Opera - 9.2

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster, and easier way

The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.
About the Opera Browser

Already regarded as the world's fastest, most secure browser, Opera speeds up your Web browsing with these innovative features:

* Navigate quickly using intuitive mouse gestures and browser tabs
* Start from where your last browsing session ended or save your entire session
* Access downloaded files quickly with the transfer manager
* Protect against identity! theft and phishing with integrated security features
* Speak up: surf the Web hands-free using voice commands
* Shop Amazon, browse Ebay, and search the Web with Google right from the address bar
* Set reminders for Web pages you visit with the notes feature

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Correo - 0.2

Introducing Correo, a new open-source mail client for Mac OS X. Correo blends technology from two popular Mozilla projects, Camino and Thunderbird, to create a polished native Macintosh application.

The second release of the Mozilla and cocoa hybrid contains many new features and upgrades from 0.1. This release is intended to give the community a preview of the native Mac OS X features that are being implemented. Included in this release are OS X features such as Keychain and Address Book support. Other new features include initial support for attachments, single-window mode, and auto-complete text fields.

There are many planned features for the mail client, including plugin capability (to allow development of extensions such as PDA synchronization), tabbed window interface, address book support, keychain access, and various other to-be-determined features.

Download Correo

Offshoots - 1.0

Offshoots animates the wallpaper of your desktop with growing trees. The growth follows some easy-to-hack parameters. The offshoots lazily follow your mouse cursor.

* I really like my desktop wallpaper. Can I make the trees grow over it?
Yes: you can set Offshoots to use you current wallpaper as the background. Or you can choose your favorite solid color. Or a mix of the two. The default option is to make it randomly choose among one of its predefined colors.

* What if I really like the current image and I want to save it?
You can copy the image to the clipboard (Command-C or from the menu) and save it from Preview or from your editor of choice. You can also simply hold on the current image with Pause command.

* Will it hog my CPU?
It is very unlikely: the application should take a very reasonable portion of the CPU time. You can also change some parameters to further reduce the CPU load. When you're headed for some heavy computation, you can also pause Offshoots from the menu or with Command-P.

Download Offshoots

PixureSaver - 0.8.1

PixureSaver is a screensaver that shows the power of genetic algorithms to accomplish trivial tasks. In particular, PixureSaver will show an approximation of the real appearance of an image, and will gradually over time produce better and better approximations of that image. This is done via a simple genetic algorithm that involves an artificial organism called a Pixure (Pixel Creature). A pixel creature is an organism that can reproduce, can compete with its neighbors, and can display a color. Over time, Pixures compete to become better at approximating the image they're supposed to represent, so what started out as static slowly starts to look like something more interesting. The source for PixureSaver is also available at

Download PixtureSaver

AviInfo - 1.0

Get info for file avi vob mpeg mpg mov mkv ogm ogg ifo srt smi mp3 wmv

Download AviInfo

Magrathea - 0.4

Magrathea allows you to manage and present your media visually on a map. You can use Magrathea to see exactly where you took your photos and videos.

* Intuitive, Apple-inspired interface.
* Browse and view your photos and videos right in the application, or present a virtual tour of your vacation photos using the Flyby Slideshow feature.
* Browse your friends' geotagged Flickr photos on the map and view them in Magrathea.
* Add markers by just typing in the name of a point of interest or address, or by selecting an Address Book contact. You can also simply drag and drop media onto the map itself.
* Uses Yahoo Maps to provide maps and high resolution satellite imagery down to the street level in many countries.
* Integrates with iLife so you can add your photos or home videos using the built-in media browser.
* Automatically geocodes photos tagged with GPS information.
* Search markers as you type
* Allows you to group markers into categories
* View and edit information about each marker, such as its name, address, phone number, and additional comments.
* Automatic updates with Sparkle.
* ... And much more to come

Best of all, it is completely free!

Download Magrathea

Trackographer - 1.0

This Stay-Open AppleScript applet will monitor iTunes and send tag information from each playing track (including radio streams if they provide track info) to a text file. Preferences can be set to include or not include various basic tags and to create a plain text file or a tab-delimited text file which can be imported into a spreadsheet.

Download Trackographer

The Filter -

* Create interesting playlists with ease
* Autofill your iPod with fresh playlists
* Discover new music from the iTunes Store
* Get all the facts on your favourite artists

Why The Filter?

Not so long ago half your record collection would sit in the attic, gathering dust. In 2007 it is more likely to be languishing in the dark recesses of your iPod or laptop, unplayed, unloved. We always think we will get round to making great playlists and rediscover hidden gems, but lets face it, who has got the time?

Easy to use playlist creator

Simply download our free software, highlight one or two songs that typify what you want to listen to from your iTunes library and The Filter will generate a playlist for you that suits the mood you are in. It saves hours of your time and will rekindle your love of your music collection. Even the most dedicated music junkie will not be able to resist the temptation of our playlist generator.

Download The Filter

OsiriX - 2.7.5

OsiriX is an image processing software dedicated to DICOM images produced by medical equipment (MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, ...) and confocal microscopy (LSM and BioRAD-PIC format). It can also read many other file formats: TIFF (8,16, 32 bits), JPEG, PDF, AVI, MPEG and Quicktime. It is fully compliant with the DICOM standard for image comunication and image file formats. OsiriX is able to receive images transferred by DICOM communication protocol from any PACS or medical imaging modality (STORE SCP - Service Class Provider, STORE SCU - Service Class User, and Query/Retrieve) .

OsiriX has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multimodality and multidimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, for example: Cardiac-CT) and 5D Viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, for example: Cardiac-PET-CT). The 3D Viewer offers all modern rendering modes: Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP). All these modes support 4D data and are able to produce image fusion between two different series (for example: PET-CT).

Osirix is at the same time a DICOM PACS workstation for medical imaging and an image processing software for medical research (radiology and nuclear imaging), functional imaging, 3D imaging, confocal microscopy and molecular imaging.

Osirix supports a complete plug-ins architecture that allows you to expand the capabilities of OsiriX for your personal needs! This plug-in architecture gives you access to the powerfull Cocoa framework with an easy object-oriented and dynamic language: Objective-C.

Download OsiriX

MyPopBarrier -

This is a program which makes it possible for the user to remove emails directly from the server. There're a Mac PPC version and a Mac INTEL version, please watch which one you download.

Download MyPopBarrier Intel
Downoad MyPopBarrier PPC

Micon - 1.1.3U

Simple to use tool with nice brushed metal interface, sporting two FileWell components, i.e. Drag-n-Drop areas where to place target and source documents. Easy access to formerly used icons by history popup or FileWell's context menu.

Download Micron