Futility - 1.0.4

Futility: contextual menu and application for:

* Moving the data fork of a file into the resource fork, then deleting the data fork.
* Listing all resources in a resource fork by ID, type and name.
* Deleting a file's data fork.
* Deleting a file's resource fork.
* Deleting a file, folder or folder contents (i.e. without moving to the trash.)
* Displaying a file's fork sizes.

Use with extreme caution! Operations can NOT be undone by this program.

What's new in this version:
Added new functionality:

* Deleting a file's data fork.
* Deleting a file's resource fork.
* Deleting a file, folder or folder contents (i.e. without moving to the trash.)
* Displaying a file's fork sizes.

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iWebFlinger - 1.2

iWebFlinger allows an iWeb user to choose a site to upload, an ftp server to upload to, and to optionally insert a favicon and your own html code. Best of all, your ftp passwords are secured via OS X's Keychain.

Whats more, once you set up the source folder (which is the folder you publish your site to), and ftp server, the iWebFlinger daemon automatically checks for changes to the source folder. Then it finds only those files which have actually changed (not just their creation/modification times since iWeb changes them all), and uploads them.

Try the Help menu for more details.

Please let me know any problems/suggestions/comments and the situation regarding your email. iWebFlinger was created using AppleScript Studio in XCode and has only been tested on Mac OS 10.4, let me know if it works for you too.

What's new in this version:
* Fixed unloactable error.
* Daemon now runs every 10 seconds (as opposed to 5).
* Logging is now disabled.

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MacFC English - 0.8.1e

MacFC is a Japanese Nintendo NES / Famicom emulator developed by T.Aoyama. MacFC is different than other Mac NES emulators, such as RockNES and Nestopia. Here are some features that make it stand out:

* Developed specifically for Macintosh
* Runs full-speed on any Mac OS X 10.3.9+ machine
* Emulates a light gun with the mouse and cross-hairs
* Runs many hacked games that will not run in other emulators
* Very accurate Famicom Disk System if you want to play FDS games
* Plays FDS NSF files
* Family Basic keyboard emulation
* Enable/disable each sound channel, and each extended sound channel (total 13)
* Icons show whether a ROM or disk image is compressed or not (like Power64 and Nestopia Bundle Tune-up)
* ROM / FDS image info shows various technical info
* Separate software/hardware reset
* Rapid fire
* OSD options (meters, messages, etc.), each can be enabled/disabled
* Adjustable sound quality / buffer size
* High-speed disk access option (and variable speed increments) for FDS/FAM images
* Pre-amplified volume control
* User-adjustable application priority level
* Different frame skip options for each level of zoom
* Full-screen mode

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Google Reader Notifier - 0.96

Google Reader Notifier is an open source menubar plugin that will tell you if you have unread items in Google Reader pending. The icon is made so that it will fit in nicely with the official Google Notifier icons, ie. colorized icon when unread items are available. Google Reader Notifier is in no way affiliated with the fine people at Google Corp.

What's new in this version:
* Fixed a bunch of smaller issues that provoked problems for certain users, thx to all who contributed (Bjarke, Chris and more).

Download Google Reader Notifier Now (File Size: 349k)

TwitterPost - 1.3.1

TwitterPost is a simple, stand-alone interface to, one of the web's newest online communities.

TwitterPost allows you to easily post to and read from your Twitter feed -- plus a whole lot more. You'll have to try it out to see how much easier TwitterPost makes posting to your Twitter feed!

Features include:

* Simple, clean, and clear interface.
* Full Unicode support.
* Browse your main feed as well as the Public Feed.
* Quickly post to your Twitter feed without your web browser.
* Full support for clickabe links in post messages.
* Growl support for those that would like their messages via Growl Notifications.
* Unique avatar caching system that dramatically speeds up post browsing.
* Post your current iTunes track to your feed automatically.
* You can make your chat statuses your Twitter post (supports Adium, iChat, and Skype).
* You can make your Twitter posts your chat statuses (supports Adium, iChat, and Skype).
* Easy to see unread message count in Dock.
* Posts are flagged as unread to ease in browsing.
* User-selectable feed update frequency.
* Built-in version checking.
* 100% FREE!

What's new in this version:
* Fixed an application freeze-up issue some users were experiencing.

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IceClean - 1.6.4

IceClean is a powerful system maintenance and optimization tool using built-in Unix system tasks to help your Mac stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks:

* Periodic routine scripts
* Verify preference files
* Repair permissions
* Run periodic scripts
* Update prebindings
* Remove user and root cache files
* Update Locate & Whatis databases
* Rebuild LaunchServices

What's new in this version:
* Resolved a little bug causing IceClean to freeze in Old All Tasks Maintenance via Menu Item.
* Added ability to perform Spotlight Index Optimization via MenuItem, to make Spotlight going faster and well.
* Added ability to perform Update of Spotlight Index without having to rebuild it.
* Added Help Support and Documentation to Software.

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TabStop - 1.1.1

TabStop is a SIMBL plugin that displays a warning when you attempt to quit or close a window in Safari that contains multiple tabs. Very handy, if you're used to keeping dozens of tabs around and you're tired of accidentally Command-Q'ing instead of Command-W'ing.

What's new in this version:
* TabStop plays nicely with other plugins now, namely ForgetMeNot.
* Removed extraneous code that was swizzling functions that I didn't need to swizzle.

Download TabStop Now (File Size: 74k)

>cd to ... - 2.0

Fast mini application that opens a window cd'd to the front most finder window. This app is designed (including it's icon) to placed in the finder window's toolbar. It's written in Objective-C and uses apple events which makes it much faster than applescript applets that do the same thing.

What's new in this version:
* Ported to objective-c using appscript, boosting launch & execution speed
* properly resolves aliases
* no longer shows icon in dock on launch

Download >cd to ... Now (File Size: 357k)

Address Book Dates - 1.1.4

Address Book Dates quickly shows the age, astrological sign, and Chinese Zodiac for contacts in the Apple Address Book. Also, it will navigate in iCal to the contact's birthday and any other custom dates for the original year, last year, current year, or next year.

What's new in this version:
* Corrected certain cases where the Chinese Zodiac was not properly finding the Chinese New Year date
* Numerous fixes for traditional astrological sign transition dates
* Fixed bug where localizations were not properly looked up for "Go To Date" plugins
* Put back in "Go To Date This Year" plugin which was mysteriously left out last time
* Localized to French
* Localized to Spanish

Download Address Book Dates Now (File Size: 425k)

Meu LookUp - 0.23

Meu LookUp is an small simple utility for download audio , video and data file stream from internet. Meu reads all informations about streams from M3U and SDL playlists. Newest version accept standardized STAD-M3U playlists , M3U-SHORT playlists with list of url addresses and standardized SDL (Source DataList) file list , TXT linklist. This utlity is very easy to use , you just need to download any m3u or sdl playlist from internet (or share created one with friends) and insert them into application (or drop into window). Program automaticaly create "Meu Downloads" folder in your documents folder. Enjoy and use.

What's new in this version:
* Allow drop & insert TXT linklist files
* Optimized code
* Decreased application size
* Add minishare link to menu

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Freeciv - 2.0.9

Freeciv is an open source, turn-based, multi-player strategy game. For more information, see here.

What's new in this version:
This is a bugfix release that fixes several important (and not-so-important) bugs from 2.0.8. There are also significant improvements to some of the translations. See the news page for a detailed list of updates.

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g4me - 1.1.1

With this widget, you are finally able to check your emails from google apps for your domain. With the help of growl, you will also get instant notifications.

What's new in this version:
Fixed it according to new gmail changes.

Download g4me Now (File Size: 141k)

ToyViewer - 4.91

ToyViewer is an image viewer, which was developed originally on NeXTstep and then OPENSTEP. Currently it is for Mac OS X (Cocoa). ToyViewer has simple editing functions and filter services to other applications. If ToyViewer is installed in your Mac, you can see image files in PCX, PPM, Sun Raster, etc. on other Cocoa applications.

What's new in this version:
* French Localization is updated. Contribution from Mr. Bruno Lapeyre.
* Help document (Operation Manual) is updated substantially.
* You can instantly make ToyViewer the default application of JPEG, PNG, or other image formats. Click the button "Make ToyViewer the default application..." in the tab "Formats" on Preferences panel, then the panel for setting is displayed. (Only for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later)
* You can customize the contents of the pop-up menu on the image window that specifies the scaling ratio of the image. See the tab "Window Position" on Preferences panel.
* With new widget "wheel", UI of rotation panel and PDF/GIF controller is improved a bit.
* When a PDF or EPS image is rasterized by clicking the menu, the size of the bitmap image becomes the same size as the original image is displayed. Previously, the size was fixed to 100%.
* When windows of images and tool panels are displayed, "Close Window" (command-w) operation closes windows of images first.
* Rotation by 90º or 180º can be done repeatedly.
* You can put initial settings in file "~/Library/ToyViewer/rc" as well as "~/.toyviewerrc" . Setting file "~/Library/ToyViewer/rc.i386" is only for Intel Mac.
* BUG Fix: PDF files could not be saved in GIF format properly.
* BUG Fix: Clipping of an image with alpha sometimes caused clash.
* BUG Fix: The function to customize the contents of the scaling pop-up menu did not work.

Download ToyViewer Now (File Size: 2.6M)

Pref Setter - 1.2.2

Pref Setter is an application used to edit plist (Property LIST) files, geared towards viewing / editing Mac OS X's preference files. Very useful for setting those "hidden" preference settings that aren't available directly in an application. While the emphasis is on editing preferences, Pref Setter is a general plist editor.

Pref Setter makes accessing your preferences easy with the "Open Domain Quickly" window, listing your preference files and those in the /Library/Preferences domain.

Preferences are also easily searchable, with the Find panel that will search all your preference files for a term, or search individual plist files for a term with the search bar in the document windows.

Pref Setter also has comprehensive copy & paste / drag & drop support. You can paste / drag an XML string (in property list format) onto a document window to create or change a value. And now, you can paste / drag a "defaults write" string into Pref Setter and have it take care of writing that for you. No need to take a trip to the terminal!

What's new in this version:
* Fixed a bug where canceling when asked to save could cause Pref Setter to crash.
* Fixed a bug where dragging or pasting a 'defaults write...' string that has a domain that doesn't already exist would create a new file for that domain, but that file wouldn't be writable by Pref Setter.
* Fixed a bug where doing a reverse search in a plist document would actually return all items.
* Fixed a bug where removing all the text in a search in a plist document would cause the search field to stop working until you clicked on the list and then back into the search bar.

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ImageMagick - 6.3.2

ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. It can read, convert and write images in a large variety of formats. Images can be cropped, colors can be changed, various effects can be applied, images can be rotated and combined, and text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves can be added to images and stretched and rotated.

Most of the functionality of ImageMagick can be used interactively from the command line; more often, however, the features are used from programs written in the programming languages C, Ch, C++, Java, Lisp, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk, for which ready-made ImageMagick interfaces (MagickCore, MagickWand, PerlMagick, Magick++, PythonMagick, MagickWand for PHP, RMagick, TclMagick, L_Magick, and JMagick) are available. This makes it possible to modify or create images automatically and dynamically.

What's new in this version:
See for a history of recent changes.

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