Raw Photo Processor - 3.5.1

Raw Photo Processor (RPP) is a RAW converter, supporting almost all available digital RAW formats. Think of it as of a development machine in terms of film photography - first you have to develop your roll right, then do whatever you want with it. So this is NOT a full featured photo processing package, you will need Photoshop or some other tool to apply sharpness, cropping and so on, but you may use RPP for some very carefully picked amount of operations.
The main idea behind this application is to do quality conversion without blocking shadows, clipping highlights, spoiling colors and returning that natural film-like look to your pictures.

Download Raw Photo Processor

BibDesk - 1.3.4

For use with BibTeX and (la)TeX, BibDesk is a GUI front-end for managing BibTeX databases in their original .bib form. Search, organize, and cite with drag n' drop. Publish bibliographies to the web as RSS XML.

Download BibDesk

Starry Night Widget - 1.1

The Starry Night Dashboard widget shows the sky from anywhere on Earth. Set your location via zip/postal code or by lat/long and you're ready to go. Hotkeys change your view to North (n), South (s), East (e) and West (w) and preferences toggle labels, daylight, the horizon and constellations. Click the image to be taken to our more full-featured web application.

Download Starry Night Widget

Mactracker - 4.2

Mactracker provides detailed technical information on every Apple Macintosh model along with information on Motorola, PowerComputing, and UMAX clones. The database also includes Apple mice, keyboards, displays, printers, scanners, digital cameras, AirPort Base Stations, iPod, Newton, and Mac OS versions.

Download Mactracker

FastIcns - 3.0

With an innovative and easy-to-use interface, and you can create your own icons in a few steps.

* How does FastIcns work?
Pick your favourite file, folder, or image and drag it over the cube then check the preview and then double-click the cube to save as an icns file, as a resource–fork–only file or as a PNG image. Or you can drop another file holding the Command key to assign it the icon.
* Which image formats are supported?
FastIcns supports all common image formats, including transparent images and Windows icons. Just try it! ;)
* What happens if I drag in a generic file or folder?
Its icon is captured in order to proceed to icon generation. It can be useful if you want to convert icons from a format to the other.
* What's an icns file useful for?
You can provide it as an icon for a bundle. For example, Mac OS X applications use this format for their icons.
* What's an icon in a resources' fork only file useful for?
That is the kind of file you'll find for example on to distribute icons, as these files provide an immediate preview in the Finder and are easy to copy icons from. So this is the format recommended to distribute your icons too!
* I see my picture rotated in FastIcns. What can I do?
The Edit menu contains some simple editing functions to rotate or flip your image before the conversion.
* Can I assign the icon to an already existing file or folder?
Yes. Saving as a resource fork doesn't overwrite an existing file: it only changes its icon. As a shortcut you can drag the target file or folder over the cube pressing the Command key: you'll be asked to confirm changing its icon.
* Can I convert more than one file at the same time?
(NEW) Yes. Enable the batch conversion mode from the menu or with Command–B and play with it: double click on the cube to configure it and drop files to create icons.

Download FastIcns

TuneQuiz - 1.5

TuneQuiz is a small app that tests your musical knowledge using iTunes. You can select the music source for the game, including iTunes shares on your local network. Game play can be by track title, or by artist.

Download TuneQuiz

MythRemote - 0.81

MythRemote is a cocoa-based Mac OS X application, which allows you to control a MythTV frontend via a TCP/IP connection. You can control is via mouse events in the GUI, or keyboard commands which are passed through to the Myth host. The network control feature was added in MythTV 0.19, so you must be using that version, or newer, for MythRemote to work. Several new key commands were added in MythTV version 0.21, those commands will be ignored with earlier versions.

Download MythRemote

Portable Thunderbird - r3.1

Portable Thunderbird is the popular Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client packaged so you can carry around with you on any portable device, USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive, memory card, other portable device (also on your internal hard disk) as long as it has 60 MB of free space and use on any Mac OS X computer, taking your email, address book and account settings with you.

1. Drag the "Portable Thunderbird OS X" folder to your portable device, USB thumb drive, iPod, portable hard drive, memory card, other portable device (also to your internal hard disk) as long as it has 60 MB of free space.
2. Clicking "Portable Thunderbird" will open Thunderbird from your portable device, wait a while before Thunderbird start.
3. If a local copy of Thunderbird is running an alert window allow you to quit it.

Using your data
You can copy your local Profile folder to Portable Thunderbird when "Copy local Profile" window ask you. So, if you wish to use your address, mail, preferences you already have on your system, just click "Copy" when prompt, and select the folder "/Users/[username]/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/********.default/".
Thunderbird application and Profile folder are inside the bundle: Portable

Support Forum
Post questions, tips, suggestions, clues, helps, bugs to our Portable Apps OS X support forum

Download Portable Thunderbird

OpenPList - 1.0

OpenPListCM is a contextual menu for opening the property list of an application (in the default application for the property list file type.)

Download OpenPList

Fields Screen Saver - 1.1

Fields is a small force field simulator for Mac OS X in the form of a screen saver. Particles react to each creating interesting visual patterns. Lots of parameters can be set to achieve different visual results in the simulation.

Download Fields Screen Saver

JarInspector - r1.0

The JarInspector is a utility to view and edit the contents of java archive files (.jar, .war, .ear). Its integrated editor enables you to modify the Manifest, web.xml etc.. without extracting and rebuilding the entire archive. Additionally it integrates a java decompiler that generates source code from almost any .class file contained in the archive.

Download JarInspector

Pixer - 1.7

Pixer is a little application thet help you to rescale Png, Jpeg, Tiff, psd , bmp or Pict images in batch. Drag a image, a group of images or a folder of images into Pixer icon and type the size you want (for example 500 for 500 pixel): Pixel convert them to the typed size. That's all!

Hint 1: leave the insert window blank and press OK, Pixer leave the size unchanged and building the icon to all images.

Hint 2: for PNG 24bit, Pixer icon abilities preserve trasparency!

Hint 3: type H for 800pixel, M for 480pixel, L for 305pixel and T for 80pixel. If you use letters instead of numbers, Pixer insert a standard prefix and postfix in the name of image (image.jpg becomes H_image_1.jpg)

Hint 4 (new!): type percentage instead of pixel (50%, 74%, 16%)

Hint 5 (new!): type two dimensions and Pixer crops or to adds pad to image (for example, "1440x900" instead of "1440")

Download Pixer

Economix X - 2.5.0

I wrote this program to manage my bank accounts.

At the time of the writing of this application, I held with two things:

* to know the progressive balance of the account
* to define expenditure categories and then being able to enter them per month.

Download Economix X Intel
Download Economix X PPC

Volcano Kit iTunes Visualizer - 1.1

The Volcano Kit iTunes Visualizer analyzes the frequency/ amplitude information in your music as a basis to create a rich, information based visual environment. The plug in allows you to control the number, responsiveness, and color of the bands shown. The visualizer also displays info on the currently playing track at all times. Universal Binary.

Volcano Kit iTunes Visualizer

Python - 2.5.1

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or Java.Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has modules, classes, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types, and dynamic typing. There are interfaces to many system calls and libraries, as well as to various windowing systems (X11, Motif, Tk, Mac, MFC). New built-in modules are easily written in C or C++. Python is also usable as an extension language for applications that need a programmable interface.The Python implementation is portable: it runs on many brands of UNIX, on Windows, DOS, OS/2, Mac, Amiga... If your favorite system isn't listed here, it may still be supported, if there's a C compiler for it. Ask around on comp.lang.python -- or just try compiling Python yourself.

Download Python

MyPopBarrier - 2.3.8

This is a program which makes it possible for the user to remove emails directly from the server. There're a Mac PPC version and a Mac INTEL version, please watch which one you download.

Download MyPopBarrier Intel
Download MyPopBarrier PPC

Neuronyx - 2.2.5

The goal of the game is to match cards in as short a time as possible. Several levels of difficulties, possibility to create its own cards games. The matching cards can be maded of images, sounds or texts, to match in order or not. Many options of personalization. More game cards downloadable on the authors website.

Download Neuronyx Intel
Download Neuronyx PPC

Mickey's Ice Cream - 2.0.0

MickeysIceCream is a simulation of a Point-of-Sale cash register at an ice cream parlor. User is the manager who sets prices and decides when to have a sale. After all items have been entered, click on the "Total" button and tax is added. Then enter the customer's cash amount and his change is calculated. Sound is supported. Sound setting and prices are saved between sessions.

Download Mickey's Ice Cream

SizzlingKeys - 3.0.9

Ever wish you could pause iTunes without leaving your current app? Wish no more. SizzlingKeys gives you full control iTunes with hot keys you define. Hot keys are fully customizable via an intuitive Preference Pane.

SizzlingKeys doesn't stop at the basic controls. You also get a beautiful status window so you can see what's playing. Search and playlist selection are also built into the app. In short, you get full control of your music without having to bring up the iTunes window.

Download SizzlingKeys