DockReboot - 1.0

You know the problem, when the Dock doesn't work anymore and you can not open an application? Then you are not alone with this problem! A lot of Mac-Users have to restart the Finder or the whole computer to solve this problem. Just launch DockReboot from your application folder and the tool restarts the Dock for you.

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Sony Ericsson Themes Creator - 3.1

Create themes for Sony Ericsson handsets.

What's new in this version:

* Added K810 and W880.
* Added function that lists all elements that are not set in the theme.

Download Sony Ericsson Themes Creator Now (File Size: 6.3M)

Image Disturb - 1.1c

Image Disturb is an original java graphic application. It let you apply effects to 24-bit images. The effects are geometric, convolution, and color transformations. The color transformation is the more interesting feature, it let you to apply a transformation globally, or locally by recursion, and can also be limited to geometric zone (the zone and the effect can be moduled with mathematic function, e.g gauss, square, ..). Drawing functions are available, too. It lets you paint with pencil, part of image or color effect.

What's new in this version:

now really compatible with Java 1.4

Download Image Disturb Now (File Size: 1.1M)

APOD Viewer - 2.3

"APOD Viewer" is a widget for displaying the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" from NASA's web page. Each day a new image is presented along with a description by a professional astronomer.

In addition to showing the current image "APOD Viewer" also lets you see the accompanying explanation by simply clicking the image. Furthermore it can be used to browse the archives and can show a random image.

The widget has a simple and compact user interface. It is resizable to fit any screen size and provides you with easy keyboard shortcuts for easy interaction with the widget. The image shown in the screenshot is courtesy of NASA.


* Automatically updates
* Browse the APOD archive
* Clean, simple, and compact interface
* Customizable size
* Keyboard shortcuts

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DockRestarter - 3.0

DockRestarter is a handy AppleScript that relaunches the Mac OS X Dock when it freezes.

You can use DockRestarter as a standalone application or as an AppleScript menu item.

The Script Menu Item Installer will first activate the AppleScript menu in the menu bar; after the Installation DockRestarter will be accessible in the aforementioned AppleScript menu (see folder "Dock Scripts").

What's new in this version:

* Added: Alternative installation as an AppleScript located in the Script Menu
* Revised: Minor code corrections

Download DockRestarter Now (File Size: 216k)

3-2-1 - 1.8

3-2-1 is a simple countdown timer widget for Dashboard. It displays hours, minutes & seconds, and includes a lap function and a supersize. The preferences enable custom labels, alarm sounds, and notifications for each countdown.

What's new in this version:

* Portuguese and Dutch localisations.
* Fixed a problem with large numbers of sounds.

Download 3-2-1 Now (File Size: 445k)

Rudix - 2007

Rudix for power users is a world class collection of pre-compiled and ready to use Unix compatible software (packages) which are not available from a standard installation of Mac OS X (or Darwin) and is very popular among other Unixes environments like GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. For example, software like wget, ncftp, lynx and many more command line tools. Rudix for system administrators and developers is a powerful and easy to customize mechanism to retrieve, compile and create native Mac OS X packages (.pkg files). Rudix is very similar in concept to BSD's ports system and is proud to keep this tradition of simplicity and elegance.

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