BOINC - 5.10.3

BOINC is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteered computer resources. Many different projects can use BOINC. Projects are independent; each one operates its own servers and databases. Participants can participate in multiple projects; they control which projects they participate in, and how their resources are divided among these projects. When a project is down or has no work, the resources of its participants are divided among other projects.

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EMUlaunch - 1.4.2

EMUlaunch is a front-end application used for launching games on fifteen popular emulators on the Mac. Displays screenshot and box art for each game in a TV friendly interface. EMUlaunch looks for your roms and screenshots in a similar manner to MacMAME. It lists the roms for each of your emulators and then displays the screenshot (png or jpg) of the same name. The simple interface makes it easy to choose a game to play without having to open the desired emulator first.

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MacCaching - 0.6.0

MacCaching is a geocache manager supporting Garmin and Magallen GPS receivers. Caches can be managed into their own "Cachelist" for found, owned, and different areas. Included tools are iPod and Palm (CacheMate) Paperless Caching, Distance Calculator, and Coordinate Format converter. There are links to Google Maps and to make researching caches easier. MacCaching can be used for generic GPS usage, but it is mainly built for managing GeoCaches. It is in active development and it is free!

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LXVII - 1.1.1

LXVII is a faithful simulation, of the Hewlett-Packard HP-67 programmable scientific calculator. It has the same stack depth and number of memory registers and program steps as the original. The button layout, numeric display formats and program key-codes are also similar although the display has been expanded to 14 significant digits with a 3 digit exponent.
New features were designed with the intent that they extend existing features in a compatible manner.
New features include:

* It is document based, so multiple calculators can be active at the same time.
* It is multi-threaded so multiple programs can be running at the same time on as many CPUs as are available on the system.
* The document based architecture, along with user defined function keys, allows users to redefine LXVII's functionality so that each document is essentially a new calculator, tailored to the user's specific task.
* A paper tape panel like that found on the hp-97 desktop calculator is provided for printing out memory registers, intermediate stack values and program listings.
* A pull-out drawer can display the current values of the stack, the last-X register, the program counter, all memory locations and all program steps in memory. All values except the program steps can be edited directly within the drawer interface.
* All buttons have an assigned single-keystroke key so that the user can get to all calculator functions without the need of the mouse.
* All buttons and button labels have active tooltips specifying the button's functions and it's shortcut.

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upper cap - 3.0.0u

what is it?

upper cap is a small, elegant color effect plugin that simply caps intensity of a color channel (red, green, blue). you can control each channel individually. whenever a channel’s value exceeds the cap value, it will be re-set to the cap value.

what should i use it for?

use this plug to tweak color and / or brightness in a clip.

Download upper cap

lower cap - 3.0.0u

what is it?

lower cap is a color effect plugin that simply ensures that every channel (red, green, blue) in a pixel has a minimum value. you can control each channel individually. whenever a channel’s value is below the cap value, it will be re-set to the cap value.

what should i use it for?

use this plug to tweak color and / or brightness in a clip.

Download lower cap

MacHacha - 3.2

If you usually download movies, music or large archives from news groups, public web servers, streamload, edonkey or whatever place, this is your tool. If you'd like transportate a 5MB document in a floppy disk to your home, or fit a 400MB archive in two ZIP discs, or even move a 7GB film to a computer with a DVD burner and you only have a single CD-RW, this is your tool. If you wish share a 6MB document with your PC-friends over the internet and you can only put up online chunks of 1MB because of your ISP restrictions, this is your tool.

MacHacha will do a simple job: split archives into smaller parts and join them when requested.

Download MacHacha

Keynote Bingo - WWDC07

People have been using Steve Jobs' keynote speeches as an excuse to have good Bingo fun for years, but now you no longer have to download PDFs and print Bingo templates and whatnot - this friendly program keeps track of your Keynote Bingo for you. (Avaialble in English, Swedish, Finnish, Esperanto, Latin.)

Download Keynote Bingo

Ensemble2 - 0.5.2

* Correnspond for RSS0.9x/1.0/2.0 Atom0.3/1.0
* Correnspond for PodCast/VideoCast/PhotoCast (RSS2.0 Enclosure)
* 2-4pane changeable
* Manage feed list with tab ("box")
* Synchronize database via network (.mac/FTP)
* Custom pasteboard can copy with a optional format
* Post to sorcial bookmark service
* Smart list
* Search
* Manage history
* Tagging with entries
* Protect or mark flag on a entry
* Analyze entries
o Extract comments
o Extract track backs
o Extract entry contents
* Import/Export OPML
* Correspond for Default RSS reader
* Correspond for Growl

Download Ensemble2