LXVII - 1.1.1

LXVII is a faithful simulation, of the Hewlett-Packard HP-67 programmable scientific calculator. It has the same stack depth and number of memory registers and program steps as the original. The button layout, numeric display formats and program key-codes are also similar although the display has been expanded to 14 significant digits with a 3 digit exponent.
New features were designed with the intent that they extend existing features in a compatible manner.
New features include:

* It is document based, so multiple calculators can be active at the same time.
* It is multi-threaded so multiple programs can be running at the same time on as many CPUs as are available on the system.
* The document based architecture, along with user defined function keys, allows users to redefine LXVII's functionality so that each document is essentially a new calculator, tailored to the user's specific task.
* A paper tape panel like that found on the hp-97 desktop calculator is provided for printing out memory registers, intermediate stack values and program listings.
* A pull-out drawer can display the current values of the stack, the last-X register, the program counter, all memory locations and all program steps in memory. All values except the program steps can be edited directly within the drawer interface.
* All buttons have an assigned single-keystroke key so that the user can get to all calculator functions without the need of the mouse.
* All buttons and button labels have active tooltips specifying the button's functions and it's shortcut.

Download LXVII