Mac Face - 1.0.3

Mac Face is a facebook notification client for Mac OS X. Once installed onto your computer, Mac Face will notify you when you have new messages, pokes, friend requests and event invitations from facebook! The Mac Face menu lists your outstanding notifications and your friends, with quick links to all the important actions, like messaging and poking.

Download Mac Face

MacCaching - 0.6.2

MacCaching is a geocache manager supporting Garmin and Magallen GPS receivers. Caches can be managed into their own "Cachelist" for found, owned, and different areas. Included tools are iPod and Palm (CacheMate) Paperless Caching, Distance Calculator, and Coordinate Format converter. There are links to Google Maps and to make researching caches easier. MacCaching can be used for generic GPS usage, but it is mainly built for managing GeoCaches. It is in active development and it is free!

Download MacCaching

ImageJ - 1.38u

ImageJ is a public domain Java image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh. It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.1 or later virtual machine. It can display, edit, analyze, process, save and print 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images. It can read many image formats including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, FITS and "raw". It supports "stacks", a series of images that share a single window. It is multithreaded, so time-consuming operations such as image file reading can be performed in parallel with other operations. It can calculate area and pixel value statistics of user-defined selections. It can measure distances and angles. It can create density histograms and line profile plots. It supports standard image processing functions such as contrast manipulation, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection and median filtering. It does geometric transformations such as scaling, rotation and flips. Image can be zoomed up to 32:1 and down to 1:32. All analysis and processing functions are available at any magnification factor. The program supports any number of windows (images) simultaneously, limited only by available memory. Spatial calibration is available to provide real world dimensional measurements in units such as millimeters. Density or gray scale calibration is also available.

Download ImageJ

Pando -

Introducing a little app with a lot of muscle.

Pando lets you send your home videos, giant presentations and entire folders of original quality photos to anyone with an email address. See how...

No adware, no spyware ... no, really.

Download Pando

No Frills DVD2iPod - 3.6

I wrote No Frills DVD2iPod because I wanted a way to make iPod compatible video files from iDVD projects I had burned to DVD but for which I hadn't saved any source files. I also wanted a way to do it without having to configure many settings. Advantages of No Frills DVD2iPod 1. Drop a handful of unencrypted .VOB or .mpg files and/or folders containing unencrypted .VOB files or .mpg files (such as a VIDEO_TS folder on a DVD you made with iDVD), and all of them will be converted. 2. You can drag the source files/folders even from an non-writable directory such as a mounted DVD volume.

Download No Frills DVD2iPod

MyTunesRSS - 3.0 rc7

Create RSS feeds, M3U or XSPF playlists, play MP3 music directly in your browser with a flash music player and much more. Create multiple user accounts, give them different user rights, create download quotas and much more. Discover other MyTunesRSS servers on your local network. Use your iTunes library or simple watch folders. Upload new music to the server through the beautiful web interface. Browse your music library by album, artist or genre. All the things you ever wanted to do!

Download MyTunesRSS

ARD Report - 1.1

ARD Report was originally a Java terminal application, now a GUI application, that allows you to determine application concurrency using Apple Remote Desktop. Supposedly ARD 3.1 had this feature built in, but at best it was merely a mass of data which had little meaning behind it. What this program does: When given an exported copy of an application usage report generated by ARD 3.1 in a tab delimited format, this program will produce an output file containing a list of all the applications ran during the period of the report, the largest number of concurrent users during the period, and the time and date that this occurred. This report can be generated as either a comma or tab delimited report to allow for easy importing into a database or Excel worksheet, or as a human readable document.

Download ARD Report

TAMS Analyzer - 3.34b7

Coding and extraction software for qualitative research projects. Supports multiple coders, hierarchical codes, complex searching for information, many options for formatting the output of searches, and easy export to Excel and other databases.

Download TAMS Analyzer

YamiPod - 1.4

YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Here's a brief description of the features in YamiPod:

* stand alone program, no installation required
* iPod is automatically recognized
* mp3 and AAC files can be copied to/from iPod
* read/write access to mp3 id3 and AAC infos
* playlist support (On-The-Go included)
* playlists import (PLS,M3U)
* full unicode support
* auto-download new versions
* advanced song import/export settings
* 2 restore features
* built in music player
* iPod informations
* 2 search features
* remove duplicated tracks
* find lost music files
* easy ratings edit
* PC to iPod synchronization
* create and edit notes
* automatically update song playcounts
* News RSS and podcasts to iPod upload
* Growl support (Apple only)
* export song lists to HTML or plain text files
* translated in 20 languages

Download YamiPod

FinKit X Interest Tables - 20070615

A total of 63 tables that can be used as reference data or to calculate interest using FinKit's Interest between Dates calculation.

Download FinKit X Interest Tables

MVV Widget - 0.85

MVV Dashboard Widget enables direct access to timetables of public transport in Munich/Germany.

Download MVV Widget

JIRA Client - 1.1

JIRA Client is a desktop front-end for Atlassian JIRA issue tracker. JIRA Client integrates seamlessly with existing JIRA installations and allows frequent JIRA users to save time, manage issues effectively, concentrate on execution and work offline.

Download JIRA Client

rEFIt - 0.10

rEFIt is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit for EFI-based machines like the Intel Macs. It gives you easy access to the EFI environment and serves as a hook for pre-boot applications.

Download rEFIt Widget - 1.6

The Dashboard Widget allows you to more easily keep tabs on Justin without a web browser. It displays the live stream right on your Dashboard in a resizable window. By default, the video pauses when Dashboard is hidden, but by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the back, it can be configured to play when hidden, so the audio can be heard even when Dashboard is hidden.
Try moving it to the desktop via DevMode to watch video continuously.

Download Widget

Adobe Source Libraries - 1.0.28

The Adobe Source Libraries (ASL) are a collection of C++ libraries building foundation technology to allow the construction of commercial applications by assembling generic algorithms through declarative descriptions.

Download Adobe Source Libraries