No updates on sunday!

This sunday there will be no updates because I'll be camping and hiking (yes, there's life besides mac os x freeware *g*).
Updates will become available somewhere on monday, but not as early as usual!

Have fun!

GSMS - 0.9.4

GSMS is a Dashboard widget for sending SMS over GMX. You must have an account at GMX to be able to use it. At the moment the widget is only working for German accounts.

Download GSMS

SwissSMS - 1.5.2

SwissSMS is a Mac OS X front-end to SMS operators services.

It stores your outgoing messages and can export them too.

Currently, it has plugins for (free) and (free / subscribtion).

Download SwissSMS

ImageJ - 1.38t

ImageJ is a public domain Java image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh. It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.1 or later virtual machine. It can display, edit, analyze, process, save and print 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images. It can read many image formats including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, FITS and "raw". It supports "stacks", a series of images that share a single window. It is multithreaded, so time-consuming operations such as image file reading can be performed in parallel with other operations. It can calculate area and pixel value statistics of user-defined selections. It can measure distances and angles. It can create density histograms and line profile plots. It supports standard image processing functions such as contrast manipulation, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection and median filtering. It does geometric transformations such as scaling, rotation and flips. Image can be zoomed up to 32:1 and down to 1:32. All analysis and processing functions are available at any magnification factor. The program supports any number of windows (images) simultaneously, limited only by available memory. Spatial calibration is available to provide real world dimensional measurements in units such as millimeters. Density or gray scale calibration is also available.

Downoad ImageJ

iResizer - 1.2.1

iResizer is a simple resizer for images.
It allows you to resize your photos as you prefer.
The output size can be set by width or height and by long or short side, so you can resize horizontal and vertical images in one step.
You can save resized images in different formats choosing from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF, and give them a new sequential name.

Download iResizer

RapidoSerial - 1.1

RapidoSerial is a tool that allows you to backup information after your shopping of Mac software.

You can add serial numbers, license files and other related information to the database.

RapidoSerial organizes all your information in a secure location. You can protect the access with a password and crypt the content of the database.

It has never been so easy to manage your licenses !

RapidoSerial is Free. You can copy and distribute it. You can use it for as long a time as you want.

Download RapidoSerial

QLab - 1.2

Use QLab to create live media timelines for theatre, dance, composition, installation, and more. Play back audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace.

QLab makes it simple to build rich, sophisticated designs. While QLab can control racks of state-of-the-art equipment, you don't need high-end hardware for professional results.

The basic version of QLab is absolutely free, and comes fully loaded with dozens of sophisticated features. In fact, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars on other software just to get what QLab gives you for free. For advanced users, additional plugins and enhanced features are available.

Download QLab

LaTeXiT - 1.13.0

LaTeXiT is a small utility that allows you to quickly typeset LaTeX equations, without bothering with file creation, preambles, and so on. The PDF image obtained can then be exported by drag'n drop to any application supporting it. This is very useful to insert equations in presentations made with Keynote or Powerpoint. LaTeXiT also features an application service, so that you can type and transform equations directly in most text editors (Pages, Nisus Writer Express, TextEdit...).

Main features of LaTeXiT are :

* generated PDFs can be reopened (even with copy/paste) to be modified
* LinkBack support
* syntax colouring and auto-completion of LaTeX keywords
* smart LaTeX errors manager
* LaTeX palette
* automatic history and library management
* included application service
* several export formats (PDF, EPS, TIFF, PNG...)

Download LaTeXiT