Mozilla Thunderbird -

Mozilla Thunderbird is a redesign of the Mozilla mail component. Our goal is to produce a cross platform stand alone mail application using the XUL user interface language. Our intended customer is someone who uses Mozilla Firebird (or another stand alone browser) as their primary browser and wants a mail client based on mozilla that "plays nice" with the browser. In addition, by focusing solely on stand alone mail, we believe we can make some dents in the overall footprint and performance of the mail client by removing components and chrome we don't need. On top of that, the UI becomes much cleaner as a stand alone application as opposed to being part of the mozilla suite.

In addition to the feature set found in Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird has several new features and improvements to make your mail and new experience better. Highlights include:

* The ability to customize your toolbars the way you want them. Choose View / Toolbars / Customize inside any window.
* UI extensions can be added to Mozilla Thunderbird to customize your experiene with specific features and enchancements that you need. Support for extensions. Extensions allow you to add features particular to your needs such as offline mail support. A full list of available extensions can be found here.
* A new look and feel. Thunderbird also supports a large number of downloadable themes which alter the appearance of the client.
* An addressing sidebar for mail compose which makes it easy and convient to add address book contacts to emails.
* Online help includes a FAQ, tips and tricks and other useful information.
* Simplified preferences UI and menus.
* Footprint and performance improvements.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird

ZRadio Selector (QuickTime Edition) - 1.0

This program allows people to listen to some of the best music from Contemporary Christian to Hard Christian Rock! Your ears will love what they here! You can find the web based streams at

Download ZRadio Selector

iTunesFS - 1.1.3

iTunesFS allows you to mount the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file as a file system, using the excellent MacFUSE ( All playlists are exposed as directories, with their respective entries. Order of tracks within the playlists is maintained by prefixing the tracks with their playlist index.

Download iTunesFS

MemoBlock - 4.8.1

MemoBlock is a useful notepad utility for OSX. Store as many styled text notes as you require, transfer of notes to iPods, save as vNotes for mobile phones and more. Alarm reminders can be set for individual notes, and notes can be categorised as you wish. Best of all, MemoBlock is free to use!

Download MemoBlock

coconutBattery - 2.5.1

coconutBattery isn't just a tool which shows you only the current charge of your battery - it also shows you the current maximum capacity of it in relation to the original capacity your battery had as it left the factory. You also get information about the battery-loadcycles (how often did you fully load your battery), the current charger (coconutBattery even warns you if you plugged in a wrong charger for your Notebook) and last but not least information about the age of your Mac. coconutBattery gives you all these information just in time because of it's live-feedback interface! Of course you are able to save the current maximum capacity of your battery - with just one click! coconutBattery uses Apple's new and really powerful technology named "CoreData" to realize this comfortable saving option. The absolutely most requested feature has been added: coconutBattery now ships with a Dashboard Widget, which has exactly the same coconut-flavour as the real app! You have to check it out! And last but not least: coconutBattery is Universal Binary (you can run it on the upcoming Intel-Macs!) and it is completely localizable!

Download coconutBattery

Aquamacs Emacs - 1.0b

Aquamacs is a Mac-like distribution of the powerful Emacs text editor. It looks and behaves like a Mac program - even though it's still GNU Emacs with all the extensibility that millions have come to appreciate.

Emacs is a text editor of legendary power and configurability, but it also has an enormously complex interface. Aquamacs tames the Emacs tiger: you get Apple shortcuts (in addition to the Emacs ones), nice fonts, one file per window (if wanted), international input methods, Apple Help manuals and more. Aquamacs comes with a range of modes for various markup and programming languages: HTML, C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, AppleScript, Tcl, XML, R (S)... These modes have extra functions for the languages, including excellent syntax highlighting. You can even use Aquamacs to read news and e-mail, just like any Emacs.

Download Aquamacs Emacs

Greenfoot - 1.2.1

An integrated development environment that makes it easy to write games and simulations in the Java Programming Language. It comes with a broad range of demo scenarios and documentation that gets newcomers started very quickly. Greenfoot may be used to learn or teach programming, or just to put a cool game up on a website. (Yes, Greenfoot can export the game to a web page!) Originally developed for school age learners, but now used by all age groups.

Download Greenfoot

MelaDocks - 1.0

Simple container with Apple dock separators. Extract it, drag your favorite apple separator to your dock to separate group of applications.

Download MelaDocks

MacFreePOPs - 2.2

MacFreePOPs includes the binary version of FreePOPs compiled for Mac OS X (10.2 or later) and allow to use it with an pure Acqua-style user interface (in short is a GUI to FreePOPs).

FreePOPs is an extensible software that allow you to access different resources with POP3 protocol. The main use is to download e-mails from the most famous web-mail system, but it could be used as a RSS feed aggregator and for other services. This allow you to access all your messages with your preferred e-mail client.

MacFreePOPs is donation-ware: if you like this software, feel free to send a little contribution, a comment and the version you're using to the author.

Download MacFreePOPs