automatic recover of a previous version, but it is very simple to do it by hand. All recordings are made in text files, so it is possible to open them even without the application.

The bug rating follows the suggestions of major quality systems.

NOTES: to speed up operations, many actions are made immediately without a confirmation dialog: please, pay attention! Anyway, important deletion are made by bringing a folder into the trash: you can manually undo it by recovering it out of the trash. At present there is no possibility to share the database among different developers: it is made for just one user. The backup tool can be used for nearly everything other than a XCode project. No installation is required: just drag it where you want. This software is free (precisely, it is donation-ware).

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ScriptSaver - 2.8

ScriptSaver is a screensaver module which can execute any AppleScript when it activates and/or deactivates. You can also choose a different screensaver to run after ScriptSaver has done its job. Use it to log out the current user (AppleScript included), pause iTunes, or set an away message in iChat.. the possibilities are endless!

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GrowlCamino - 0.99

GrowlCamino is a plugin for the Camino web browser that posts Growl notifications at useful moments. It provides a convenient Growl-based replacement for Camino's Downloads window and popup blocker.

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GrowlCode - 0.82

GrowlCode is a plugin for Apple's Xcode development environment. It provides Growl notifications for:

* Build Succeeded
* Build Failed
* Preprocessing Complete
* Compilation Succeeded
* Compilation Failed
* Disassembly Complete
* Clean Complete

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MacEtegami - 2.0

MacEtegami is a watercolors simulation program. You can easily send e-mail attached your picture by

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IPSentinelStatus - 1.0

IPSentinelStatus is a menu bar status item which displays and copies your machines IP address. This tool is especially useful if your IP address changes frequently or you move your machine around frequently.

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Scan Again - 1.0

If you have a scanner that is not supported by the manufacturer on Mac OS X, or doesn't have up-to-date drivers, you can use SANE, which is an open-source set of drivers with a command-line interface.

Scan Again provides a GUI interface to these routines, allowing Preview, Scan and Copy of documents.

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