Chrysalis-A - 1.02

THE LEGENDARY GLASS CITY Every since a group of six elders saved humanity from self-destruction, there’s been rumors as to where the Elders came from. Legend has it that the Elders descended from a place called The Glass City which is located somewhere in the clouds high above. The city was created by Mother Nature herself to raise future defenders of the planet and the human race. The legend of the Glass City went unchallenged for centuries until a historian/scientist name Dr. Ordonez set up an experiment in Peru to replicate the environment which could have possibly created the Elders. CHRYSALIS-A You take the role as an assistant to Dr. Ordonez. He has created Chrysalis-A, a 100ml glass chamber with precise control of its internal temperature. After filling Chrysalis-A with plants and soil gathered from the location where the Elders were first spotted, you fired up the chamber. In doing so, Chrysalis-A started a process that if managed properly will recreate the Elders from just plants and dust! The ultimate revolution in evolution awaits! THE GAME Chrysalis is a real-time causal pace evolution widget/game. You start with nothing but plants and dirt. By figuring out the right temperature that promotes growth/evolution you must guide an unknown species through several stages of evolution until it hopefully evolve into the Elders. There are two ways to control the temperature inside Chrysalis-A. A blue value introduces chilled water into the chamber which lowers the temperature over time. A red valve turns on the gas heater which raises the temperature over time. Fumes and excess water are automatically removed from the chamber, so don’t worry about it.

Download Chrysalis-A

MetaX - 1.0

MetaX is a meta-data tagger for mp4 files and their derivatives. It uses Atomic Parsley on the back-end to write the tags to your video files. MetaX automatically searches to find tags (so you'll need an internet connection).

Download MetaX

X29-Renamer - 1.4

The Mac OS9 Finder and most OS 9 applications (and ASIP file servers) have a maximum character limitation of 31 for either file or folder names. Mac OSX allow much longer file names than does Mac OS9.

At best these longer file or folder names get truncated with names ending in what is "gibberish". At worst, when attempting to copy a folder containing a few of these files with longer names, the copy will be prevented thereby requiring the user to locate the problematic files. In folders with many files this can become a time consuming task.

This simple drop application was created to take those OSX "unfriendly" long names and truncate them, including and respecting any file extension, to the 31 characters that OS9 accepts. In addition, to avoid name conflicts, the program will uniquely number each file or folder before the extension up to a maximum of 999.

Just drop the folder or the files on top of the application and the rest is handled automatically. You can then be assured of no random names being generated and all files uniquely named and numbered as well.

If you have hundreds files, the process can take a bit of time and as long as the application is running (check your DOCK) it is still doing its job although you may have full control of your mouse.

If there are any errors, a log file will be created on your desktop detailing the problem.

Download X29-Renamer

iGTD - 1.4.1

You are a busy person, aren't you? And there's an easy way to track all things that have to be done... and to get those things done! iGTD takes some concepts from Getting Things Done methodology and makes them easy to understand and use in your every day life. Just divide your tasks by contexts - where they have to be done? At home? At your office? At laptop? At any time you can access the Internet?

Download iGTD

Scalp - 0.3

Apple's iCal can help you share your schedule by publishing calendars to .Mac and WebDAV servers. Because .Mac is expensive and WebDAV can be hard to come by, Scalp is a tiny hack for iCal that allows calendars to be published to the Web via FTP and SFTP.

Download Scalp

Frictionless - 2.012

Frictionless is a to-do list manager just like the many other GTD programs out there. Te main thing that makes Frictionless unique is that the developer is designing Frictionless around linking it to the many other programs you use in your digital life. To facilitate this, not only is Frictionless open source, but its written in Ruby Cocoa so that it can be easily extended by others, and so that it can reach out to connect to data stored on the internet as well.

The user interface is also quite deep and flexible, designed around the person who has 100+ item to-do lists, of which only perhaps 10-20 items could actually be performed at any one time. That is, the interface is designed to let you quickly filter out all the items you don't want to look at in favor of the items you could actually be working on right now.

Download Frictionless

PixelWalker - 0.6.5b

PixelWalker is a fast, lightweight image browser. This application is useful to quickly navigate and browse images which are stored in folders (such as a cd) rather than in a photo management application like iPhoto. PixelWalker is much more productive than manually using the Finder and Preview applications, and PixelWalker provides support for integration of both of those programs, as well as any other application on your system. Features include fast navigation, external editor launching, automatic rotation, extensive zoom and pan, full keyboard control, and more. * See the application web site for details, including keyboard controls.

Download PixelWalker

MLB Schedule - 1.4

The MLB Schedule widget is a simple dashboard widget which provides a small glimpse at the course of any Major League Baseball team's schedule. You can choose your favorite baseball team and the widget will display a five day range of both completed and upcoming games, providing information such as opponent, projected starters, TV channel, start time, game result, game score, winning pitcher and losing pitcher. You can even choose your time zone, to adjust the game start times.

Download MLB Schedule

MLB Standings - 1.3

The MLB Standings widget is a simple dashboard widget which provides the current major league baseball standings for all teams. You can choose which league and division you would like to keep track of and every time you open the dashboard the information is pulled straight from ESPN's standings page.

Download MLB Standings

RSS Menu - 1.10

RSS Menu is a systemwide menu that allows you to read and organize your favourite RSS or Atom feeds.
The articles are automatically updated and you will get a notification when new articles are available or when some other event occurs. In addition to visual notification, you can also enable speech notification and choose one of the many built in voices.
It is also possible to integrate iTunes (for podcasts) and Safari (for RSS bookmarks) with RSS Menu. Key features include:

* background application (doesn't get in your way and is accessible from anywhere)
* very fast parsing engine
* importing and exporting of OPML files
* Growl and speech notification
* many options to customize the menu
* support for grouping feeds in submenus and adding seperators
* support for using RSS Menu as an external reader in Safari (or any other application)
* support for integration with iTunes and Safari
* support for favourite icons (aka page icons)

Download RSS Menu

Twitter Tools - 1.0

This plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.

* Archive your Twitter tweets (downloaded every 30 minutes)
* Create a blog post from each of your tweets
* Create a daily archive of Twitter tweets
* Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post
* Post a tweet from your sidebar
* Post a tweet from the WP Admin screens
* Pass your tweets along to another service (via API hook)

Download Twitter Tools

WidgDock - 1.6.6

WidgDock is a free and fully customizable dock.

You can drag and drop as many documents, applications or folders as you want.
You can click to launch an application directly, or drag and drop files on it to open them.
You can open browse the content of folders by using the convenient menus.
You can manage the trash and view content informations.
You can directly execute Applescript and shell files.

WidgDock appearance is fully customizable. Size, orientation, background, transparency, colors, fonts... and a lot of others options.

WidgDock is a widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine (alias Konfabulator), and needs it for run. Yahoo! Widget Engine is an utilitie for Mac OS X and Windows XP provided for free by Yahoo!.

Download WidgDock

QLab - 1.1.2

Use QLab to create live media timelines for theatre, dance, composition, installation, and more. Play back audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace.

QLab makes it simple to build rich, sophisticated designs. While QLab can control racks of state-of-the-art equipment, you don't need high-end hardware for professional results.

The basic version of QLab is absolutely free, and comes fully loaded with dozens of sophisticated features. In fact, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars on other software just to get what QLab gives you for free. For advanced users, additional plugins and enhanced features are available.

Download QLab

Motion JWii - 0.5.1

Motion JWii is a shell script command that can convert most video files into the Motion JPEG format that the Wii uses, with QuickTime Pro. These videos can then be played on the Wii Photo Channel.

Download Motion JWii

Changes Meter - 1.3

Do you need to check a web page or a local file frequently, looking for changes in them? You know it's boring, error prone and a real waste of precious time.

Several web sites offer RSS feeds, but they do not necessarily cover the type of information you are looking for and there aren't many tools to check local files.

Changes Meter does this exact job for you and it will notify you with a colorful, useful and unobtrusive pie chart icon on the menu bar.

Download Changes Meter

Raw Photo Processor - 3.5.7

Raw Photo Processor (RPP) is a RAW converter, supporting almost all available digital RAW formats. Think of it as of a development machine in terms of film photography - first you have to develop your roll right, then do whatever you want with it. So this is NOT a full featured photo processing package, you will need Photoshop or some other tool to apply sharpness, cropping and so on, but you may use RPP for some very carefully picked amount of operations.
The main idea behind this application is to do quality conversion without blocking shadows, clipping highlights, spoiling colors and returning that natural film-like look to your pictures.

Download Raw Photo Processor Intel
Download Raw Photo Processor PPC


ANTLRWorks is a simple but efficient IDE for ANTLR 3 grammars. ANTLRWorks allows users to edit, visualize, interpret and debug any ANTLR 3 grammar through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Download ANTLRWorks