Qanuk - 1

Quanuk is a interesting tool, a freezer for your applications. Put PAUSE to some applications then the rest will run more fast. Even to kill applications.

Qanuk will be the more brillant in the list of widget, and the more CPU occupies the application will be more great.

Download Qanuk

cURL - 7.16.4

curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP. curl supports SSL certificates, HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP uploading, HTTP form based upload, proxies, cookies, user+password authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM, Negotiate, kerberos...), file transfer resume, proxy tunneling and a busload of other useful tricks.

Download cURL

iTunes Connection Monitor - 1.7

The iTunes Connection Monitor widget allows you to see who is connected to your iTunes shared library and which songs are being listened to.

Download iTunes Connection Monitor

Yellow Camp iCal Actions - 2.1

Seven iCal-focused Automator actions; Find Past iCal Events, Move iCal Events, Get Date Range String from Events, Find Past iCal To Dos, Set iCal To Do Due Dates, Add iCal To Do Alarms, and Move iCal To Dos. These actions can be used alone in your own workflows or combined together to achieve complex tasks as in the case of the included example workflow that archives old iCal events.

* Find Past iCal Events: This action lets you search for past events based on a whole number and a timeframe.
* Move iCal Events: This action moves the specified iCal events to the specified calendar.
* Get Date Range String from Events: This action creates a date range string from the iCal events provided to it.
* Find Past iCal To Dos: This action lets you search for past todos based on a whole number, timeframe, and completion status.
* Set iCal To Do Due Dates: This actions lets you set the Due Date of one or more iCal To Dos to today or some future date.
* Add iCal To Do Alarms: This action lets you add an alarm to one or more iCal To Dos.
* Move iCal To Dos: This action moves the specified iCal to dos to the specified calendar.

Download Yellow Camp iCal Actions

Second Life -

Second Life is a virtual world - a 3D online persistent space totally created and evolved by its users. Within this vast and rapidly expanding place, you can do, create or become just about anything you can imagine. Built-in content creation tools let you make almost anything you can imagine, in real time and in collaboration with others. An incredibly detailed digital body ('Avatar') allows a rich and customizable identity. A powerful physics simulation running on a backbone of hundreds of connected computers and growing with the population allows you to be immersed in a visceral, interactive world that as of November 2005 holds more than 80,000 residents. The ability to design and resell 3D content, combined with the ability to own and develop land and a microcurrency, which can be exchanged to real money means that you can build a real business entirely within Second Life.

Download Second Life

StonerView - 1.5.0

At the beginning there was ElectroPaint (SGI machines). Andrew Plotkin 's StonerView (for Macs and Unix) was inspired by ElectroPaint. Now StonerView it's also for MacOS X. What's SonerView ? Try it, words or pictures can't explain it well.

Download StonerView

Nem - 1.2

Renames files in a folder with multiples options : Upper cases; uppercase first letter; uppercase first letter of words; lower cases; Delete spaces; replace spaces with underscore; replace accented characters; replace ligature characters; delete a string; replace a string; add a prefix; add a suffix; truncate; serial number.

Download Nem

RUMPed - 1.0

RUMped is a logging tool for short wave.Is not designed for the daily QSOs. Currently RUMped supports a DX-pedition mode and some major contests. Including CW and RTTY output and control of some ICOM and Kenwood TRCVRs. For full feature list see the web site.

Download RUMPed

JetPhoto Studio - 2.8

JetPhoto is a full-featured freeware to store, organize, view and share digital photos, as well as publish photo albums onto Web. JetPhoto contains a Mac software - JetPhoto Studio, and a PHP-based Web service software - JetPhoto Server. It's easy to use JetPhoto Studio to create, organize and review photo albums on user's Macintosh computer. Once the photo album is prepared, only One-Click is needed to synchronize local album with online photo album based on JetPhoto Server.

JetPhoto Server enables users to quickly build and customize a searchable full-featured photo website. As an innovative feature, JetPhoto also integrates GPS technology to locate and track photos on geographical map.

Download JetPhoto Studio

Simple Comic - 1.3.1


* Page Layout: Pages laid out as they would be in print
* Page Ordering: Left to right or right to left
* Page Scaling: Original size, window fit, horizontal fit and defined height
* Fullscreen: Maximize viewing area
* Archive Handling: Seamlessly deals with .cbr, .cbz, .zip, .rar, tar, 7z, lha and others
* PDF Handling: Opens PDF based comics
* Multiple Sessions: View multiple comics at one time
* Auto-save: Comics are automatically bookmarked and reopened at launch
* Page Rotation: Rotate the pages to maximize display area
* Simplicity: Does not attempt to be all things to all people

Download Simple Comic

DateService - 1.1

DateService is a plugin for the Mac OS X Services submenu that most modern applications make available under the main application menu. DateService adds commands to insert the current date or time in any of the user-specified formats configured in System Preferences' International settings.

Download DateService