PDFView - 0.14.3

PDFView is a lightweight Mac OS X application to display PDF files.

What does it offers more than Preview?

* By default, the main window will open up maximized, and the zoom level will be automatically the highest possible to fit the document into your screen - so that documents will become finally readable. Especially valuable if you are using a small size screen.
* PDFView supports a powerful full screen mode, and a innovative "presentation" mode, in which nothing is displayed but your document, not even scroll bars. This mode is designed with Beamer user in mind, but not restricted to them. Apple Remote support is also planned, in the future.
* PDFView offers powerful integration with LaTeX:
o it recognizes when the file is updated on disk and offers to reload it;
o if you are using the PDFSync LaTeX package, you can switch back and forth between the document and the text editor; just Command-click on a point in the PDF to be taken to the corresponding LaTeX line in your editor (customizable in the preferences);
o again, if you are using PDFSync, you can set up your editor to jump you to the appropriate page in the PDF (please refer to this page for instructions about it).
* PDFView has a very nice magnification tool: just drag around the document to use it.
* PDFView supports a useful miniature display.

Among other features:

* PDFView lets you view your PDF the way you want: you can rotate pages, choose to display one or two pages at the same time, let it choose the best zoom level or fine-tune it.
* PDFView can be configured to reload, at startup, the document you had open when you closed it, and for each of them it remembers all the display settings you changed, and the page you were viewing.

What's new in this version:
Bug fixes

* Fixed a crash, that occurred randomly when the document was updated.
* Restored search.
* Slightly updated German translation.
* Warning: the outline status is unpredictable, after an update: it may work, it may not work, it may crash, it may be out-of-date. I'm gonna work on it for the next release.

Known bugs: This is a short list of already known bugs, on which I will start working as soon as my exams will finish. Thanks to all the people who signaled them, and please avoid reporting them again.

* PDFView keeps the file locked, even when the document is closed.
* The resizing behaviour, when toggling the drawer, will be updated in a later release.
* Support for LaTeX projects with more than one input files will be added.
* Requirement for PDFSync will be scrapped, and PDFView will move to the more modern system used by TeXShop.
* Some kind of marking will be added, when opening a specific file in a PDF from a latex source.

Download PDFView Now (File Size: 1.9M)

Firefox -

Firefox is an award winning preview of next generation browsing technology from

Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead.

What's new in this version:

* Security Update: The following list of security issues have been fixed.
* Windows Vista Support: Many enhancements and fixes for Windows Vista are included along with the following caveats.
* New Languages: Beta releases for several new languages are now available for testing.
* Permissions Bug Fixed: In the German (de) locale on Windows and Linux, resolved a problem with certain files tagged as read-only.

Download Firefox Now (File Size: 17.6M)

Warp Rogue - 0.7.4

Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike game. It features RPG-like game mechanics, recruitable NPCs, and a consistent theme.

What's new in this version:

* The ganger -> cultist crash was fixed.
* A random name option was added to the name character screen.
* Recruitable NPCs are now more individual (randomized names, perks, stat advances, and psychic powers)
* A few RCWs were rebalanced.
* Power knives are now actually knives, but much weaker.
* Rune weapons were made stronger.
* FTB: a new screen ("Blind Vision"), which makes it easier to locate important things, was added.
* FTB: position info was added to the party display.
* FTB: the cursor is no longer displayed on the map, instead his position is displayed on the message line.
* An AI bug which caused the game to freeze (100% CPU) was fixed.
* The guaranteed traders are now proper uniques.
* The stat randomizer for non-unique enemy NPCs was fixed/improved.
* There was no EP reward for killing enemies by poisoning. Fixed.
* The disease resistance toughness test is now a -20 test.
* It was possible to resist poison by passing a toughness test. Fixed.
* It is now easier to banish tougher daemons.
* AI: the AI now longer tries to banish very tough daemons.
* The trader career was modified (it is now a basic career).
* The amount of EP a character can gain throughout his live is now limited.
* FTB: a "Sonar" command was added.
* AI: the AI now longer tries to evoke Warp Strength (too tricky).

Download Warp Rogue Now (File Size: 960k)

PacketForward - 0.7.1

PacketForward is an IP packet capture and forward application based on libpcap and libnet. It is a command line tool that listens on one network interface for UDP and TCP packets and then injects them on the same or another network interface. It has options for capture filtering and changing destination address.
What's new in this version:
The makefile now uses the libpcap that is preinstalled on Mac OS X.
The distributed Mac OS X (Intel) binary is now compiled to use the libpcap that is preinstalled on Mac OS X.
Corrected minor errors in the readme file related to usage of PacketForward.
Added a script to ease usage of PacketForward.

Download PacketForward Now (File Size: 19k)

iBackup - 5.2

iBackup is a simple to use backup/restore utility for scheduled backups of your system preferences, like the dock, deskop picture, time settings, firewall, bluetooth and system applications like AddressBook, Mail, Stikies, iChat, iTunes and more.

You can edit these preferences settings and add your own.

iBackup do also backup/restore files, folders and applications.

What's new in this version:

* bug fixed: Due to restore, the folder ~/Library/Application Support/iBackup is deleted and new created. No error occurs anymore.
* improvement: Smart Folders; a smart folder adds all items that it contains automatically to the backup
* improvement: iBackup use a folder icon for backup folder
* improvement: iBackup play sound after finishing a backup or restore
* improvement: iBackup run script before it checks if a volume is mounted
* improvement: The menu settings allows to set the UNIX command that iBackup uses to copy the data
* improvement: Help is updated
* improvement: System Preferences renamed to System Settings and Application Preferences to Applications Settings
* improvement: iTunes style adopted
* improvement: If profile Restore is selected, it updates the sources automatically
* improvement: If a scheduler is set, click on the timer image in the main window opens up the settings window to modify the scheduler settings
* improvement: iBackup is able to backup to a WebDAV server if the option is selected in the Settings menu

Download iBackup Now (File Size: 5.5M)

WebGem - 1.2.4

A single application solution for sharing iPhoto libraries over the web. Key features:

* Integrated multi-threaded web server
* Integrated server log
* Easy to use interface
* Produces high quality photo previews
* Included "WebGem Browser" tool for locating local WebGem servers

What's new in this version:

* WebGem is now free
* Bug fixes and optimizations

Download WebGem Now (File Size: 2.0M)

Latency Fixer AU - 1.0.1

The plug-in reports to the host application that it has a latency (controlled by the plug-in parameters) but does not actually apply any processing to the audio signal. This causes the host to use its own latency compensation to advance the audio fed into the plug-in by the requested amount.

This is useful to compensate for e.g. routing audio via outboard effect processors, where the audio's journey out of your audio interface and back in to the computer introduces a latency into the signal. For example you may find it useful in conjunction with Logic's Helper->I/O plug-in.

For it to work, the host application must support 'plug-in delay compensation' and the feature must be turned on. Recent versions of Logic and Digital Performer support this feature, for example. (Preferences->Audio->General in Logic.)

In general applications will not respond to changes in the latency setting during playback. If you need to interactively set the latency, try setting this plug-in to a large setting and then using my Buffer Delay plug-in to experiment with different settings. Once you've found the correct values, subtract the Buffer Delay delay from the latency setting and remove the Buffer Delay plug-in.

Unfortunately Logic 6 does not respond to changes of latency at all, even when playback is stopped. As a workaround, Latency Fixer remembers its last used settings and uses them as defaults when creating a new instance of the plug-in, which is the only time Logic 6 queries the latency. Logic 7 works properly, in that it responds to latency changes in the plug-in.

What's new in this version:

first Universal Binary version

Download Latency Fixer AU Now (File Size: 72k)

RubyCalc - 1.0.2

Google can be used as a calculator really handier than the Calculator application of MacOS X.
But what if you are not connected to the Internet? Did you already need a quick, light, and free calculator able to :

* use numbers arbitrarily long (more than 10 figures...) ?
* type long expressions with parenthesis but without mistake ?
* easily mix numbers in different basis (binary, decimal, hexadecimal...) ?

RubyCalc may be what you are looking for. It supplies an application with its service, and a widget.

What's new in this version:

* Added OgreKit license file in the disk image;
* Fixed portability issue with MacOS 10.3.9;
* Fixed widget decimal separator preference not working;
* Minor interfaces tweaks.

Download RubyCalc Now (File Size: 1.2M)

PortableOSX - 0.0.1b3

PortableOSX installs a stripped down version of Mac OS X to a mobile device, such an USB2 or FireWire drive.

What's new in this version:

* Is now possible to install on devices that aren't official supported by Apple for a system installation, such disk images, USB devices on PPCs and APM partitioned drives on Intels.
* Now you can extract the system inside a folder.
* Added a check that deny to install the system on the booted partition.

Download PortableOSX Now (File Size: 748k)

IceClean - 1.6.5

IceClean is a powerful system maintenance and optimization tool using built-in Unix system tasks to help your Mac stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks:

* Periodic routine scripts
* Verify preference files
* Repair permissions
* Run periodic scripts
* Update prebindings
* Remove user and root cache files
* Update Locate & Whatis databases
* Rebuild LaunchServices

What's new in this version:

* Added a new Voice: Unix Manual (MAN)
* Added French, Italian and Polish Localization
* Few minor enhancements in Scripting and Interface

Download IceClean Now (File Size: 731k)

QT Full Screen - 1.2

QT Full Screen is an AppleScript to watch movies in full screen using Apple's QuickTime Player (without registering the QuickTime Pro version). The installer will activate the Script menu in the menu bar and install the QT Full Screen AppleScript in the folder "QuickTime Player".

What's new in this version:

Revised: Corrected file permissions

Download QT Full Screen Now (File Size: 98k)

TwitterPost - 1.3.2

TwitterPost is a simple, stand-alone interface to, one of the web's newest online communities.

TwitterPost allows you to easily post to and read from your Twitter feed -- plus a whole lot more. You'll have to try it out to see how much easier TwitterPost makes posting to your Twitter feed!

Features include:

* Simple, clean, and clear interface.
* Full Unicode support.
* Browse your main feed as well as the Public Feed.
* Quickly post to your Twitter feed without your web browser.
* Full support for clickabe links in post messages.
* Growl support for those that would like their messages via Growl Notifications.
* Unique avatar caching system that dramatically speeds up post browsing.
* Post your current iTunes track to your feed automatically.
* You can make your chat statuses your Twitter post (supports Adium, iChat, and Skype).
* You can make your Twitter posts your chat statuses (supports Adium, iChat, and Skype).
* Easy to see unread message count in Dock.
* Posts are flagged as unread to ease in browsing.
* User-selectable feed update frequency.
* Built-in version checking.
* 100% FREE!

What's new in this version:

* Worked around an issue that would sometimes cause posts to reset as unread.
* Upon quit, the TwitterPost Dock icon now loses the count badge. Not a big deal, but it bugged me. =)
* Slightly reduced the default size and control spacing of the main window. This gives an overall (slightly) smaller footprint, which is better until version 1.4 is released (it will sport a "minimal mode").

Download TwitterPost Now (File Size: 3.8M)

DockRestarter - 3.0.1

DockRestarter is a handy AppleScript that relaunches the Mac OS X Dock when it freezes.

You can use DockRestarter as a standalone application or as an AppleScript menu item.

The Script Menu Item Installer will activate the Script menu in the menu bar and install the DockRestarter AppleScript in the folder "Dock Scripts".

What's new in this version:

* Revised: Corrected file permissions (Script Menu Item Installer)

Download DockRestarter Now (File Size: 298k)

Diabetes Logbook X - 1.4.4

Diabetes Logbook X is a free, or charity donation-ware, logbook for tracking and reporting diabetes related events: blood glucose level, insulin units (for two insulins), carbohydrates consumed, medication taken, ketone tests, events and notes.

It's your data so you can export the data as a text file and import data from other diabetes sources, currently: Diabetes Logbook X export files, Logbook DM v3.3 for Palm (CSV export file), UTS Diabetes v1.3 (saved email file).

Five types of reports are available and are based on the reports we have used with our Diabetes medical team for over 2 years: detailed list, summary lists for each day period, glucose logbook, plus graphs and notes.

Supported languages are: English, French, German, and Italian.

Diabetes Logbook X is freeware, but donations to Diabetes UK,, are welcome as this will help my young son who has Type 1 diabetes. If you already donate to a diabetes charity, please don't double donate, unless you want too.

Note: To migrate from the default English language to a localised version, to ensure that the assigned Period names are re-generated into the localised language, you must:

1. export all exisiting events using the Export facility
2. delete all events
3. import the export data file

What's new in this version:

1. Updated date and time handling routines for importing from Palm OS apps Logbbook DM and UTS Diabetes: supports Palm OS data formats.
2. Improved data import flexibility: specifically for PDA database export files (tested with Palm OS apps MobileDB v4 and JFile v5 and Möötjelitt's MPC).
3. Minor bug fixes and localisation support changes.

Download Diabetes Logbook X Now (File Size: 2.1M)

Asthma Logbook X - 1.1.0

Asthma Logbook X is a free, or charity donation-ware, logbook for tracking and reporting asthma related events: peak flow level, inhaler puffs/units (for two inhalers), medication taken, breathing difficulty, general health, events and notes.

It's your data so you can export the data as a text file and re-import data, currently only from Asthma Logbook X export files.

Five types of reports are available: detailed list, summary lists for each day period, peak flow logbook, plus graphs and notes.

Asthma Logbook X is freeware, but donations to Diabetes UK,, are welcome as this will help my young son who has Type 1 diabetes.

What's new in this version:

1. Added German localisation: thank you to Christoph Schmitz.
2. Added tracking for Breathing difficulty and general state of Health.
3. Peak flow scatter graph report now has breathing and health bar-graphs.
4. Detailed report now has breathing and health data.
5. Improved data import flexibility: specifically for PDA database export files (tested with Palm OS apps MobileDB v4 and JFile v5 and Möötjelitt's MPC).
6. Added fixed event names for recording asthma attacks and exposure to triggers.
7. Fixed bug: applescript error when auto-selecting period "Night".

Download Asthma Logbook X Now (File Size: 1.0M)