Xbox 360 Controller driver - 0.04

This driver adds support to Mac OS X for the official Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controller. Along with all the buttons, both analog sticks, the analog triggers and the D-pad, it implements Force Feedback support using the rumble motors as well.

As the driver is open source, it is also possible to see an example of how to communicate with the driver directly, to control the LEDs as well as bypass the Force Feedback functionality for direct rumble motor control.

Third party controllers should also be supported, but these must be added manually to the driver's list of supported devices. Currently this includes the official controller and the DOA4 stick controller.

What's new in this version:

* Wireless Gaming Receiver support (source code to follow)

Download Xbox 360 Controller driver

MailFollowup Mail Plugin - 1.1

Adds a "Followup" item to the Message and contextual menus (and optional toolbar item) of Apple's Mail application that allows you to compose (and then send) a quoted version of the original message to all of the original recipients, keeping the To, Cc and Bcc addresses exactly as they appeared in the original message. Hawk Wings has a nice description of MailFollowup.

What's new in this version:

* See complete revision history here.
* NEW: Added a much-requested Followup toolbar button. The button can be added via the toolbar customization panel, either as a stand-alone Followup button, or in a Reply-Reply All-Followup-Forward group.
* NEW: Improved handling of multiple accounts.
* NEW: The plugin version and a list of all installed plugins is now printed in the Console log when Mail is launched.
* NEW: The installer now warns the user if the Mail bundle compatibility is already set to 1 (old style), and lists all currently installed plugins at the end of the installation.
* NEW: The installer now offers to back up the Mail folder and preferences to the Desktop.
* NEW: The installer has been localized in German and French.
* IMPROVED: Re-thought and changed the logic for when to cc and/or bcc the original and/or followup sender, and the overall process is faster.
* IMPROVED: Improved the handling of followups from the Sent mail folder.
* FIXED: The recipient addresses in the followup message are now the full "formatted" addresses.

Download MailFollowup Mail Plugin

NTPScape - 1.0

NTPScape is a tool for discovering, exploring, and debugging NTP time servers. It can be used to determine if any NTP servers on your local network are misconfigured.

Download NTPScape

UnicodeChecker - 1.12.1

UnicodeChecker displays detailed information for every code point from the Unicode Standard. The information includes Unicode name, UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings, XHTML entities, mapping info and a lot more.

You can browse characters by code point or find them by their Unicode name.

Several string conversion functions (IDN, XHTML, CSS, Java, etc.) are available from within UnicodeChecker, via the MacOS X "Services" menu and/or via AppleScript

What's new in this version:

* UnicodeChecker can now directly download and install the Unihan data file.
* UnicodeChecker Help includes instructions for changing keyboard shortcuts for Service menu commands.
* Improved support for Aliases in file paths.
* Fixed a bug where the saved “Unihan Tag Filter” was initially not used for filtering.
* Fixed a bug where UnicodeChecker would hang if “to custom location” was selected in the Spotlight index generation dialog.

Download UnicodeChecker

MySecureShell - 0.95

MySecureShell is a SFTP Server that can be configured by hand or in a Graphical Mode. It is very secure, simple to install, easy to manage and configure. MySecureShell is the best way to transfert securely files ! Try it ;-)

What's new in this version:

* + support ACLs

* + support sftp extension : check data

* + add tag LogFile

* + full support of remote administration

* + sftp-who: add global bandwidth used by MySecureShell

* ~ reduct necessary ressources by MySecureShell

* ~ improve transfer files and broswing directories

* ~ improve load of configuration file

* = fix bug with symlink

* = fix bug on tags PathDenyFilter, HideFiles, StayAtHome and ShowLinksAsLinks (with HideNoAccess)

* = fix bug with option --configtest

* = fix bug on tags LimitConnection, LimitConnectionByUser and LimitConnectionByIP

* = fix memory leaks while loading configuration file

Download MySecureShell

MagiCal - 1.0.7r1

MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in addition to, or instead of, the built in system menu clock. In addition to this, MagiCal features a handy drop-down calendar that can be torn off and placed anywhere on screen.

What's new in this version:

* [fix] Capital AM/PM is now supported again in the date format string (broken in 1.0.7).
* [new] Year drop-down in calendar now extends back 100 years instead of just 50.

Download MagiCal

Badia PageView - 2.0

Badia PageView is a free XTension for QuarkXPress 7 that introduces a navigation palette displaying a color thumbnail of the active spread in the document, as well as a variety of new tools for handling views. You will be able to jump quickly to a certain point in the spread with a single click of the mouse, or zoom in to any area by dragging the mouse over the thumbnail.

What's new in this version:

- QuarkXPress 7-native
- Universal Binary release

Download Badia PageView

Friendz - 1.5b

Friendz is an application for viewing your xbox live friends. At the moment it is in beta stage and needs some bugs to be worked out. If you do find any bugs please contact me at

What's new in this version:

The ability to send and recieve messages. Growl support for messages and friends.

Download Friendz

JES Video Cleaner - 1.3.1

Product Description:

* reduces general noise
* removes logo
* averages movies
* removes cross-luma
* removes bottom garbage

What's new in this version:

Minor bug fixes

Download JES Video Cleaner

iBackup - 5.2.2

Backup is a simple to use backup/restore utility for scheduled backups of your system preferences, like the dock, deskop picture, time settings, firewall, bluetooth and system applications like AddressBook, Mail, Stikies, iChat, iTunes and more.

You can edit these preferences settings and add your own.

iBackup do also backup/restore files, folders and applications.

What's new in this version:

* bug fixed: Updating from minor version don't throw errors
* bug fixed: Adding new profiles don't throw errors anymore
* bug fixed: Due to restore, the folder ~/Library/Application Support/iBackup is deleted and new created. No error occurs anymore.
* improvement: Smart Folders; a smart folder adds all items that it contains automatically to the backup
* improvement: iBackup use a folder icon for backup folder
* improvement: iBackup play sound after finishing a backup or restore
* improvement: iBackup run script before it checks if a volume is mounted
* improvement: The menu settings allows to set the UNIX command that iBackup uses to copy the data
* improvement: Help is updated
* improvement: System Preferences renamed to System Settings and Application Preferences to Applications Settings
* improvement: iTunes style adopted
* improvement: If profile Restore is selected, it updates the sources automatically
* improvement: If a scheduler is set, click on the timer image in the main window opens up the settings window to modify the scheduler settings
* improvement: iBackup is able to backup to a WebDAV server if the option is selected in the Settings menu
* improvement: simplified chinese translation

Download iBackup

River - 1.1

This utility helps Mac users to serch (and find!) torrent files. River use most important torrent portal on the web. Open River and type word to search. Drag a file or a folder to search the torrent element's name.

What's new in this version:

- Add folder support (now you can drag a folder as a file)

Download River

Pixer - 1.1

Pixer is a little application thet help you to rescale Png, Jpeg, pict and Tiff images in batch. Drag a image or a group of images into Pixer icon and type the size you want (for exemple 500 is 500 pixel): Pixel convert them to the typed size. That's all! Hint 1: leave the window blank and press OK, Pixer leave the size unchanged and building the icon to all images (icons are very cool, with progressive trasparency with PNG 24bit) Hint 2: type H for 800pixel, M for 480pixel, L for 305pixel and T for 80pixel. If you use letters instead of numbers, Pixer insert the letter as standard prefix and postfix in the name of image (image.jpg becomes H_image_1.jpg).

Download Pixer

Neuronyx - 2.2.4

The goal of the game is to match cards in as short a time as possible. Several levels of difficulties, possibility to create its own cards games. The matching cards can be maded of images, sounds or texts, to match in order or not. Many options of personalization. More game cards downloadable on the authors website.

What's new in this version:

Distributed as Donationware.

Download Neuronyx

DiceX - 1.2b3

DiceX is a dice-roller for Mac OS X. It features optional roll-dropping, "per die" and "to total" bonus and penalty modifiers, and a log to maintain track of your previous rolls. The source code is now available on my web site under the GNU General Public License, version 2.0.

What's new in this version:

* Added log-export functionality.
* First open-source release (visit my web site to download the source).
* Updated the online help.

Download DiceX

Noise Maker - 1.0

Noise Maker lets you create RGB or grayscale random noise maps, and save them to PNG file(s). Options let you control the resolutions (pixels wide x high), as well as automated generation of multiple noise files. Useful for the graphics and video industry, or for creating useful maps to use in Quartz Composer.

Download Noise Maker

Noise Industries Units - 1.0.8

A set of filters and generators that are compatible with any Core Image-enabled application on Mac OS X (e.g. Quartz Composer).

* NI 3x3 Weights
* NI Displacement Distortion
* NI Drop Shadow
* NI Red Channel
* NI Green Channel
* NI Blue Channel
* NI Join Channels
* NI Sobel Edge
* NI Threshold
* NI Threshold With Colors
* NI Flip
* NI Luma
* NI Luminance
* NI Sobel Edge v2
* NI Expand Color
* NI Noise Generator

What's new in this version:

Version 1.0.8:

* New Expand Color unit
* New Noise generator unit, to replace the buggy Perlin Noise generators of the past
* Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Download Noise Industries Units

FMenu - 2.0

FMenu is a menu extra providing customizable Growl notifications about various Facebook events, a menu to easily access common Facebook pages, and a count of your messages, pokes, events, friend requests, wall posts, and photo comments.

What's new in this version:

* Upgraded to Facebook API v.1. Consequently some menu items have disappeared, but all the submenus are back and there is now a Shares counter as well
* All counters can be put in the menubar, including shares, photo comments, and wall posts
* "f" icon can now be hidden (note that this can be dangerous, since it can make the menu nearly inaccessible)
* Interface should be more responsive as updates are performed in separate threads
* Repeated friend notifications should hopefully be eliminated
* Errors should be handled more gracefully
* Rudimentary update checking will notify you through Growl when a new version is released
* Quicklaunch now properly loses focus after return is pressed
* New messages, pokes, and shares are detected even if the number of unreads remains unchanged

Download FMenu