MetaX - 1.9.8

MetaX is a meta-data tagger for mp4 files and their derivatives. It uses Atomic Parsley on the back-end to write the tags to your video files. MetaX automatically searches to find tags (so you'll need an internet connection). Cover art data can be retrieved from, Yahoo!, or from the video file itself.

Download MetaX

Yum - 2.2

"Yum" is a recipe collection manager for organising your own recipe collection (also includes an example recipe collection). Features include:

* Indexing by category - each recipe can belong to any number of user-defined categories.
* Several printing options (all, selected, category).
* Highly customisable page layout and text can be formatting including fonts, styles and paragraph settings. Your recipes can look just the way you want them for both printing and on screen.
* Graphics can be included (copy/paste, or drag/drop) within the recipe text.
* Recipes can be imported from MasterCook export files, other Yum files or Yum XML files, and can be exported to Yum files, XML files or plain text files.
* Email recipe(s) (uses your default email client)
* Generate Shopping list for arbitrary sets of recipes.

Download Yum

CUPS-PDF - 2.4.6

CUPS-PDF is an open-source backend module for CUPS (Mac OS X's printing system) by Volker C. Behr that, rather than printing to a device, prints straight to PDF files.

Why use this rather than a simple "Save as PDF" in the print dialog?

* Pressing return is faster.
* Batch-print through the writer to convert documents to PDF.
* Common save location for all generated PDFs.

Download CUPS-PDF

Privateer Gemini Gold - 1.02a

Many of us experienced Privateer in the early 90's, the engaging space piracy and trading game that captured us with mystery and challenges.

Some contemporary efforts tried bringing back the Privateer joy of years past, but all have been limited by the blocky 320x200 pixel art in the game. The competing Privateer Gemini Gold has just released a new Open Source Privateer to all platforms with the inflight and ground art redone at 800x600 as well as with all the familiar controls that were baked into the base scenes and immersed the player in the scenes.

Just like the original, you start poor, with an old scout class ship in a sparsely populated system in the Gemini Sector. As usual, you must try to get money through various mission assignments from which you can purchase better ships and upgrades. It's your choice how to explore Gemini and align with the various factions, earn your money as a merchant, bounty hunter, traitor or pirate. Meet Sandoval in a bar on New Detroit and talk to him to trigger the original campaign and the newer Righteous Fire expansion.

Download Privateer Gemini Gold

vMailias - 1.1.1

If you have your own domain, with a catch-all email account, you can use vMailias to quickly provide unique email addresses for your catch-all when registering with web-sites.

If you have a Gmail account, vMailias can perform the same service, using the Gmail '+' notation to generate email addresses that are directed into your main Gmail account.

Download vMailias

GetDilbert - 1.7

Feed your addiction! GetDilbert simply grabs and displays the latest Dilbert comic from

Download GetDilbert

D&D Manager - 1.3.9

D&D Manager is an application for keeping track of D&D characters, spells and their related properties including weapons, skills and feats. Also allows quick character creation and the creation of template characters. You can also run battles between the characters with special ability support, spells, including casting of summoning and ability changing spells, and one, two and multiple weapon attacks. Characters can also have one of the built in, or custom character classes and spells can also now belong to them. More information is available on the features page of my website. If you find any bugs please can you send me an email to

Download D&D Manager

Highlight - 1.3

Highlight is a tool designed with teachers and demos in mind : it helps you attracting the attention of your audience on what happens on the screen. It is designed to be as unobtrusive and simple as possible, while letting you express your communicating skills efficiently.

Download Highlight