MetaX - 2.0.6

MetaX is a meta-data tagger for mp4 files and their derivatives. It uses Atomic Parsley on the back-end to write the tags to your video files. MetaX automatically searches to find tags (so you'll need an internet connection). Cover art data can be retrieved from, Yahoo!, or from the video file itself.

Download MetaX

Startrail - 1.3

Startrail leaves a trail of shining and coloured stars behind your mouse cursor, wherever it goes.

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Taco HTML Edit - 1.7.3

Taco HTML Edit is a full-featured HTML editor and PHP editor distributed as freeware. It is designed exclusively for Mac OS X and uses many of the core technologies built into Mac OS X including image transparency (in the image map wizard), toolbars, WebKit (for live previewing), and much more.

Taco HTML Edit includes the following features:

* Live previewing of HTML and PHP documents
* Projects with multiple documents
* Customizable HTML and PHP tag coloring
* Code Clips to keep track of frequently used HTML code
* The ability to choose any browser for the preview browser
* Creating new documents with the code from an existing file
* Customizable toolbar with a show/hide option
* Find panel with multiple search options
* Wizards for inserting colors, font tags, image tags, image maps, links, lists, meta tags, and tables
* Image map wizard that is easy to use and powerful
* Advanced Tag Insert Panel with all HTML 4.01 tags and attributes.
* Supports opening and saving files in Unicode and UTF8 formats to handle non-English characters.
* Checks tag syntax and structure.
* Auto-indent.
* Spell-checking, with ability to ignore HTML tags.
* Display line numbers for documents.
* Universal binary.

Download Taco HTML Edit

Additune - v68

Founded by die hard Apple fans, Additune is the first major Mac only music recommendation app. It understands that the kind of music you want to listen to depends not only on what you like in general, but what you're in the mood for at the moment. Additune is free to use, free of ads, and will keep all your data secure.

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NightShift - 1.6

NightShift automatically downloads and updates WebKit, the Safari HTML rendering engine, to the latest nightly version. No user intervention is required, everything is fully automated.

* Downloads WebKit nightly build from web server
* Mounts the disk image
* Creates a backup archive of the original application on disk
* Copies the new nightly build to its default location
* Launches the new version of WebKit
* Option to undo latest install and revert to last version
* Option to show the change log for past week

Download NightShift

Vine Server - 2.2

Vine Server, previously released as OSXvnc, is a free, open-source VNC server from Redstone Software, Inc.

Vine Server offers a rich and unique feature set among Mac OS X VNC servers:

* Flexible port assignment for multiple VNC servers on a single computer.
* System servers that run independently of user accounts.
* Outstanding clipboard sharing; Exchange of rich text, images, files, and applications with Vine Viewer.

Download Vine Server

Motion JWii - 0.9.2

Motion JWii is a shell script command that can convert most video files into the Motion JPEG format that the Wii uses, with QuickTime Pro. These videos can then be played on the Wii Photo Channel.

Download Motion JWii

StepStats -

A smart and simple application that allows you to keep track of your sport successes. It is perfectly suitable for all sports, where you want to create stats on distance, time or speed.

Key features are:

* simple, understandable interface
* keeps track of date, distance, steps and time
* gives you stats with overall values and a nice graph with your speed
* automatic backup of your data once a week to prevent data loss or corruption
* available for MacOS X, Windows and Linux
* and best of all - It is Freeware

Download StepStats

XNJB - 1.4.9

XNJB is a Cocoa graphical user interface for Mac OS X for the Creative Nomad range of portable MP3 players. It uses libnjb and libmtp for low level communication.

Download XNJB