Carbon Copy Cloner - 3.0-b4

Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup/cloning utility for Mac OS X. This version adds many new exciting features such as synchronization, scheduled tasks, creating disk images on the fly, and creating NetBoot and Apple Software Restore-prepared image sets from fully customized installations of Mac OS X. CCC is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use backup solution available for Mac OS X.

What's new in this version:

* Support for block-level disk-to-disk clones.
* Support for backing up across the network.
* The ability to drill down into folders to select exactly what gets copied and what doesn't (you can drill down indefinitely).
* A more responsive interface and the ability to stop the clone.
* More accurate feedback during the clone.
* The ability to pick up where a previously aborted backup task left off.
* More information about your disks are available within the CCC interface.
* Advanced scheduling capabilities -- choose what days to run your backups and how frequently they should run. You can also defer a backup if it starts at an inopportune time.
* Now you can create a scheduled task that backs up your data whenever you attach a specific hard drive or iPod.

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JIKANKEI - 1.6.0

JIKANKEI is a software of Art Project. The word JIKANKEI is the Time System in Japanese. JIKANKEI does not express scientifically accurate data. It is just an Art work. Linger in the morning brightness, in the afternoon glow, and enjoy the gradually changing seasons on this globe. JIKANKEI is like fictions or poems. It is useless in this pursuit of profitable computer society. The author makes no warranties to your physical and/or mental damages.

JIKANKEI displays angles of the SUN and local times of cities and places on the Earth. Sunrise and sunset data are taken from US Naval Observatory Date Services through Internet. The latest version shows Sun directions and FUJYO JIHOU (gradually changing time) that is before Westernized Japanese Clock System. FUJYO JIHOU divides daytime to six equal periods which an angular unit to 30 degrees is measured along the celestial equator. When it is equinox one of periods is almost two hours. However It is changed by seasons, summer time is longer and winter time is shorter. The each divided points were named to the 6 directions of zodiac symbols in day time and the 6 directions of symbols in evening, such as U (rabbit, sunrise: six gongs), TATSU (dragon, about two hours form sunrise: five gongs), MI (snake, about four hours from sunrise: four gongs), and so on. JIKANKEI also shows one twelfth of daytime and one twelfth of evening time for the understanding of differences between twenty fourth even divided modern clock system.

What's new in this version:

It shows Satellite images of Google map on the full size screen of background.

Download JIKANKEI Now (File Size: 3.2M)

Blender - 2.43

Blender is the first and only fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite allowing modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, realtime interactive 3D and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility - all in one tidy, easily and free downloadable package!

this software is open-source and licensed under GPL.

sources are available from the developer site.

What's new in this version:

Release notes here:

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ClamXav - 1.0.7

Free GUI front end to the ClamAV opensource virus checker. Update the virus definitions. Point it to a file or folder and scan. Other features include logging results to a file, placing infected files into quarantine, monitoring folders for changes to their contents and a Finder Contextual Menu Item.

What's new in this version:

* Added support for ClamAV 0.90
* Fixed issue where ClamXav would ask repeatedly for the engine to be installed if the virus definition files had been deleted.
* Updates to Danish, Japanese and Taiwanese localisations.

Download ClamXav Now (File Size: 26.7M)

Psst - 2.0.7

Psst is a faceless application that lets you adjust/mute the volume of your Mac's startup chime. Double-Click "Psst!" in the Finder to adjust the volume settings.

Important: The method Psst! uses to change the volume does not work on every model! What it actually does: It simply adjusts the volume settings before shutting down and after logging in.

Download Psst Now (File Size: 466k)

SoundApp Reborn - 0.1.0

If you're an old-timer on the Mac, you might remember Norman Franke's excellent SoundApp for the old Mac OS 7-9. It played sound, plain and simple. No fuss. No skinning, no plugin architecture, no fancy G-Force visualization something thingimajig. Just playing sounds.

Now, there's iTunes and QuickTime Player, and people are pretty happy with that even though sometimes it's just that much overkill. Say you want to preview twenty wave files. Just give them a quick listen. You'll probably use iTunes, which means creating an iTunes playlist, adding the files, playing them, and when you're done, hunting down the multiple copies of the files that iTunes has now spawned on your harddrive, removing the original files, removing the iTunes duplicates, removing the playlist, searching through your Library to remove the songs from there, ... You get the point.

It's in moments like those that you dream yourself back to the good ol' days, when an app did what it did best and nothing else. The simple days!

Well, guess what. Simplicity is back.

Download SoundApp Reborn Now (File Size: 83k)

Maintenance - 1.1.0

Maintenance is a System Maintenance and Cleaning utility. It allows you to run misc tasks of system maintenance: repair permissions, run periodic scripts, reset Spotlight's Index, rebuild the LaunchServices database, delete Application, Font and System cache, check the status of the Hard disk...

What's new in this version:

* Verification of the S.M.A.R.T. Status improved and enabled at launch by default
* Verification of the start volume at launch
* Font Cache of Microsoft Office X removed
* The Logic and WaveBurner Caches are not deleted anymore while deleting the applications caches
* Error messages modified (more explicit)
* Help content improved

Download Maintenance Now (File Size: 1.5M)

Movie Time - 0.4.1

Simple yet powerful fulscreen movie player for Mac OS X with subtitles support.

Features list:

* Fullscreen playback
* Playlist, sort, shuffle, looping
* Resume unfinished playlist
* Subtitles support, custimizable encoding, frame rate
* Full control of the movie size
* Really fast forward/rewind
* Advanced volume control
* Simple, one touch, keyboard control
* Controller for mouse playback control
* Apple Remote support
* Preferences dialog for advanced control of appearance
* New version check

What's new in this version:

* Restored compatibility with 10.2
* Finnish Localization by Petri Nyyssola
* Minor localized interfaces cleanup
* Profiles for Mira (
* Profile for Sony Ericsson z520 to use as remote

Download Movie Time Now (File Size: 664k)

Do It - 2.2

Do It is a small application to manage categorized to do lists. Each to do item can be linked with a file on your computer, a URL, such as the address of a website, or a contact from your address book. The linked item can be opened directly from the Do It window. Do It items can also include notes, priorities and deadlines, which can be set as reminders in iCal. Do It is applescriptable, includes plugins for Address book, to quickly set contact reminders, and a plugin for Quicksilver to allow rapid creation of Do It items from the Quicksilver interface. You can sync your Do It lists on multiple computers using .Mac.

What's new in this version:
* Fixed bug where 'Add reminder in iCal' function wouldn't work in some countries
* Added services menu item

Download Do It Now (File Size: 469k)

Image Tool - 1.4.1

Image Tool is a utility to scale images and convert image file formats. Source images can be tiff, jpg, gif, bmp, png or pdf. Source Images can be dragged and dropped into the application's main window, or onto the application's icon. There are buttons for quick resizes, or exact sizes can be typed in. Images can be output to tiff, jpg, gif, bmp or png. Image Tool can also work directly in and out of the pasteboard, rather than with files. Image data from the pasted board (selected and copied from another application, such as Preview) can be selected as the source image. After resizing, the scaled image can be copied into the pasteboard to be pasted into another application.

What's new in this version:
* Added Traditional Chinese localization
* Added Japanese localization

Download Image Tool Now (File Size: 374k)

TrailRunner - 1.3v135

If you ever asked yourself how long your workout routes are and what route you should choose for this evening - then TrailRunner should be your training-partner.

* Geographic display of your workout area.
* Plan routes interactively.
* Collect routes.
* Route description and direction signs at crossings.
* Timed-checkpoints according to your pace.
* Rate your favorite tracks.
* Plan routes automatically with target distance and as many favorite tracks as possible.
* Export route descriptions onto your iPod as Notes-Text or NanoMap-Photos
* Collect your workout data in a Diary.
* Send to and exchange routes with friends and workout partners.
* Import GPX-Tracklists from GPS-units.

What's new in this version:
* Added a color attribute for tracks.
* Changed the formula for calculating the burned calories to better reflect the actual pace you are running/walking.

Download TrailRunner Now (File Size: 4.8M)

PacketForward - 0.7

PacketForward is an IP packet capture and forward application based on libpcap and libnet. It is a command line tool that listens on one network interface for UDP and TCP packets and then injects them on the same or another network interface changing the destination address.

NOTE: Currently, PacketForward depends on Nemesis to inject IP packets on the network. However, it is planned to use my own code in the next release.

What's new in this version:
* New code for injecting packets
* New options to hide headers and payload
* New command line options handling
* Fixed minor bugs regarding to signedness warnings when compiling
* Fixed minor bugs where wrong IP and TCP packet lengths were calculated

Download PacketForward Now (File Size: 19k)