VoteWatch - 1.1

VoteWatch is a widget for OS X Dashboard (10.4 and later), showing recent votes in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Enter your ZIP code to see how your senators and representative voted!

What's new in this version:

* New visual design by Brendan Donohoe
* Improved handling of 9-digit ZIP codes

Download VoteWatch Now (File Size: 202k)

Metronome - 1.5

Metronome is a free metronome for Mac OS X.

Most functions (start/stop, change tempo &etc) use only one key to facilitate one-handed operation.

A unique Accelerator - begin a difficult piece slowly and gradually speed up by any rate to any maximum tempo

A Tempo Finder - use any key to tap a tempo and put it into the metronome

Save favourite settings for easy re-loading

What's new in this version:

* Added an ability for the good-looking, intelligent user to donate a few dollars to yours truly via the Kagi website. If you can't part with $8, that's OK, everything will still work and nothing bad will happen (I hope).
* Cleaned up the various windows such as the Load Settings, Save Settings and Preferences windows. They now have an easier-on-the-eye design and are therefore easier to use.
* You can now save either Tempo and Bell settings, Sound settings, or Accelerator settings, or any combination of the three.
* In the Tempo Finder panel, you can use the Enter/Return keys to add the tapped tempo to the metronome.
* In the Tempo Finder, improved the accuracy of the timing of the first few taps (before ten taps are recorded).
* Added ability to halve or double the tempo. Press the 'D' key to double, the 'H' key to halve the tempo.
* Added buttons to alter the tempo by 0.1 of a bpm, up or down. This ability was present in earlier versions of Metronome, but could only be accessed by using the up and down arrow keys. Adding the buttons just makes it more obvious to the new user. (The arrow keys still do the same job.)
* Added version checking.
* Updated the Help.
* Re-designed the menus.
* Re-designed a few internal blocks of code which will make Metronome easier for me to maintain and improve.
* added a 'hidden' preference. If you want, you can log each time the Metronome clicks to check the accuracy of the timer under different CPU load conditions. In Terminal type:

defaults write org.savetheworld.Metronome "log click" -bool YES

and then in the console log you'll get a (perhaps very long) list of times up to 1000th of a second accuracy with the word 'click' at the end. To set it back, just type the same command in Terminal but give it a NO. I was surprised at the accuracy of the (standard Apple supplied) timer. Even if it stutters (almost a certainty under heavy load conditions), it corrects itself so that there is no 'drift' of time. At least that's the case on our 2003 G4 MDD 1GHz running 10.4.8 and our iBook G4 800MHz (10.4.3).

Download Metronome Now (File Size: 214k)

iChatSuite - 1.0

iChatSuite is a preference pane, and will let you do everything you want with iChat : countdowns, current track, or system informations in your status, an avatar always synched with iTunes... In fact iChatSuite is a mix of a more handy version of iChat State and a complete iChartwork !

Download iChatSuite Now (File Size: 145k)

Fire Up - 0.1

Fire is a drag 'n drop FTP upload widget. It has a nice interface and runs nicely. Just drop a file, the gate slides up, the file gets transfered, and you are done. With Fire, you can: * Upload files to FTP servers * Open the uploaded files in your bowser * Copy the files' URLs into your pasteboard * Save servers and the servers' path, password and username You can use Fire perfectly for: * Fast uploading of files to your server, because no FTP client starts up as fast as Fire does. * Replacing std uploading services like rapidshare * Using instead of IM transfers.

Download Fire Up Now (File Size: 275k)

TxtDrop - 1.0

TxtDrop's Dashboard widget allows you to send free text messages to the US and Canada, right from your desktop and receive replies to your messages at your desired email address. There is no need to know the recipients mobile carrier. Sending a free text message is fast and easy.

Download TxtDrop Now (File Size: 177k)

DiceX - 1.2b2

DiceX is a dice-roller for Mac OS X. It features optional roll-dropping, "per die" and "to total" bonus and penalty modifiers, and a log to maintain track of your previous rolls.

What's new in this version:

* Fixed a bug with bonus and penalty modifiers not "sticking."
* Updated the online help.

Download DiceX Now (File Size: 162k)

HelpbookCreator - 1.2

HelpbookCreator is an application for creating HTML-Helpbooks, which you can easily integrate in your with Xcode developed applications. It's Universal!

What's new in this version:

* Page Copy & Paste
* Bug Fixes

Download HelpbookCreator Now (File Size: 287k)

DockRestarter - 2.0

DockRestarter is a handy AppleScript that relaunches the Mac OS X Dock when it freezes.

What's new in this version:

* Added: Support for Intel Macs (Universal Binary)
* Revised: A nice icon - finally ;-)

Download DockRestarter Now (File Size: 180k)

ShowOff Widget - 1.25

A tiny widget to display how long the computer has been running since last restart. Also keeps track of the longest uptime.

What's new in this version:

* Paucal form in the Polish localization by Cezary Okupski
* Changed border to black
* Fixed incorrect version on back

Download ShowOff Widget Now (File Size: 60k)