FixDVD - 1.0

After ripping the DVD, drop its folder on FixDVD icon. It writes 0x300600010183 into location 0x4f4 of VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO file. This makes the first command "Jump to title set 1, title 1, root menu". This is free software. Enjoy. Thank you for using.

Download FixDVD

RSS Growler - 1.1

RSS Growler is a menu bar item RSS reader similar to RSS Menu, but designed for use with Trac. It should also work with other RSS feeds, but will provide less compelling advantages. Specifically, RSS Growler is designed for developers working on projects that are using svn Trac integration to provide commit logs and diffs through RSS.

Download RSS Growler

Seattle Heart Failure Model - 1.01

Heart failure is a chronic condition where the heart is not able to pump blood as effectively as it should. The probability of survival for a patient with heart failure depends on a number of factors, and can be improved by an range of treatments. This program uses data from six research studies on heart failure to calculate an individual patient's probability of survival with heart failure, and the potential benefit of various medical and surgical treatments. It is intended for use by medical professionals who are trained in the treatment of heart conditions, to help inform decisions on treatment, and counsel the patient. The user can choose kg or lbs for weight, and American or SI units for labs. This version will expire on August 1, 2007, but a new version will be available for download one month prior to that date.

Download Seattle Heart Failure Model Intel
Download Seattle Heart Failure Model PPC

SimpleAuthority - 1.1

SimpleAuthority is a free Certification Authority (CA). It generates keys and certificates that provide cryptographic digital identities for a community of people and/or computer servers. These identities are designed to be used in other applications for security purposes within this community.

SimpleAuthority is designed to be very easy to use and does not require an external database or similar supporting components. It is built on The Legion of the Bouncy Castle cryptographic library.

SimpleAuthority can be used to generate keys and certificates for:

* Secure email - for digital signing and encryption of email
* VPN access - to provide a much higher level of security than username/password access
* Client SSL authentication - to authenticate a person to a Web Server, such as to restrict access to a subversion repository or other online content, and
* Server SSL authentication - to authenticate a Web Server to people within the community.

Download SimpleAuthority

Warp Rogue - 0.7.7

Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike game. It features RPG-like game mechanics, recruitable NPCs, and a consistent theme.

Download Warp Rogue

ManilaMail - 1.1

ManilaMail is an itty bitty "status bar" application that controls the most vital functions of Apple Mail in Mac OS X. This application is based off of the Gmail part of the Google Notifier and as such it is extremely light weight. There is no Growl integration or anything fancy like that. However, this little app is still very useful and it provides the following amazing features:

* The ability to display the count of all unread messages (not only the messages in the inbox)
* Menu items to show the inbox, create a new message, and check for new messages
* The optional ability to automatically reopen Apple Mail if it is closed when ManilaMail is trying to do a count of unread messages
* And that is about it

Note that this application will can reopen Mail if Mail is closed between unread message counts. Some may see this as a flaw but this is exactly what I wanted this application to do when I first designed it. The idea is to keep the user from accidentally closing Mail and therefore not receiving notifications of new mail.

Download ManilaMail

Aurora - 3.3.3

Aurora is a free Alarm Clock for your Mac that lets you wake up to your favorite iTunes playlist or any TV or radio channel from EyeTV. Other features include a Sleep Timer, Apple Remote support and the ability to wake your Mac from sleep or from a powered-off state. Aurora is available in English, German, French and Italian.

Download Aurora

BART Widget - 1.01

A trip planner for the BART train system in the northern California bay area. Check when the next train is coming simply by opening up Dashboard.

No network connection is required. This is a full-featured trip planner, not a website frontend.

Fun and easy to use. Never miss a train again!

Download BART Widget

Splendid City - 6.3

Splendid City Team Sports Scheduler, and Sports Scheduling Software System is useful for people who organize team sports or game events. Use it to manage and publish sports schedules of any size and complexity. Automatically create high quality double or single elimination tournament brackets, round-robin league schedules, swiss round tournaments, cross divisional or practice schedules for any sport that requires pairings.

It features options that include the ability to set team and field constraints, game lengths; configurative time management utilities to help you organize events the way you would like; object constraint sharing; automatic schedule generation and re-generation; configurative project web site creation, use of HTML website templates, tournament brackets for unlimited number of teams; publishing via FTP, export to HTML, CSV, iCalendar, XML; import schedules and associated data from existing CSV schedules; standings support with tie-breaker formulas; contact management; import teams, fields, officials, players and player rosters from other users' projects ; constraint and conflict checking and resolution.

Users can freely exchange all data associated with projects with other users who have a free copy of Splendid City Lite installed regardless of platform. The application comes with an integrated e-mail client that can aid with the exchange of object files among organization members. There is also a simple FTP client for direct uploading to web domains from within the schedule view frame.

The scheduler gives you complete control over all aspects of the schedule, and creates solutions effortlessly and elegantly in accordance with the user data entered. It can be custom-tailored, and with repeated use via a plugin interface, can be made to automatically accomplish users' unique scheduling needs.

The user experience is interactive and straight forward. The application comes fully documented with a built in searchable help system to provide answers to implementation questions. Several tutorials are also provided.

Download Splendid City

Bugs On The Run - 1.3

Bugs On The Run is an artificial life simulation where organisms (bugs) move in a 2D world and try to survive. There are various ways to control the simulation and there is an emphasis on high performance for some settings. In the main folder an application is included, and for developers carbon C source files and binaries for an Xcode project with classic- and carbon-events versions are also available. An older legacy version 1.2 is PPC-only, and has many types of projects for developers (CFM/Mach-o, classic/carbon events, res/nibs, CW/Xcode, C/FutureBasic) - is still available for download as well.

Download Bugs On The Run

Organise Pro - 2.2.4

Organise 2 is a completely rewritten version of Organise, built as a Universal Binary and using Objective-C rather than Java for a lighter, faster-loading, more robust and slicker user experience.

Organise 2 will potentially come in two flavours - The Lite version is a no-frills, simple to use application containing the fundamental Organise features - Contacts, Inventory , Orders and Invoicing.

Organise 2 Pro builds on earlier versions of Organise. The core is the Lite version, but will add Time Management (the old 'to do' list with time recording against orders), Data Management (exporting to spreadsheet or html, reporting) and Accounts Managment (basic accounting).

These Pro features can be switched on or off so that the interface remains uncluttered by buttons that you don't use.

There is currently no need for the Lite version to be available because the Pro version is free, and the Pro features can be switched on or off.

Download Organise Pro

LaTeXiT - 1.14.1

LaTeXiT is a small utility that allows you to quickly typeset LaTeX equations, without bothering with file creation, preambles, and so on. The PDF image obtained can then be exported by drag'n drop to any application supporting it. This is very useful to insert equations in presentations made with Keynote or Powerpoint. LaTeXiT also features an application service, so that you can type and transform equations directly in most text editors (Pages, Nisus Writer Express, TextEdit...).

Main features of LaTeXiT are :

* generated PDFs can be reopened (even with copy/paste) to be modified
* LinkBack support
* syntax colouring and auto-completion of LaTeX keywords
* smart LaTeX errors manager
* LaTeX palettes
* automatic history and library management
* included application service
* several export formats (PDF, EPS, TIFF, PNG...)

Download LaTeXiT

CAPS Warn - 2.2

CAPS Warn is designed for people who type with one hand using Sticky Keys, or for anyone who presses the Caps Lock or Num Lock keys frequently by mistake.

CAPS Warn is a Preference Pane that provides: A) on-screen indications of when the Caps Lock, Shift, Function (fn), Control, Option, or Command keys are pressed (or stuck on by Sticky Keys) or B) warnings that: 1) you have turned on the CAPS Lock and/or 2) you have typed a specified number (default 5) of keys with the SHIFT key (or Sticky Keys SHIFT) or CAPS Lock and/or you have turned on the Num Lock. CAPS Warn warns you regardless of what application you are typing into.

Download CAPS Warn

CLIX - 1.8a

CLIX (Command Line Interface for OS X) is a Cocoa application that harnesses the power of Unix. It's perfect for the pros and can be helpful for the noobs too.

The CLIX package includes a starter database file with close to 1,500 system commands for investigating your system status, for cleaning out junk files, for getting at esoteric secret settings in your most used applications - and more.

And most importantly, CLIX is infinitely extensible: you can add to it at any time, in any way you please - add new commands, new command categories, new command database files, and so on.

And unlike other systems, CLIX is 100% 'WYSISYG' (what you see is what you get): it's exactly the command lines you would use at a terminal if you were so inclined. So sometime you might remember a command or two and try it on your own.

CLIX comes with commands for viewing all your system logs, for cleaning out browser caches, for pruning and fixing 'plist' preference files, for spelunking in root's back yard, for ridding your system of all kinds of junk, for seeing what your virtual memory is up to, what your Netinfo database manager is up to, and on and on.

CLIX also has its own newsletter and forum ( for in-depth discussion of Unix and CLIX.

Download CLIX

ArchDetect - 1.2.2

Small utility to see a quick overview of the architectures of every application on your Mac. Nothing More.

Download ArchDetect

ANTLRWorks - 1.0.2

ANTLRWorks is a simple but efficient IDE for ANTLR 3 grammars. ANTLRWorks allows users to edit, visualize, interpret and debug any ANTLR 3 grammar through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Download ANTLRWorks