AutoResizer - 1.0.3

AutoResizer is a FREE tool which automatically :

* Finds all image files in the source folder
* Resizes the images to your new dimensions
* Change formats (JPG, PNG, or TIFF)
* Add a prefix and/or postfix
* Puts the resulting images into your destination folder
(your originals images are untouched)

Download AutoResizer

OnyX - 1.8.1

OnyX allows you to run misc tasks of system maintenance, to configure certain hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, Safari, Dashboard, Expose, Disk Utility... to delete cache, to remove a certain number of files and folders that may become cumbersome, to see the detailed info of your configuration, to preview the different logs and CrashReporter reports, and more.

Download OnyX

Additune - v63

Founded by die hard Apple fans, Additune is the first major Mac only music recommendation app. It understands that the kind of music you want to listen to depends not only on what you like in general, but what you're in the mood for at the moment. Additune is free to use, free of ads, and will keep all your data secure.

Download Additune

Firefox -

Firefox is an award winning preview of next generation browsing technology from

Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead.

Download Firefox

Font Mate - 1.0

Font Mate is a simple utility for displaying the fonts installed on your computer. You can see all of the characters in all of the fonts, and copy selected characters to the clipboard for use in other programs.

Download Font Mate

DMGConverter - 3.7.1

DMGConverter is a Disk Image (.dmg, .cdr, .iso) creation and conversion tool which is simple and easy to use.

It is a very useful tool for the collective processing of more than one file and every folder, and it can deal with all the fundamental processing with the drag & drop of the file/folder.

Download DMGConverter

Sleepyhead - 1.0

A small and resource-light alarm clock. Includes a snooze button with a user-defined timer, and options to slowly increase the volume of the alarm. Plays a playlist from iTunes as the alarm.

Download Sleepyhead

qFiler - 2.5

qFiler is a scripting engine written in AppleScript Studio that watches multiple folders. Actions are provided by plugins, which are specially formatted AppleScripts. Includes several useful plugins, and you are always free to create more to fit your needs.

Included plugins provide the following capabilities:

* Move file or folder to another folder
* Print a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat 8 and delete the PDF file when done
* Print a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat 8 and move the PDF file when done
* Print a Quark document and delete when done
* Label all picture boxes in a Quark document and move when done

Download qFiler