BabyaTV - 1.0

BabyaTV is a easy to use but powerful audio/video capture application that saves to QuickTime format (.mov)-which is ideal for use in iMovie, iDVD, websites or Final Cut Studio.

The outputted files can even be used on Windows PC's with QuickTime 7 or later and applications such as Babya OneVideo

Use it for capturing podcast audio, movies or even to DVD.

Other useful features include:

* Selection of record device stream format
* Setting of record device master and per-channel gain (in hardware or software)
* Enabling/disabling source channels on record device
* Assignment of audio channel labels to source channels
* Solo'ing and muting of source record channels
* Record device per-channel level metering
* Listing of preview devices
* Selection of preview device
* Selection of preview device output selection
* Selection of preview device stream format
* Setting of preview device master gain
* Hardware playthru or software real-time preview
* Selection of output format (including VBR formats, sample rate conversion, down-mixing, etc.)
* Performs real-time preview of audio and video
* Supports real-time scaling of video preview (live-resizing)
* Supports setting video preview codec quality (low, normal, high, etc.)
* Supports dynamic throttling of video preview fps

Download BabyaTV

SoundMagic Spectral - b0.3

SoundMagic Spectral is a FREE suite of experimental real-time spectral and time domain plug-ins, using the Audio Unit plug-in format.

Download SoundMagic Spectral

USB Missile Launcher NZ - 1.4.7

USB Missile Launcher NZ can be used to control a USB Missile Launcher and the DreamCheeky Rocket Launcher. perform covert operations from your desk. Fire missiles at passing colleagues. Strap a camera on top of the Launcher and record the video of your covert operations.

Download USB Missile Launcher NZ

Auto Flash - 2.0.0

Auto Flash was developed to help you learn any subject using text flash cards. Text phrases are selected (at random or sequentially) from a table in the Flash Text Maintenance Window. The Setup Window lets you set the duration of a Part A display , the period between Part A displays, the duration of a Part B display, the text color, bold/unbold, and text size. Settings are saved between sessions. Part B phrases are displayed one second after Part A phrases. Part A and Part B phrases may have up to 50 characters. Phrases and settings are saved between sessions.

Download Auto Flash

ImageJ - 1.38r

ImageJ is a public domain Java image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh. It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.1 or later virtual machine. It can display, edit, analyze, process, save and print 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images. It can read many image formats including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, FITS and "raw". It supports "stacks", a series of images that share a single window. It is multithreaded, so time-consuming operations such as image file reading can be performed in parallel with other operations. It can calculate area and pixel value statistics of user-defined selections. It can measure distances and angles. It can create density histograms and line profile plots. It supports standard image processing functions such as contrast manipulation, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection and median filtering. It does geometric transformations such as scaling, rotation and flips. Image can be zoomed up to 32:1 and down to 1:32. All analysis and processing functions are available at any magnification factor. The program supports any number of windows (images) simultaneously, limited only by available memory. Spatial calibration is available to provide real world dimensional measurements in units such as millimeters. Density or gray scale calibration is also available.

Download ImageJ

Pixel Show - 1.1b23

Quite possibly this may be the fastest path from a list of image files to a full fledged slide show! MixMax PixelShow does away with complicated setup steps and puts you back in control. Drag and drop image files from the desktop into the PixelShow organizer and hit play. It's that easy.

* Multithreaded thumbnail loading provides accelerated file import.
* Simple drag and drop interface.
* Drag & drop folders (with deep hierarchies) into the main window
* Drag & drop files and folders onto the application icon (even in the dock!)
* Sort images by name, file size, date, randomly.
* Reorganize files within the organizer with drag & drop.
* Control slide shows using mouse buttons.
* Images can be viewed individually or within a timed presentation.
* Enable transitions including fade in, fade out, and cross fade.
* View embedded image meta information (JPEG EXIF support).
* Flip, rotate images and save your changes.
* Supports all major file formate (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PhotoShop, etc.).
* Supports legacy Mac files that have an HFS file type but no file extension.

Download Pixel Show

Custom Icon Calendar - 1.4

A calendar application that allows you to add notes and place an icon on dates to remind yourself. Also it allows you set when you wish the icon to appear.

You can also customize the look of the Icon Calendar. You can add a background image, set the color of the calendar (random, use the sliders to adjust the color and Ghosting amount.Weekday, Weekend and Heading coloring) or display the day of year.

Download Custom Icon Calendar

Charlotte - 1.2

If you have used Spotlight on Mac OS X then you already know how to use Charlotte. Charlotte finds relevant content from the Web like links, articles, news stories, blog posts, images, movies, books and more. Charlotte supports both Keyword searching and Contextual searching.

When you run Charlotte you will see a new green status item (Icons at the right like Date-Time, Volume, Airport etc) in your menu bar. Click on the new status item and enter keywords to find results instantly. Click the Search Icon in the Search field to see a menu with more options like Preferences, Previous searches, Updates and to Quit the application. Select “Show All Results” in the menu to see the detailed results window.

Charlotte leverages the power of the Web Services, Internet and Mac OS X Technologies to bring you a truly unique and fun experience searching the Web. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts to display the Charlotte search window and enable auto suggest feature. With “Live Snapshots” for results and a built-in Web Browser you don’t have to switch applications to view the results. You can select from a multitude of eye-pleasing animation effects like Page Curl, Ripple, Copy Machine, Flash, Dissolve etc when switching to different category results or switching from results view to browser view and vice versa.

Download Charlotte

CalcBMI - 1.1

CalcBMI helps you to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) from height and weight. Control your weight and keep good health with this software! Package contains source code; it's very simple source so maybe it's useful for people studying Cocoa.

Download CalcBMI

ConvertEncoding -

This program allow to save a text file (.txt, .html etc.) with a different encoding, and with different end of lines. It's also possible to find/replace text.
Can work in batch process,

Download ConvertEncoding Intel
Download ConvertEncoding PPC

Subliminal Message - 5.1.0

Subliminal Message helps you explore the idea of subliminal messages.

There are three modes: Text, Picture and Both. Set the mode. Set the on-screen time (1 - 50 ms), the time between flashes (2 - 30 sec), the message font darkness/picture darkness color, bold on/off and size and let the program run in the background. Use the default messages or enter your own messages. Messages may have up to 50 characters. All settings and messages are saved between sessions.

Because of its power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed on TV in many countries.

Download Subliminal Message

Aurora - 3.3.2 r586

Aurora is a free Alarm Clock for your Mac that lets you wake up to your favorite iTunes playlist or any TV or radio channel from EyeTV. Other features include a Sleep Timer, Apple Remote support and the ability to wake your Mac from sleep or from a powered-off state. Aurora is available in English, German, French and Italian.

Download Aurora

Simple Comic - 1.2.2

Simple Comic was written for one specific task, viewing comics, nothing more nothing less.

Download Simple Comic

Delibar - 0.9

Delibar is a simple desktop client for macosx. Delibar collect all your bookmarks in the system bar, so you can access they comfortably.

Delibar offer you many of the features and a lot more, like:

* Tag and bundle catalogation
* Sorting entry by alpha or frequency
* Recent bookmarks
* Exporting in a html page
* Autoreload of bookmarks
* Proxy support and auto detection

Download Delibar

FlopCruncher Lite - 1.1

FlopCruncher Lite is a simple version of FlopCruncher, our Texas Hold'em poker odds calculator. With FlopCruncher Lite you can:

* choose specific, fully-random, or semi-random hole cards
* run the calculation with up to eight other players holding random hole cards
* select 10 thousand, 100 thousand, or one million deals per calculation

Download FlopCruncher Lite

Shiira - 2.0

Shiira is a web browser based on Web Kit and written in Cocoa. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari. All source code used in this software is publicly available.

Download Shiira