Jahtzee -

Jahtzee follows the same rules a regular Yahtzee and can be played by 1 to 4 players. The game maintains "Players" preferences and a history of the top 10 scores. Jahtzee features animated 3-D rolling dice, and sounds created with Apple's new "Garage Band".

Download Jahtzee Widget - 3.1

Shows latest content (with links) from butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) news, glossary, directory, electronic museum, and almanac.

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MacDust - 0.8.2

MacDust is a small cleaning application that just barely "dusts" your computer. Though small, it can free up hundreds of megabytes of space. MacDust is still in beta.

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ToolPlayer - 0.1

ToolPlayer is a little and simple music player for OSX with support for many file types, including FLAC, MP3, AAC, OGG, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, IT, MOD, XM and others. Includes numerous effects like Equalizer, Reverb, Time Stretch, Pitch Shift, Echo. Moreover, all supported files can be exported to WAV format.

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TVShows - 0.3.4

TVShows is a Mac OS X application that automatically downloads your favourite shows. You don't need anymore to manually download torrent files, TVShows does it for you. Manage your subscriptions and preferences from within the TVShows application, and TVShows takes care of the rest: a background process is automatically launched at a regular interval to check for new episodes.

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MyTunesRSS - 3.0 rc2

Create RSS feeds, M3U or XSPF playlists, play MP3 music directly in your browser with a flash music player and much more. Create multiple user accounts, give them different user rights, create download quotas and much more. Discover other MyTunesRSS servers on your local network. Use your iTunes library or simple watch folders. Upload new music to the server through the beautiful web interface. Browse your music library by album, artist or genre. All the things you ever wanted to do!

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KeyManager - 0.6

KeyManager is a utility to keep track of your passwords, logins and more. Keep information safely stored in your computer with the main password protected feature. Create types. It's free!

* Create diferent types
* Live Search field to fast search in KeyManager database
* Backup function
* Main Password to keep your data protected
* Simple and intuitive interface

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LaLL - 2.0.1

LaLL is for making a set of files and applications. You can create a set like "Business", "Programming A", and launch many apps and files at once. You can make such kind of things by AppleScript but LaLL is much easier than AppleScript. And LaLL can quit needless applications too, so you can switch the whole environment conveniently through LaLL.

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DMGConverter - 3.5

DMGConverter is a Disk Image (.dmg, .cdr, .iso) create and conversion tool which is simple and easy to use.

It is convenient for the collective processing of more than one file and every folder, and it can deal with all the fundamental processing with the drag & drop of the file/folder.

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starQuiz Reader - 3.5

With starQuiz Reader, you can distribute quizzes created with the full version of starQuiz for free! If a person has the starQuiz Reader software on their computer, they can take quizzes you send them--but not edit them. The results are stored and can be sent back for later viewing by you. starQuiz Reader is a free download. Anyone who downloads starQuiz Reader can open quizzes you send them. starQuiz Reader creates results files, but only the full version of starQuiz can open them.

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starQuiz NetClient - 3.5

starQuiz includes an exciting option: the ability to give a quiz over a network. You can set up the starQuiz software on a server computer. If you install the starQuiz NetClient software on the computers that students will be using, they can connect to the server and take the quiz. This allows you to give a quiz to your entire class at once; install the starQuiz NetClient software on all the computers in a lab and the starQuiz software on your server, and you're ready to go!

Downoad starQuiz NetClient

Danubio - 1.1

This utility helps Mac users make file or folder (as a group of files or folders) visible or invisible. Drag a file to Danubio Icon and it will become invisible. Double clic on a Danubio icon, choose a file or folder and, if it's invisible, it will become visible. That's all!

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PhotoGPSEditor - 1.5.4

PhotoGPSEditor is an easy to use meta-data editor for photo (JPEG, RAW, or Tiff) files, plus it can match data from GPS (gpx or NMEA) files. The program is freeware, however, donatations can be made to help support future development. With PhotoGPSEditor you can add location and summary details to a JPEG, RAW or Tiff files. Location information consists of latitude and longitide data, as well as town, area/region, and country. This can be added automatically by matching up photos with GPS (gpx or NMEA) file track data, manually (just type it in) or 'automatically' by placing a pointer on a map to get the latitude and longitide data. The program can then add town, area/region, and country information. This process can also be described as 'geocoding' a picture/photo.

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DenyThumbDrives - 2.1

Inspired by a Usenet posting, DenyThumbDrives helps administrators of public terminals maintain the integrity of their systems by watching for attempts to mount local volumes and immediately ejecting them.

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Repeating Motif Saver - 1.2.1

# This screensaver shows random repeating motif.
# The parameters of repeating motif are selected in a random manner. But you can control image by specfying a range of parameters.
# You can save generated repeating motifs to a file and open it with 'Repeating Motif Viewer'.

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iResizer - 1.0

iResizer is a simple resizer for images.
It allows you to resize your photos as you prefer.
The output size can be set by width or height and by long or short side, so you can resize horizontal and vertical images in one step.
You can save resized images in different formats choosing from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF, and give them a new sequential name.

Download iResizer

Repeating Motif Generator - 3.0.1


* The repeating motif graphic is made by your selections of some parameters. There is no problem if you are not good at drawing, because freehand drawing is not necessary.
* It is difficult to make the graphic you want. Please enjoy the haphazardness. But you will understand the pattern of graphic by experience. The coloring changes the feeling of graphic radically, it depends on your sense.
* You can save a fragment image that construct the repeating motif. If you set the fragment image to desktop with 'Tile' option, a seamless picture will appear on the desktop. In other words, you can create 'wallpaper'.
* You can exoprt image or fragment image not only png format but also tiff, jpeg, bmp, pdf and eps format.(tiff,jpeg,bmp,png:bitmap data, pdf,eps:vector data)
* Repeating Motif Generator can handle multi layer data from version 2.0. You can use multi layer to make more complex and beautiful image.
* Repeating Motif Generator has simple graphical user interface from version 3.0. Click 'Randomize' and 'Update image' button, and you can enjoy wide variations of repeating motif.

You can see some example and download document file at 'Gallery' in my site.

You can open a file that is created by Repeating Motif Saver.

Download Repeating Motif Generator