ADORB - 1.5

ADORB framework provides a CORBA/IIOP implementation for Objective C. It implements native IDL to Objective C mapping - IDL types can be mapped to arbitrary Objective C classes. ADORB interprets the CORBA IDL files at run-time and dynamically creates the method invocations for the remote operations - there are no stub or skeleton files to be generated and compiled with the CORBA application.

ADORB includes IDLBrowser - a CORBA client application that allows browsing CORBA IDL definitions, connecting to a CORBA server and executing remote operations, as well as accessing and viewing the CORBA Naming Service hierarchy graphically, fetching the remote object references from the Naming Service and using those references in the remote calls, as a target or as an argument.

Key Features

* Dynamic IDL parsing. No stub or skeleton files and no IDL compiler required.
* Dynamic creating of invocations.
* Native Objective C bindings. The IDL types can be mapped to arbitrary Objective C classes.
* Supports IDL valuetypes and abstract interfaces.
* Allows callbacks from within a remote call.
* Supports GIOP 1.0, 1.1, 1.2.
* IIOP interoperability with other CORBA ORBS.

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