SyncTwoFolders - 1.1.2

Choose a Source Folder and a Target Folder. Synchronization in reciprocal Mode : A file present in one folder and not in the second will be copied, a file older will be replace. Read About SyncTwoFolders for more information, and use Help Tag. Let Simulation Checkbox Checked first to be sure of what this program will do (in Simulation mode, any files are copied or erased). There're a Mac PPC version and a Mac INTEL version, please watch which one you download.

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Magrathea - 0.3

Magrathea allows you to manage and present your media visually on a map. You can use Magrathea to see exactly where you took your photos and videos.

* Intuitive, Apple-inspired interface.
* Browse and view your photos and videos right in the application, or present a virtual tour of your vacation photos using the Flyby Slideshow feature.
* Browse your friends' geotagged Flickr photos on the map and view them in Magrathea.
* Add markers by just typing in the name of a point of interest or address, or by selecting an Address Book contact. You can also simply drag and drop media onto the map itself.
* Uses Yahoo Maps to provide maps and high resolution satellite imagery down to the street level in many countries.
* Integrates with iLife so you can add your photos or home videos using the built-in media browser.
* Automatically geocodes photos tagged with GPS information.
* Search markers as you type
* Allows you to group markers into categories
* View and edit information about each marker, such as its name, address, phone number, and additional comments.
* Automatic updates with Sparkle.
* ... And much more to come

Best of all, it is completely free!

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MappingService - 1.1

MappingService is a utility for working with mapping websites. Select text (e.g. an address) in an email, webpage or other document, then choose Map from the Services menu to display a map using one of the following sites:

* Google Maps ( and several country-specific sites)
* ZoomIn (for Australia and New Zealand only).

MappingService is open source software released under the BSD Licence. Source code and source documentation are included in the download.

While this software costs nothing, the developer gratefully accepts donations via this link.

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ChkRootKit_MacOSX - 0.43

ChkRootKit_MacOSX is an utility to detect WORMS, LKM TROJANS and other small dirty animals which could invade your computer.

ChkRootKit_MacOSX is a GUI integration of the CLI "chkrootkit" of Pangeia Informatica.

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FMenu - 1.6

FMenu is a menu extra providing customizable Growl notifications about various Facebook events, a menu to easily access common Facebook pages, and a count of your messages, pokes, events, friend requests, wall posts, and photo comments.

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MDict - 5.7.1

MDict is an very fast offline dictionary: Universal words translator (in MDictWithAddons pack already included dictionaries: Russian <-> English, English <-> French. Extensible word translation tool (English,Russian,French, Polish, Japanes, Chinese and so on) for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. No Internet access needed. Works with stardict dictionaries. Command line mode support. Customizable font size and colors. Registration at services. Universal binary (PPC, i386). Now learning feature present: user can print words from history to paper cards (double sided). Integrated game mode for learning. Reporting detected errors after Game. Dictionaries groups (sets). Integrated DictBuilder - the tool for creating/editing a dictionaries. Active floating translation area. MDict Dashboard Widget now included to Application. Free XCode sources (free downloads from product page).

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MagiCal - 1.0.6

MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in addition to, or instead of, the built in system menu clock. In addition to this, MagiCal features a handy drop-down calendar that can be torn off and placed anywhere on screen.

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Gas - 3.0

Continue to make gas consumption less painful with the satisfaction of knowing you got the best deal in town. Gas provides a simple, elegant, easy to use method for finding the cheapest gas in the area, right from your Dashboard. Whether you're going cross town or cross country, Gas delivers information from in order to provide you with the most up to date gas prices available. Have a nice drive.


1. Up to date gas prices, color coded by date and sorted by preferred grade
2. View all (and only) your preferred grades with multi-grade mode
3. Handy gas guage on backside indicates value
4. Links directly to Google Maps to locate your station of choice
5. Beautiful graphics, slick animations, and optional pole for your visual pleasure
6. Intuitive keyboard controls and scrollwheel support make finding the cheapest gas even easier
7. Unique preferences per instance give you maximum control

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Shapes - 1.2

Will draw shapes (bezier paths) at random locations and sizes, according to the options you set in the "Configure" panel.

* Shapes to use: circle, square, triangle, diamond, smile, heart, moon, sun, star, flower, leaf, polygon
* Color set: random, R or G or B, USA colors, Canada Colors
* Mix shapes or not, use same size or not
* Mirror on X and/or Y
* Max size of each shape
* How often to refresh the screen
* Play sound on entry and exit

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Simple Comic - 0.8.1

Simple Comic was written for one specific task, viewing comics, nothing more nothing less.

* Two page layout: Pages are laid out side by side, as they would be in print. This is a rather common feature, but its implementation is generally terrible. Most applications do not take into account the aspect ratio of each individual page. When a two page spread is displayed three pages are usually on screen at once, which is just plain annoying.
* Archive handling: Never have to decompress another comic archive. Simple Comic can seamlessly deal with .cbr, .cbz, .zip and .rar files.
* Pick up where you left off: Feel free to exit Simple Comic as your session will be restored the next time it is opened.
* Alternate page ordering: Pages can be layed out either left to right or right to left.
* Pre-defined image height: Instead of forcing to user to zoom in or out initially or worse, on each page, Simple Comic allows the user to set a default image height. Every page viewed thereafter will be scaled prior to being displayed.
* Simplicity: Does not attempt to be all things to all people. Features are not added unless they actually improve the user's experience.

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IceClean - 1.6.1

IceClean (formerly Polizei) is a powerful system maintenance and optimization tool using built-in Unix system tasks to help your Mac stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks:

* Periodic routine scripts
* Verify preference files
* Repair permissions
* Run periodic scripts
* Update prebindings
* Remove user and root cache files
* Update Locate & Whatis databases
* Rebuild LaunchServices

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