iTunes Volume - 8.8.5

iTunes Volume is a "Slider Only" iTunes Controller that floats on your desktop.
Seemingly, this software that can do only volume adjustment.
however just try using it!
you can understand immediately...

Download iTunes Volume

Motion JWii - 0.5.2

Motion JWii is a shell script command that can convert most video files into the Motion JPEG format that the Wii uses, with QuickTime Pro. These videos can then be played on the Wii Photo Channel.

Download Motion JWii

ViBE - 1.0b9

ViBE is a Virtual Boy emulator for Macintosh. It supports sound emulation and runs most of the 24 existing Virtual Boy games to some degree.

Download ViBE

Vecx - 0.1.5

Vecx is a Vectrex emulator for Mac OS X.

Download Vecx

Thom - 1.6.0

Thom emulates the Thomson TO7, a computer released in France in the mid 1980s.

Download Thom

TGEmu - 0.3.3

TGEmu/MacOS is a PC Engine emulator for the Macintosh.

TGEmu features reasonably good compatibility with PC Engine HuCards. While this release does not support CD-ROM based software, this will be included in a future release. Sound emulation is supported. Sprite priority emulation is supported as an option for the games that need it. Also, the emulator can use Gzip compressed ROMs transparently.

Download TGEmu

TEO - 1.8.1

TEO (formerly TO8/MacOS) is a Thomson TO8 emulator for the Macintosh.

TEO/MacOS, like its partner MO5/MacOS features accurate emulation and full sound. Mouse and Light Pen emulation is included, along with support for Disk images, Tape images, Cartridges, and RAM Images. As of v1.4, the emulator is Carbonized for MacOS X.

Download TEO

SimCoupe - 0.8.2

SimCoupe/MacOS is an SAM Coupe emulator for the Macintosh.

SimCoupe emulates the original SAM Coupe 512K computer. It is also able to function as a Spectrum emulator because the hardware is very similar. Sound support is now included, using the SAA1099 core by Juergen Buchmueller and Manuel Abadia.

Download SimCoupe

SMS Plus - 1.3.1

SMS+/MacOS is a Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator for the Macintosh. The hardware for the Sega Master System and Game Gear consoles is almost identical from a technical standpoint, which means that when you emulate one, it is trivial to emulate the other. SMS Plus features accurate emulation of both systems, with full sound support. It can even use GZ compressed ROMs transparently.

Download SMS Plus

Rainbow - 1.5.6

Rainbow emulates the Atari 400/800 and the 5200 console.

Download Rainbow

Oswan - 0.7.8

Oswan is the first Wonderswan emulator for Mac OS X. While it does not support sound, it has a very high level of compatibility, with only a small number of titles that don't work.

Download Oswan

Oric - 1.7.7

Oric emulates an Oric 1 and an Oric Atmos. It supports full sound and almost perfect compatibility with a real Oric. It includes ROM files for 6 languages as well as assorted different video modes

Download Oric

O2Em - 1.1.0

O2Em/MacOS is a competent Odyssey^2 emulator for Macintosh. It runs just about all the existing software with reasonable sound support - with only one or two titles that do not run well.

Download O2Em

Nestopia - 1.3.7

Nestopia is a new NES emulator for Mac OS X. It uses cycle accurate emulation to provide the ultimate in compatibility, with support for 143 mappers and many other features.

Download Nestopia

Neopocott - 0.5.0

NeoPocott is a Neo Geo Pocket Colour emulator for the Macintosh.

While compatibility is quite limited at present, this emulator is rapidly developing, and hopefully it should run all the available software in the not too distant future.

Download Neopocott

Mugrat - 0.4.2

Mugrat emulates the Colecovision on Mac OS X.

Download Mugrat

MO5 - 2.6.2

MO5/MacOS is a Thomson MO5 emulator for the Macintosh. MO5/MacOS runs most Thomson MO5 software without problems, and with full sound. The emulator uses an AZERTY keyboard layout, just like the original machine. Light Pen emulation is also supported.

Download MO5

KiGB - 2.0.4

KiGB is the newest Gameboy/Gameboy Colour emulator for Mac, supporting excellent compatibility and full sound support. KiGB also supports the Super Gameboy.

Download KiGB

Jum52 - 0.8.9

Jum52 is an Atari 5200 emulator for MacOS.

Jum52 supports reasonable compatibility with Atari 5200 titles. At the present collision detection is a bit hit and miss (no pun intended) but otherwise the emulator is solid enough. It also includes full sound support. Jum52 is a Carbon application, and thus runs just fine under MacOS X.

Download Jum52

Handy - 0.9.6

Handy supports reasonably good compatibility with Atari Lynx ROMs. There are a few titles which don't work, but the majority seem to work pretty well. Handy also supports full sound emulation. For those into useless trivia, Handy was the first emulator on the Macintosh to support loading compressed ROM images - an idea which has since been adopted by many of the other emulators out there.

Download Handy

Genesis Plus - 1.2.9

Genesis Plus is a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the Macintosh. Genesis Plus has excellent compatibility with original software, and full sound support. Saved states, gzipped ROMs, and battery RAM are all supported.

Download Genesis Plus

Generator - 0.4.3

Generator is a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator for the Macintosh. Generator features fairly good compatibility with Genesis software. It also supports FM sound (music in most games). Generator can open ROMs compressed with Gzip without expanding them first. In addition, it can open both .SMD and .BIN formats.

Download Generator

Frodo - 4.3.9

Frodo/MacOS is an extremely robust Commodore 64 Emulator for the Macintosh. Frodo was developed to reproduce the graphics of games and demos with higher precision than the existing C64 emulators. To that end, Frodo can display raster effects correctly that only result in a flickering mess with other emulators. In addition to the precise VIC emulation, Frodo features a processor-level 1541 emulation that is able to handle about 50% of all fast loaders. There is also a faster 1541 emulation for four drives containing .D64, .X64, .T64, or .LYNX files. Sound (SID) emulation is also provided. Frodo/MacOS includes a single cycle emulator, Frodo SC, that has almost 100% compatibility at the expense of speed.

Download Frodo

BSNES - 0.1.8

BSNES has a somewhat different purpose to most emulators; it focuses on accuracy over performance. To that end, it does not include any game specific hacks, or idle-loop skipping optimizations commonly found in other emulators. To add to the fun, it uses a cycle accurate hardware emulation. The net result of all this is the highest system requirements of any emulator available for Mac; those without a G5 class machine need not apply. If you meet the requirements, however, this is the most accurate SNES emulation available on the Macintosh platform.

Download BSNES

Arnold - 1.7.7

Arnold/MacOS is an Amstrad CPC/CPC+ Emulator for the Macintosh. Arnold features emulation for the five different models of Amstrad CPC - namely the CPC464, CPC664, CPC6128, 464 Plus, and 6128 Plus. It can also emulate the KC Compact, a bootleg of the CPC. Arnold features extremely precise emulation, allowing complicated demos to run without problems.

Download Arnold

NMP3 Ripper - 0.7.0

Simply the easiest and most satisfying way to get extremely high quality mp3s in Mac OS X. Period. NMP3 Ripper uses the LAME mp3 encoding engine which to my ears and many, many others provides the best sound quality / filesize ratio available. It has freedb and id3 tag support so you don't have to type in track names and crap like that. If you're looking for a fast and easy way to create high quality mp3 rips, this is it. One mouse click to rip and entire CD. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Download NMP3 Ripper

BOINC - 5.10.4

BOINC is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteered computer resources. Many different projects can use BOINC. Projects are independent; each one operates its own servers and databases. Participants can participate in multiple projects; they control which projects they participate in, and how their resources are divided among these projects. When a project is down or has no work, the resources of its participants are divided among other projects.

Download BOINC

Message - 1.5.1

Inspired by the eponymous screen saver from BeOS, Message paints text over and over again, in a variety of colors and sizes. The original BeOS Message would only display the output of the "fortune" program, but Message for Mac OS X lets you choose any command-line tool to supply its text. You can also type any text you like (something utilitarian, like "Be back soon," or silly/artsy, like Unicode dingbats).

Download Message

Timer II - 2.1

The original Timer started as an oven timer. Often, I'd be working on a new program or surfing the web and have something in the oven. So I cobbled together Timer in my spare time in Applescript Studio. That simple timer turned out to be surprisingly popular!

As time went on, I found I wanted something to let me sleep to my iTunes playlists and then shut off iTunes. Similarly, I thought it would be nice to wake to my music. So I expanded Timer to accommodate those changes, and Timer II was born.

Download Timer II

iPhoto to JAlbum Exporter - 0.93

Features of iPhoto to JAlbum Exporter:

* ...exports one or more albums from iPhoto in a way that they can easily be processed by JAlbum
* ...preserves the album hierarchy of iPhoto
* ...preserves the album and image order of iPhoto
* ...exports captions, comments and ratings from iPhoto
* ...sets an album folder icon

iPhoto to JAlbum Exporter

CalcBMI - 1.2

CalcBMI helps you to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) from height and weight. Control your weight and maintain good health with this software!

The package contains source code; it's very simple source, so it may be useful for people studying Cocoa.

Download CalcBMI

More Trash! - 070610

More Trash! is a simple Applescript I partially wrote. I got some script code from and MacOSXHints and then added quite a few features myself.
I merged these 2 script together, and then added support for secure file deletion, and writing to a output file (named TrashData.txt in your ~/Documents folder. This file will show you the files you deleted.

Download More Trash!

Midnight - 1.0.1

When it's time to leave your Mac for a while, you want a nice quick way of putting it to sleep and a little bit of flexibility in how you do it.

Midnight can either put your Mac into its standard sleep mode or into hibernation mode (also referred to as 'safe sleep' or 'deep sleep').

In addition to choosing a particular sleep mode you can choose whether your Mac should switch to the log-in screen before going to sleep.

If your Mac doesn't support safe sleep you can still use Midnight but the hibernation option will be disabled.

Midnight is a clever little fella and can handle all this for you without ever needing to know your administrator's password.

Apple only officially supports safe sleep on the PowerBook G4 (Double-Layer SD) together with all of the new Intel books and desktops, so Midnight does just the same.

Download Midnight

Finder Browser - 1.0.3

Finder Browser is a small contextual menu plug-in for the Finder, whose sole purpose is to allow you to quickly and easily browse all of the images in a single folder. Finder Browser supports a wide range of image file formats and can even display the first page of pdf documents.

Download Finder Browser

Arcana - 1.0

Arcana will generate passwords based on a combination of dictionary words, punctuation and numbers. In order to do this Arcana uses a format specified as a set of numbers and letters separated by commas. But aren't passwords containing dictionary words easy to crack?

Not necessarily. If a sufficiently long and complex password is used then even a brute force attack would take so long to achieve that the attacker would give up before succeeding.

Arcana's goal is to use this fact to generate a password which is memorable but still strong because it contains a random assortment of words which will generally be joined by equally random numbers and punctuation.

If you find number sequences easy to remember (who doesn't?), Arcana can also be used to create a password containing only numbers. Equally, Arcana can create a password containing only dictionary words or punctuation but for most people these aren't as memorable as a combination of all three.

Download Arcana

iMailYourLink - 1.0

Haven't you ever wanted to mail yourself a link for later use? or tell a friend about a link in just a click? That's what iMailYourLink does. iMailYourLink will mail the link of the front most window in safari with your default mail application (mail, entourage, thunderbird...) to the destination of your choice. With iMailYourLink it's as simple as a click!

Download iMailYourLink

Flickr Upload Action - 1.1

This easy action allows you to upload your photographs and images directly to Flickr from OSX Automator.

Download Flickr Upload Action