D2X-XL - 1.9.165

D2X-XL is an enhanced version of D2X, the OpenGL modification of the classic 6dof shooter game Descent 2. D2X-XL is available for MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is well documented and maintained.

Although D2X-XL contains a lot of enhancements and new features, it is still fully backwards compatible to every other Descent 2 version. As many fixes restore features of the original Descent 2 that were missing in D2X (like availability of all cockpit views, or working mouse steering), it is even closer to them than D2X itself.

Download D2X-XL

dead.licious - 1.3.1

dead.licious is a tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing those dead links. Right now, the feature set is not as complete as I would like but I wanted to get this version out there to gauge interest in this kind of tool. Currently, this is what I'm looking to implement in the next version that includes new features:

  • Support for 10.3.9 and maybe 10.2.8. E-mail me if you really, really want this tool for 10.3.9 and I'll see what I can do to expedite the process along (donations wouldn't hurt either).
  • Faster checking of websites by checking several at once instead of one at a time.
  • Keychain support so you don't have to type in your username and password each time.
  • Determining which websites have been added since the last update and only checking those.
  • Editing bookmark information and submitting the changes back to your account.

Download dead.licious

FreeShare Client - 1.0.2

FreeShare is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code. FreeShare's underlying architecture follows the original Hotline protocol. As such, it functions just like a regular Hotline client and server; and all original, or third party, clients which follow the Hotline protocol, should be able to easily connect to a FreeShare server.

While the FreeShare client and server are similar to the original Hotline software, the FreeShare suite enjoys a unique feature set which you will not find in the older Hotline, Openline and Underline releases.

Download FreeShare Client
Download FreeShare Server

Integrity - 1.3

If you've maintained a website for any length of time, you'll know that links very quickly become broken.

We all move, delete or change pages, and when we do, it not only results in our own internal links breaking, but other people's liks to our website becoming broken. Similarly, when other people alter their pages, our own external links become broken.

Unless you enjoy clicking every single link on your site followed by the back button, then you'll need to use a link crawler like Integrity!

Feed it your home page url and Integrity will spider your site, following internal links to find all of your pages, checking each link found.

Download Integrity

p990iCal - 0.5.1

Unfortunalely Apple's iSync does not (yet?) support Symbian v3 phones from SonyEricsson such as p990i,W950i and M600. This application tries to fill this gap. With p990iCal you can transfer events from your phone to iCal and vice versa.

Download p990iCal

iGTD - 1.3.3

You are a busy person, aren't you? And there's an easy way to track all things that have to be done... and to get those things done! iGTD takes some concepts from Getting Things Done methodology and makes them easy to understand and use in your every day life. Just divide your tasks by contexts - where they have to be done? At home? At your office? At laptop? At any time you can access the Internet?

Download iGTD

Unihan Variant Dictionary - 1.2.0

"Unihan variants" are alternate forms of characters belonging to the "Unified Han," or "Unihan," section of the Unicode standard. The Unihan Variant Dictionary allows a user to enter any character and receive a list of corresponding variants, as well as the following information: unicode code point, pronunciation, and meaning. Unlike OS X's Character Palette, the Dictionary can be accessed from any application via Service Menu.

Download Unihan Variant Dictionary

ApertureToFTP Pro - 1.0.1

The ApertureToFTP Pro plug-in allows you to export images directly from your Aperture library with an interface that's as straight-forward and easy to use as your mac.

Feature List:

  • Support for multiple FTP server bookmarks
  • Mac OS X Finder style browsing of the remote server
  • Multi-Threading for responsive user-interface
  • Create new folders on the remote server
  • Keychain support

Download ApertureToFTP Pro

iRemindU - 2.1.2

iRemindU is a small program which will remind you of something after a number of minutes that you define. You can use it if you do not want to forget the pizza in the oven or the tea bag in the cup.

Download iRemindU

SheerVideo Reader -

SheerVideo Reader is a decoder-only version of SheerVideo Pro, a powerful faster-than-real-time perfectly lossless software video codec for production, postproduction, and archival. Compared to uncompressed formats, Sheer will

  • double your disk speed
  • double your disk size
  • double your transmission bandwidth
  • maintain absolutely perfect fidelity, bit-for-bit identical to the original
SheerVideo supports all standard uncompressed formats, including:
  • RGB[A] and Y'CbCr[A]
  • 4:4:4[:4] and 4:2:2[:4]
  • with and without alpha
  • 8-bit and 10-bit
  • progressive and interlaced
  • SD, HD, and any-D
  • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM
  • 4:3, 16:9, and any:any
  • at any frame rate
And now, with Synchromy, SheerVideo can interconvert between all standard pixel formats with unrivalled accuracy.

Download SheerVideo Reader

TerraVista - 0.4.5

TerraVista is a small application which displays the current day/night cycle of the earth using OpenGL. It uses textures made from satellite images for the day and the nightside to make it look realistic and the newest release also downloads real-time cloud cover images from the internet for an even more realistic experience.

The view location (i.e. the angle from which the earth is seen) can be customized either using a preferences dialog or by command-dragging the earth. The floating window which displays the earth can also be made translucent and the brightness of the nightside can be changed.

Download TerraVista

Clover Diary - 2.3.1

Clover Diary is simple diary software. But it provides basic functions to write a diary like calendar view, password protection and so on. Except for these it also has some functions that supports to writing diary everyday. So even if you failed in writing diary many times so far, you would be able to go on with this Clover Diary. In addition it can make html file, so you can build your diary page in your home page. This software is "Donation ware". If you want to use, please make some donation to any charity like Red Cross, UNICEF, any organization you are interested in. It doesn't mean donation to me.

Download Clover Diary

BibDesk - 1.3.3

For use with BibTeX and (la)TeX, BibDesk is a GUI front-end for managing BibTeX databases in their original .bib form. Search, organize, and cite with drag n' drop. Publish bibliographies to the web as RSS XML.

Download BibDesk

Invisibility Toggler - 1.0

Invisibility Toggler 1.0 empowers you to view invisible files in the Mac OS X Finder. Unlike similar solutions, Invisibility Toggler toggles file and folder invisibility instantly without first annoying the user with a dialog box. Run it once to allow you to see invisible files. Run it a second time to hide invisible files. It's that simple!

Download Invisibility Toggler