Firefox -

Firefox is an award winning preview of next generation browsing technology from

Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead.

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SeaMonkey - 1.1.2

Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application. The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to deliver production-quality releases of code derived from the application formerly known as "Mozilla Application Suite". Whereas the main focus of the Mozilla Foundation is on Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, our group of dedicated volunteers works to ensure that you can have "everything but the kitchen sink" — and have it stable enough for corporate use.

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ManilaMail - 1.0.1

ManilaMail is an itty bitty "status bar" application that controls the most vital functions of Apple Mail in Mac OS X. This application is based off of the Gmail part of the Google Notifier and as such it is extremely light weight. There is no Growl integration or anything fancy like that. However, this little app is still very useful and it provides the following amazing features:

* The ability to display the count of all unread messages (not only the messages in the inbox)
* Menu items to show the inbox, create a new message, and check for new messages
* And that is about it

Note that this application will reopen Mail if Mail is closed between unread message counts. Some may see this as a flaw but this is exactly what I wanted this application to do when I first designed it. The idea is to keep the user from accidentally closing Mail and therefore not receiving notifications of new mail.

Download ManilaMail

ML Baseball Widget - 1.2

All the information you need about the MLB in one single and small widget. Show the current scoreboard, full results from previous days, the schedule for the upcoming week, or current division and wildcard standings. For ongoing or past games, show the score overview and current game situation while having a convenient link to the full box score only a click away..

Download ML Baseball Widget

MacProgramGuide - 0.51

Looking for a program guide for your Mac Based Home Theater, well look no further. MacProgramGuide harnesses the power of Web Services and the internet to provide program schedules, episode, cast and crew information. MacProgramGuide provides search capabilities to allow you to find out when your favorite shows or movies are on. Best of all, MacProgramGuide is Free

Download MacProgramGuide

Panoply - 2.2.1

Cross-platform Java application which plots raster images of globally gridded netCDF datasets. Features include:

* Select from a menu of over 30 global map projections.
* Slice specific latitude-longitude arrays from multidimensional arrays which also have dimensions in altitude, time, etc.
* Combine two arrays in one plot by differencing, summing or averaging.
* Draw continents outlines or overlays on the plot.
* Apply any PAL, ACT, or CWC color table to plot scale.
* Save plots to disk as PNG or GIF images.

Download Panoply

Pando -

Download Pando

MLB Schedule - 1.7

The MLB Schedule widget is a simple dashboard widget which provides a small glimpse at the course of any Major League Baseball team's schedule. You can choose your favorite baseball team and the widget will display a five day range of both completed and upcoming games, providing information such as opponent, projected starters, TV channel, start time, game result, game score, winning pitcher and losing pitcher. You can even choose your time zone, to adjust the game start times.

Download MLB Schedule

MLB Standings - 1.5

The MLB Standings widget is a simple dashboard widget which provides the current major league baseball standings for all teams. You can choose which league and division you would like to keep track of and every time you open the dashboard the information is pulled straight from's standings page.

Download MLB Standings

Pashua - 0.9.4

Pashua ist a tool for creating native Aqua dialog windows for Perl, PHP, Tcl, Python, Ruby, Rexx and shell scripts as well as AppleScript. The GUI elements which can be used for such dialogs include text input fields, checkboxes, radiobuttons, popup menus, open panels or buttons. Moreover, it's possible to embed images or PDFs. Any data submitted from the dialog will be passed on to the calling script.

To describe the dialog window, Pashua uses a very simple syntax. All the tedious details such as positioning the elements, calculating the window size etc. are handled automatically by Pashua, thus you can fully concentrate on your application.

Download Pashua

Timer - 1.1

Timer is a simple chronometer application. Enter a value and click "Start" to count down any number of hours, minutes, and seconds, or start at zero to track elapsed time.

Timer Features

* Counts up to measure elapsed time or down to act as a timer
* Sounds an alarm when a count down is complete
* Open as many independent timers as you like, concurrently
* Use the mouse or keyboard to set, start, or stop timers and adjust sound settings

Download Timer

CLC Free Workbench - 3.2.4

CLC Free Workbench 3.1 creates a software environment enabling users to make basic bioinformatics analyses and smooth data management, combined with excellent graphical viewing and output options. Some bioinformatics features are: - GenBank searching and viewing (linear and circular views) - Multiple alignment of DNA, RNA and proteins (2 alignment algorithms) - Advanced alignment editing and sequence editing - Joining multiple alignments and multiple sequences into one - Open reading frame determination - Translation from DNA to proteins (all genetic translation tables) - Reports with residue composition, molecular weight and iso electric point (for proteins) - Neighbor-joining and UPGMA phylogenies - Interactive restriction site analysis and viewing - Other reporting facilities - Import/export to a number of data formats - Launch of external files - Detailed History Log - Batch runs of analyses such as DNA to protein translation

Download CLC Free Workbench

Battle For Wesnoth - 1.3.3

This is a fantasy-focused turn-based strategy game with units carrying over and gaining experience between scenarios. Both single player campaigns and multiplayer games are supported. This game is currently being actively developed, but is already at in a highly playable state. Although cross platform in nature, great effort is being put into making the application as Mac-like as possible on this platform.

Download Battle For Wesnoth


Jem - 1.0

Jem is an easy to use GUI front-end for the synergy client.

Download Jem

MidiPipe - 1.4.2

MidiPipe is freeware and comes with no warranties. It has been well tested and has shown no major problems, but is not finished. It can be useful in a music studio or on stage.

* Midi In - connects a MIDI input to the pipe
* Midi Out - connects a MIDI output to the pipe
* AList - outputs messages to the screen
* Message Converter - converts messages from one type to an other
* Delay - delays the time for when the message is scheduled
* Transpose - transposes note to multiple keys, set velocity, delay and channel for each
* Message Filter - filters by messages
* Channel Filter - filters by channel
* Channel Router - routes channels
* Keyboard Split - moves note on/off messages above/below a split point to a different channel
* Randomizer - randomly changes any parameter value(s) of any channel message(s)
* Keyboard - play a on screen keyboard with your mouse or keys; will display arriving messages too
* MicroTuner - apply different scales
* Set - set any parameter value(s) of any channel message(s) to any value
* Duration - add a delay between Note On and Note Off messages
* Control Split - inverse, limit, scale, fade in/out, route and map MIDI controllers
* Control Slider - simple slider for control message input
* AppleScript Trigger - use the power of AppleScript to implement everything you want
* (N)RPN Mapper - map (N)RPNs
* Velocity Modifier - scale, shift, and clip the velocity of Note On and Note Off messages
* SMF Player - plays up to 128 MIDI Files; handles Song Select, Start/Stop/Continue messages
* Key Mapper - map keys
* DLS Synth - user interface for Apple's DLS Synth
* Double Filter - filters identical messages
* Monophonic - make monophonic

Download MidiPipe

TubeTV - 0.8

Got an Apple TV and want more content for it? Wish you could watch YouTube on your TV?

TubeTV is a new freeware program for Mac OS X Tiger and above which enables you to search for and save Google Video and YouTube videos in a format suitable for playback on your Apple TV or video capable iPod.

A built in search bar and web browser helps you conveniently locate your favorite videos, or, if you prefer, a URL can be pasted into the program to jump directly to a video clip. High quality video conversions using the H.264 codec are performed with QuickTime®. Double clicking on a saved video file will open it in iTunes, allowing easy library addition and syncing to your desired device. Note that TubeTV does not interact with iTunes directly - it's the same as importing any other video file to iTunes. Alternately, just drag a saved video file on to QuickTime Player to view it locally.

This software doesn't require an installer; just copy it to your Applications folder and launch.

A preference sets whether or not the movie is converted to H.264 automatically after downloading. If conversion is enabled, you will end up with two movie files on your desktop (or wherever you choose to save them). The file ending in .m4v is the one you should open with iTunes and sync to your iPod or Apple TV.

Download TubeTV

MailPod - 1.2

This AppleScript based tool copies emails in Apple Mail to an iPod as a note entry so you can carry and read email messages on your iPod.

Download MailPod

Nem - 1.0

Renames files in a folder with multiples options : Upper cases; uppercase first letter; uppercase first letter of words; lower cases; Delete spaces; replace spaces with underscore; replace accented characters; replace ligature characters; delete a string; replace a string; add a prefix; add a suffix; truncate; serial number.

Download Nem

Eigenmath - 130

Eigenmath is a free symbolic calculator that is fun to use. The manual includes example solutions for typical problems in calculus and linear algebra.

Download Eigenmath

omnidea Rulers - 1.0.132

Shaped on your screen
omnidea Rulers allows to create on whole screen area a set of rulers, like most common graphic editors allows on their working areas only.
Using the guide lines enables to measure and position objects with precision and it's incredibly useful in many fields, such as computer graphics, desktop publishing and web design.
Rulers can also be used to select a screen area and take a screenshot that is automatically saved to desktop or copied to system clipboard.

Main features:

* Unlimited rulers creation
* Multiple units of measurement support
* Multi monitor support
* Take a screenshot of selected area or whole screen
* Magnifier
* Color picker
* Automatic internet update
* Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
* Available in English and Italian
* Absolutely free!

Download omnidea Rulers

Excalibur - 4.0.4

Excalibur is a Macintosh spelling checker. It will spell check documents created by any text editor. It will also spell check the clipboard, making it a useful spelling checker for other text based programs. It will also work with any word processing program that supports Word Services which has been largely abandoned.

Download Excalibur

Utility Lock - 1.0.2

Utility Lock is a custom built Screen Locking mechanism, it was designed after the Apple lock that is available in Apple Remote Desktop, its purpose is to allow for a greater customization in how the screen is locked, you can now have it locked on Sleep/Idle/Intervals and with the applescript support you can combine it with other applications like WiFiScriptor

Download Utility Lock

JBuddy IM Toolkits - 6.0

Create interactive IM applications and IM Bots with ease using JBuddy IM Toolkits. JBuddy now includes a powerful, yet easy to use IM Bot Framework so building and running IM Bots is a snap. JBuddy IM Toolkits support public IM networks such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk as well as enterprise IM networks including Lotus Sametime, XMPP (aka Jabber), and now Microsoft Office Live Communications Server (aka LCS). JBuddy IM Toolkits are available for Java, COM/.NET as well as Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7+ (see JBuddy-CF).

The JBuddy IM Bot Framework supports IM Bot development with just XML but if you need more power, you can leverage system scripts and Java to tap into web services, databases, backend systems and more. Add real-time, interactive text-based communication capabilities to your applications in record time and open new channels of communications with your employees and customers.

Download JBuddy IM Toolkits

Helma - 1.6.0rc2

Helma is an open source web application framework for fast and efficient scripting and serving of your websites and Internet applications.

Helma is written in Java and employs Javascript for its server-side scripting environment, removing the need for compilation cycles and reducing development costs while giving you instant access to leverage the whole wealth of Java libraries out there.

Helma offers simple and codeless mapping of application objects to database tables. In addition, an embedded object-oriented database performs automatic data persistence of unmapped objects.

Download Helma


ClipDate - 1.5.2

ClipDate is a free widget for Apple Mac OS X Tiger which generates the string of the current date and time on your clipboard. That string is useful for file naming, version history management, etc.

Download ClipDate

MacProgramGuide - 0.5

Looking for a program guide for your Mac Based Home Theater, well look no further. MacProgramGuide harnesses the power of Web Services and the internet to provide program schedules, episode, cast and crew information. MacProgramGuide provides search capabilities to allow you to find out when your favorite shows or movies are on. Best of all, MacProgramGuide is Free

Download MacProgramGuide

Paintbrush - 0.5

Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based paint program for Mac OS X, similar to Microsoft Paint and the now-defunct MacPaint. The project's ultimate goal is to recreate the basic functionality of Microsoft Paint, which has been noticeably absent from Mac OS X for years. Paintbrush can open and save to most major image formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Paintbrush is not yet full-featured, but is very stable and is being actively developed.


LaTeXiT - 1.14.0

LaTeXiT is a small utility that allows you to quickly typeset LaTeX equations, without bothering with file creation, preambles, and so on. The PDF image obtained can then be exported by drag'n drop to any application supporting it. This is very useful to insert equations in presentations made with Keynote or Powerpoint. LaTeXiT also features an application service, so that you can type and transform equations directly in most text editors (Pages, Nisus Writer Express, TextEdit...).

Main features of LaTeXiT are :

* generated PDFs can be reopened (even with copy/paste) to be modified
* LinkBack support
* syntax colouring and auto-completion of LaTeX keywords
* smart LaTeX errors manager
* LaTeX palette
* automatic history and library management
* included application service
* several export formats (PDF, EPS, TIFF, PNG...)

Download LaTeXiT

Integrity - 1.5

If you've maintained a website for any length of time, you'll know that links very quickly become broken.

We all move, delete or change pages, and when we do, it not only results in our own internal links breaking, but other people's liks to our website becoming broken. Similarly, when other people alter their pages, our own external links become broken.

Unless you enjoy clicking every single link on your site followed by the back button, then you'll need to use a link crawler like Integrity!

Feed it your home page url and Integrity will spider your site, following internal links to find all of your pages, checking each link found.

Download Integrity

MetaX - 1.4

MetaX is a meta-data tagger for mp4 files and their derivatives. It uses Atomic Parsley on the back-end to write the tags to your video files. MetaX automatically searches to find tags (so you'll need an internet connection). Cover art data can be retrieved from, Yahoo!, or from the video file itself.

Download MetaX

Diamond Document Editor - 2.0

Be as creative with your workspace as you are with your work. Diamond is a simple yet very powerful RTF document editor that gives you unprecedented control over how it looks and behaves on a per-window basis, allowing you to create flexible, customized workspaces and a unique look and feel for your working environment. Diamond offers columnar editing (similar to the multicolumn views of Amar Sagoo's "Tofu" text reader) and a flexible window system. Under the hood there is rock solid support for the Cocoa text handling system, and aggressive support for Apple Automator. Diamond reads and writes RTF, RTFD, Text, and MS DOC formats.

Download Diamond Document Editor

Raw Photo Processor - 3.5.8

Raw Photo Processor (RPP) is a RAW converter, supporting almost all available digital RAW formats. Think of it as of a development machine in terms of film photography - first you have to develop your roll right, then do whatever you want with it. So this is NOT a full featured photo processing package, you will need Photoshop or some other tool to apply sharpness, cropping and so on, but you may use RPP for some very carefully picked amount of operations.
The main idea behind this application is to do quality conversion without blocking shadows, clipping highlights, spoiling colors and returning that natural film-like look to your pictures.

Download Raw Photo Processor Intel
Download Raw Photo Processor PPC


Cam Twist - 1.4

CamTwist is a software package that lets you add special effects to your video chats. It's also possible to stream your desktop and still images. With CamTwist, you can also use multiple video chat programs at the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: CamTwist does NOT work with iChat.

Download Cam Twist

TrailRunner - 1.4v161

If you ever asked yourself how long your workout routes are and what route you should choose for this evening - then TrailRunner should be your training-partner.

* Geographic display of your workout area.
* Plan routes interactively.
* Collect routes.
* Route description and direction signs at crossings.
* Timed-checkpoints according to your pace.
* Rate your favorite tracks.
* Plan routes automatically with target distance and as many favorite tracks as possible.
* Export route descriptions onto your iPod as Notes-Text or NanoMap-Photos
* Collect your workout data in a Diary.
* Send to and exchange routes with friends and workout partners.
* Import GPX-Tracklists from GPS-units.

Download TrailRunner

iGTD - 1.4.2

You are a busy person, aren't you? And there's an easy way to track all things that have to be done... and to get those things done! iGTD takes some concepts from Getting Things Done methodology and makes them easy to understand and use in your every day life. Just divide your tasks by contexts - where they have to be done? At home? At your office? At laptop? At any time you can access the Internet?

Download iGTD

Kenbushi Lite - 7.0.0

This application is a powerful media server with full-screen media control (like Apple TV), and has built-in file sharing and data backup over LAN/Internet. The Lite Edition can play music and full-length full-screen movies without restriction, but has limits on file transfer size, data backup, and some media functions after 30 days. The commercial Standard and Professional Editions do not have all these limitations. The MacOS Classic version offers file transfer and remote folder sync only. Note: All computers must run the same version of Kenbushi.

Download Kenbushi Lite

Lightning Brain TextStitch for InDesign - 1.0.1

This plug-in helps the user to highly reduce the number of mouse clicks needed to thread together multi-frame text flows. Two threading methods are provided: 'Quick Stitch' which allows threading of frames in user-defined order with just a single mouse click per text frame, and 'Auto-Stitch' which threads loose text frames in fully automated fashion.

Download Lightning Brain TextStitch for InDesign

JES Deinterlacer - 3.2.1

Utility to deinterlace or reinterlace QuickTime movies, reinterlace, PAL<->NTSC conversion, change field dominance, inverse telecine.


* Improve static parts
* Create double frame rate movies
* simple color correction

Download JES Deinterlacer

IPSecuritas - 3.0

IPSecuritas is a front-end of the Mac OS X IPSec subsystem built in the kernel and allows to configure and establish secure IP tunnels between your machine or network with a remote network (for example your office network) using the non-secure services offered by the Internet. IPSec is a well-defined and established IETF standard and is considered secure (as opposed to for example P2TP, which offers limited security).

Download IPSecuritas

AllBookmarks - 1.1

Don't you hate it when you can't remember where you bookmarked a website? Were you in Safari when you saved it, or Firefox? Heaven forbid you were in a browser you were just "test driving". Perhaps you were testing out Flock, bookmarked a site, and then decided Flock wasn't for you (don't flame me; I like Flock!).

AllBookmarks helps reduce the pain of searching all the browsers for that lost bookmark. By adding a new icon to your Mac OS X menu bar you can quickly access all your bookmarks. All your Safari, Firefox and Flock bookmarks are shown and can be selected. AllBookmarks also gives you access to your 1Passwd 1Click bookmarks so you can navigate to a page, fill the form, and submit it, all with a single click!

Download AllBookmarks

ANTLRWorks - 1.0.1

ANTLRWorks is a simple but efficient IDE for ANTLR 3 grammars. ANTLRWorks allows users to edit, visualize, interpret and debug any ANTLR 3 grammar through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Download ANTLRWorks

SuperBrain Widget - 1.7

The game principal is well known: Behind a cover there is a secret code consisting of four colors. To detect it you need a little bit luck and good combinational skill. You can configure the number of colors and positions. Funny game to train your brain! Features: - Number of colors and columns adjustable - English, French, Italian, Spanish and German localization

Download SuperBrain Widget

ML Baseball Widget - 1.0

All the information you need about the MLB in one single and small widget. Show the current scoreboard, full results from previous days, the schedule for the upcoming week, or current division and wildcard standings. For ongoing or past games, show the score overview and current game situation while having a convenient link to the full box score only a click away..

Download ML Baseball Widget

Excalibur - 4.0.3

Excalibur is a Macintosh spelling checker. It will spell check documents created by any text editor. It will also spell check the clipboard, making it a useful spelling checker for other text based programs. It will also work with any word processing program that supports Word Services which has been largely abandoned.

Download Excalibur

ArchDetect - 1.2

Small utility to see a quick overview of the architectures of every application on your Mac. Nothing More.

Download ArchDetect

SwissSMS - 1.5.3

SwissSMS is a Mac OS X front-end to SMS operators services.

It stores your outgoing messages and can export them too.

Currently, it has plugins for (free) and (free / subscribtion).

Download SwissSMS

Moody - 0.1.1

Moody gives you streamlined shuffle mixes by letting you tag your songs in your iTunes library with moods and then play back tracks of a certain mood. Fast and intuitive tagging with color patches instead of words.

Download Moody

Automator Fun Apps - 1.5

Set of 20 Automator applications that are divided into three subsets:

* Audio, Video and Graphics Applications
o Add Files to iTunes
o Add to iPhoto
o Browse Movies
o Contact Sheet (Revised)
o Movies in QT
* Text Applications
o AB Contacts Doc
o AB Contacts File
o Audio Email
o Combine PDFs
o Find and Combine Mail
o Print Finder Items
o TextEdit to Mail
o URL Links to TextEdit (New)
* Utility Applications
o Back Up, Archive & Burn (New)
o Batch Spotlight Comments
o Create Archive
o Screenshot Selection
o Screenshot Window
o Simple Backup
o System Info

Download Automator Fun Apps

EclipseStarter - 1.0

Organize your Eclipse installation and workspaces. Very useful when you use a lot of workspaces and different Eclipse version.

Download EclipseStarter

iTunesK1 - 1.06d.00

iTunes remote controller

* Play
* Rewind
* Forward
* Artist name
* Album Name
* Track Name

* Web BrowserLink Maker iTunes

Download iTunesK1

Aviation Weather - 1.2.7

Get current weather conditions as well as weather forecasts with the "Aviation Weather" dashboard widget. The widget shows weather data (METAR and TAF) which is used by pilots for their flight preparations.

"Aviation Weather" lets you choose any airport weather stations from its built-in database by either name or ICAO (4-letter) code. Data will be shown in its original format or translated into easy understandable texts. You can define up to 4 preset stations.

Download Aviation Weather