You Control: Tunes - 1.5

You Control: Tunes is a free utility that gives you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu bar. You don't have to stop whatever it is you may be doing, switch to iTunes, take care of business and then go back to your original app. You can now simply pull down your very own custom menu that gives you access to the iTunes controls (Next, Previous, Volume, Play/Pause, Stop) as well as displaying the current track, artist and album. You can also navigate your entire iTunes music library from this menu as well so you never leave your current application.

Download You Control: Tunes

MacProgramGuide - 0.42

Looking for a program guide for your Mac Based Home Theater, well look no further. MacProgramGuide harnesses the power of Web Services and the internet to provide program schedules, episode, cast and crew information. MacProgramGuide provides search capabilities to allow you to find out when your favorite shows or movies are on. Best of all, MacProgramGuide is Free

Download MacProgramGuide

XMLMate - 1.4.1

TextMate Plug-in: Check XML and XHTML documents for Well-Formedness and Validity while editing them in TextMate with support for DTD, W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG, Schematron, XML Catalogs, XInclude, and XPath Visualization.

Download XMLMate

Ski - 0.7.2

Ski is an S/Key (one-time pad or password) calculator, with handy features such as storing your passphrases in the system keychain and automatic calculation against challenges on the pasteboard.

Download Ski

PhotoGPSEditor - 1.5.1

PhotoGPSEditor is an easy to use meta-data editor for photo (JPEG, RAW, or Tiff) files, plus it can match data from GPS (gpx or NMEA) files. The program is freeware, however, donatations can be made to help support future development. With PhotoGPSEditor you can add location and summary details to a JPEG, RAW or Tiff files. Location information consists of latitude and longitide data, as well as town, area/region, and country. This can be added automatically by matching up photos with GPS (gpx or NMEA) file track data, manually (just type it in) or 'automatically' by placing a pointer on a map to get the latitude and longitide data. The program can then add town, area/region, and country information. This process can also be described as 'geocoding' a picture/photo.

Download PhotoGPSEditor

Mr. Tides X - 3.0R8

Mr. Tides displays tide and current information for a variety of locations around the world. It can display the day's tides, the week's tides, or the month's tides in two different ways. You select a station via the maps presented by Mr. Tides, or by searching the station list.

Download Mr. Tides X

ShakesPeer - 0.9.4

ShakesPeer is a p2p, or peer to peer file sharing program. It is a client for the Direct Connect protocol. The main goal of ShakesPeer is to create a fully featured client, compatible with DC++, that runs on Mac OS X with a native Aqua GUI. The program is released as Open Source under the GPL License.

Download ShakesPeer

Diabetes Logbook X - 1.4.5

Diabetes Logbook X is a free, or charity donation-ware, logbook for tracking and reporting diabetes related events: blood glucose level, insulin units (for two insulins), carbohydrates consumed, medication taken, ketone tests, events and notes.

It's your data so you can export the data as a text file and import data from other diabetes sources, currently: Diabetes Logbook X export files, Logbook DM v3.3 for Palm (CSV export file), UTS Diabetes v1.3 (saved email file).

Five types of reports are available and are based on the reports we have used with our Diabetes medical team for over 2 years: detailed list, summary lists for each day period, glucose logbook, plus graphs and notes.

Supported languages are: English, French, German, and Italian.

Diabetes Logbook X is freeware, but donations to Diabetes UK,, are welcome as this will help my young son who has Type 1 diabetes. If you already donate to a diabetes charity, please don't double donate, unless you want too.

Note: To migrate from the default English language to a localised version, to ensure that the assigned Period names are re-generated into the localised language, you must:

1. export all exisiting events using the Export facility
2. delete all events
3. import the export data file

Download Diabetes Logbook X

Asthma Logbook X - 1.1.1

Asthma Logbook X is a free, or charity donation-ware, logbook for tracking and reporting asthma related events: peak flow level, inhaler puffs/units (for two inhalers), medication taken, breathing difficulty, general health, events and notes.

It's your data so you can export the data as a text file and re-import data, currently only from Asthma Logbook X export files.

Five types of reports are available: detailed list, summary lists for each day period, peak flow logbook, plus graphs and notes.

Asthma Logbook X is freeware, but donations to Diabetes UK,, are welcome as this will help my young son who has Type 1 diabetes.

Download Asthma Logbook X

SWF & FLV Player -

Based on the standard Adobe Flash player for Mac OS X, SWF & FLV Player by Eltima Software offers advanced and unique features that allow you to play, rewind, fast-forward and preview SWF and FLV files frame-by-frame, and also create and manage playlists, zoom movies in and out, fit to current window size or restore to original one, set playback quality, control Flash security, check SWF file′s comprehensive information and lots more.

Download SWF & FLV Player

JES Deinterlacer - 3.1.8

Utility to deinterlace or reinterlace QuickTime movies, reinterlace, PAL<->NTSC conversion, change field dominance, inverse telecine.


* Improve static parts
* Create double frame rate movies
* simple color correction

Download JES Deinterlacer

JarInspector - r1.0RC5

The JarInspector is a utility to view and edit the contents of java archive files (.jar, .war, .ear). Its integrated editor enables you to modify the Manifest, web.xml etc.. without extracting and rebuilding the entire archive. Additionally it integrates a java decompiler that generates source code from almost any .class file contained in the archive.

Download JarInspector

PCGen - 5.11.11

PCGen is a character generator for role-playing games. It currently is aimed at supporting as many RPGs as is humanly possible. The project's current focus is on OGL games (OGL is Wizards of the Coast's Open Gaming License). PCGen runs on Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Unix/Linux using Java 1.4.

Download PCGen

MulleSight - 1.1.7

MulleSight is a tiny application for capturing pictures taken with your iSight camera (others may work as well). It features a complete AppleScript interface, so you can do all sort of stuff with it.

Download MulleSight

QuickPass - 1.1

QuickPass is a quick and easy password generator for the menubar!

Download QuickPass

Books - 3.0.1

Books is a native Cocoa application for Mac OS X that stores, sorts, and searches book collection information. Books is intended to assist book collectors with managing personal collections. All original code written for the Books project is made available under the MIT License. The PDF and J2ME plugins use libraries licensed under the Apache license and the Sun Community Source Licence.

Download Books

TypeTrainer4Mac - 2.8.2

TT4Mac is a multilingual typing tutor for Mac OS X. It is easy to use and supports a large variety of system and custom keyboard layouts. External text files (.rtf) can be connected to the application as additional exercises. Each session provides its own protocol.

Download TypeTrainer4Mac