ImageWell - 3.0.4

ImageWell is the easy way to edit, rotate, crop and resize your image and upload it to your iDisk (.mac account), FTP server or WebDAV server. No need to launch multiple applications to add text, labels, drop shadows, watermarks, and shapes. At the click of button the image is sent and a handy URL is copied to the clipboard.

* New export engine supports SFTP uploads
* Streamlined UI (no drawers anymore
* Watermark with images & new font control for text
* new sizing mode - size and crop to fit
* New Edit Window with layering control
* Transparency control
* Flip images horizontally or vertically
* Drop Shadow controls
* Localized in 12 languages

Still Free! But can be upgraded to unlock Xtra features -

* Batch resize mode
* Multiple images in the edit window
* More draw objects and line styles
* Gradient Patterns in background and objects

What's new in this version:

* File->Save As... will save to a folder in batch processing mode
* Clear menu option added to File->Open Recent
* Clear option added to History list
* Czech localization courtesy of Petr Lavička

Download ImageWell Now (File Size: 870k)

DockRestarter - 2.1

DockRestarter is a handy AppleScript that relaunches the Mac OS X Dock when it freezes.

What's new in this version:

* Revised: Minor code corrections to prevent corruption of the's preference file (in very rare cases).

Download DockRestarter Now (File Size: 191k)

Mulberry - 4.0.8

Mulberry is a high-performance, scalable, and graphically groovy internet mail client. It uses the IMAP (IMAP4rev1, IMAP4, and IMAP2bis)protocol for accessing mail messages on a server, the standard SMTP protocol for sending messages, and does lots and lots of things withMIME parts for mixed text and "attachments" of many different types of files and data. This new release features S/MIME and PGP8 support, as well as support for up to eight user-defined labels on messages.

What's new in this version:

* Add option to automatically adjust timezones to new US rules as of March 2007.
* Update built-in timezones to new rules for March 2007.

Download Mulberry Now (File Size: 18.3M)

SurfRabbit - 1.2.2

SurfRabbit is a browser add-on for Safari, Shiira, NetNewsWire, DeskBrowse and WebDesktop that will allow you to customize how web pages are displayed.

Find a page 'too busy'? Don't ever use that one column on a page of your favorite site? Content on a page is too narrow? With SurfRabbit, you can easily fix it with a click!

You can also specify custom style codes to further customize the page. Pages can be customized individually, or you can apply your customization to a whole site, a portion of a site, or only a selected group of pages.

You can also browse and download customizations created by other users, or publish your own, right from the SurfRabbit interface.

What's new in this version:

* Easier custom CSS, better preview creation: As part of the last nightly, we improved how custom CSS is added and you no longer need to worry about how to apply custom CSS codes to pages when a user style sheet is involved - this is now done automatically, and eliminates and simplifies several options in SurfRabbit.

We’ve also fixed some problems and made improvements to the preview generation, which will produce better images and avoid blank images under certain circumstances.
* OmniWeb 5.5 Support: Since the last nightly the final version of OmniWeb 5.5 has been released; while support remains the same as the last nightly (as viewer only), our test on the final version indicate that it will most probably be compatible, however the lack of debugging tools in OmniWeb has not made it possible for us to work out the current incompatibilities to make customizing with OmniWeb work - we’ll keep working on it.
* Better handling of dynamic content: Improvements have also been made on how dynamically generated content is handled, and in most cases should now be customizable. We’ve also improved how some other content is handled (such as flash and inline frames), but due to a bug in Webkit flash content may still be displayed after being customized.
* Other enhancements: This release should also fix an incompatibility with PyObjC applications that has been reported to us. We’ve also moved all of SurfRabbit’s menu items under its main menu.

Download SurfRabbit Now (File Size: 1.4M)

MDict - 6.0

* Small and minimalistic, very fast, extensible translation tool, with nice interface and history.
* Useful flexible and customizable user interface.
* Ru-En-Fr-Spanish dictionaries already included to bundle TranslateIt!+Addons. Other dictionaries can be downloaded from product page (see Dictionaries tab).
* Color formating output for translated text.
* HTML formated dictionaries support.
* Extended multimedia dictionaries format (images, wavs, movies, Flash, any documents attaches).
* Users can rename and reorder (change priority) dictionaries as they whishes.
* Speech syntheser.
* Users can add RTFD-Notes for existing articles and even create new articles as Notes for existing active dictionaries.
* Two different modes for translation history.
* Dictionary developer utilities - DictBuilder (Perl core scripts + GUI included to TranslateIt!).
* Global dictionaries support (publication to /Library/Application Support/TranslateIt!).
* Auto look-up new dictionaries (in ~/Library/Application Support/TranslateIt! and /Library/Application Support/TranslateIt!) on start-up.
* User can select needed dictionaries, using all selected dictionaries for translation at the same time (without dictionary switching).
* Topmost and transparency facilities, fast alignement control for main window.
* Drag-and-Drop operation support for words from other apps and TranslateIt! by itself (just select word and drop it to TranslateIt! window to any place excluding word to translate field).
* Translate any word from TranslateIt! by double click.
* Copy any word from article by double click on it with OPTION key.
* Fast dictionaries reordering (by mouse click to article with CMD key).
* Smart history for learning with import/export.
* Integrated game mode based on learning history.
* Printing history on double sided paper cards.
* Smart drawer behavior (like iCal).
* Customizable font size and colors.
* Registration at Services.
* Localized to Russian, English, French, Portuguese, zh_CN, zh_TW.
* Console mode - TranslateIt! works in terminal ( and remote SSH.
* Growl (visual notifications) & Sparkle (software updating) support.
* TranslateIt! Dashboard Widget (Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later required) included.

What's new in this version:

* Re-branding. MDict renamed to TranslateIt! for Macintosh.
* Splash screen (on startup).
* Warning! Be aware: /Library/MDict & ~/Library/MDict changed to /Library/Applications Support/TranslateIt! & ~/Library/Applications Support/TranslateIt! However, program supports old locations for backward compatibility. TranslateIt! uses sym-links refs for accesing to any dictionaries (and User Notes) on old locations.
* Sticky 10x feature (opening developer site after every update) was removed.
* Splash screen on/off control option added to Preferences.
* For users comfort 'Growl bridge only' version replaced by 'Growl with installer' version.
* 'Not Mac OS X style toolbar' not supported now (anachronism).
* Added links to tech-support forum (to TranslateIt!/Help menu).
* Auto selecting forum section for English/Russian speaking users.
* Widget renamed to TranslateIt!
* Some icons changes.
* New auto updating & dictionaries page links, questions & error reports emails.
* Re-branding for DictBuilder & core scripts, some core scripts improvements.
* DictBuilder help updated.
* Dictionary title shadow on/off & color support added to Notes.
* Bug fixed with 'Flirting'
* Portuguese localization added (10x to Victor Domingos (
* Decomposition (Dec/* formats) now serves only for information about incompatibility with StarDict (decomposition performed automatically when needed)

Download MDict Now (File Size: list)

SWF & FLV Player -

Based on the standard Adobe Flash player for Mac OS X, SWF & FLV Player by Eltima Software offers advanced and unique features that allow you to play, rewind, fast-forward and preview SWF and FLV files frame-by-frame, and also create and manage playlists, zoom movies in and out, fit to current window size or restore to original one, set playback quality, control Flash security, check SWF file′s comprehensive information and lots more.

What's new in this version:

* Fixed critical issue with SWF movies and their external resources loading when advancing the playlist
* Several interface fixes and playlist minor enhancements FLV behavior and conversion into images improved

Download SWF & FLV Player Now (File Size: 6.2M)

Yum - 2.1

"Yum" is a recipe collection manager for organising your own recipe collection (also includes an example recipe collection). Features include:

* Indexing by category - each recipe can belong to any number of user-defined categories.
* Several printing options with highly customisable page layout.
* Recipe page layout and text can be fully formatted including fonts, styles, paragraph settings. Your recipes can look just the way you want them for both printing and on screen.
* Graphics can be included (copy/paste, or drag/drop) within the recipe text.
* Recipes can be imported from MasterCook export files, or from other Yum files or Yum XML files, and can be exported to Yum files, to XML files or to plain text files.
* Recipe email function to email recipe(s) to friends directly from the application (uses your default email client)

NB: This version of Yum is a "universal binary" application for Mac OS X 10.4 (PPC/Intel) and above only.

A Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) compatible version is available here:
A Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar) compatible version is available here:

What's new in this version:

* Can override the automatic widths of the left/right panes (usually ingredients/method panes) using the slider control at the bottom of the recipe view. This can reduce waste of vertical page/screen space.
* Improved default layout (and sample collection layout) so that separate ingredients are clearly distinct from multi-line ingredients.
* Drag/Drop or Copy/Paste to Method changes are now reflected in View mode immediately, and will not be lost if saved immediately.
* Fixed auto-completion for some users who's preferences caused Yum to use the old method of auto-completion.
* Fixed a lock-up when importing some incorrrect XML (eg, no name or title tag)
* Fixed problem which could cause some pages to be printed blank
* Fixed 'Makes' and Ingredients in view mode to respect preference for view/print scaling

Download Yum Now (File Size: 954k)

Battle For Wesnoth - 1.2.2

This is a fantasy-focused turn-based strategy game with units carrying over and gaining experience between scenarios. Both single player campaigns and multiplayer games are supported. This game is currently being actively developed, but is already at in a highly playable state. Although cross platform in nature, great effort is being put into making the application as Mac-like as possible on this platform.

What's new in this version:

The most impressive changes are the speed improvements maxy did implement. Especially in the mp-lobby and when showing animations the game should be a whole lot faster. Savegames were cleaned up to be a little smaller. Because of this only beginning of scenario saves will work as expected, others may have problems with the recall list. Of course there were many other changes that i can not all list in here.

Download Battle For Wesnoth Now (File Size: 78.9M)

Say-iTunes - 1.0

Say-iTunes reads album, artist, song name or genre from iTunes listings using the 12 different Apple OS integrated voices at any time the song is playing. During the speech, the music is gently tuned down. Download and have fun!

Download Say-iTunes Now (File Size: 690k)

Image Disturb - 1.1

Image Disturb is an original java graphic application. It let you apply effects to 24-bit images. The effects are geometric, convolution, and color transformations. The color transformation is the more interesting feature, it let you to apply a transformation globally, or locally by recursion, and can also be limited to geometric zone (the zone and the effect can be moduled with mathematic function, e.g gauss, square, ..). Drawing functions are available, too. It lets you paint with pencil, part of image or color effect.

Download Image Disturb Now (File Size: 1.1M)

FontNuke - 1.0.9

FontNuke is a utility application for Mac OS X Tiger that removes corrupt / troublesome font cache files. I created this application as a tool for my personal use at the office, and has become very useful for me. To grant individual non-admin users the ability to remove font cache files, without my involvement--is HUGE! Not to mention intelligent application quitting, plus a GUARANTEED reboot, makes my life easier. FontNuke removes system font caches, Adobe font caches (*.lst), Microsoft Office font caches, and now also (as of version 1.0.6) QuarkXPress 6.x/7.x font cache files. Not to mention it's free.

What's new in this version:

* Added removal of additional general Adobe cache files @ ~/Library/Caches/Adobe.

Download FontNuke Now (File Size: 2.5M)

PicMark - 2.2

PicMark is a powerful tool, designed to automatically apply watermarks to big ammounts of pictures, as well as creating thumbnails of and drawing shadows behind hundreds of pictures in just a few minutes, based on the user's needs.

Equiped with a powerful and flexible watermark manager, PicMark is an essential tool for, but not limited to, photographers, graphic designers, publishers and editors.

What's new in this version:

* Added shadow-color and shadow-backcolor options.
* Douplicate items in queue are now prevented.
* Added an other naming option: Custom string+original name.
* Added Color-Adjustment action (Luminosity, Invert, Brightness & Contrast, Difference, Deviation).
* Added Border-Picture action.
* Fixed a few bugs.
* Changed a few menu-items.

Download PicMark Now (File Size: 2.1M)

SoundSource - 1.2

SoundSource is a tiny tool for OS X enabling you to switch your audio input and output sources with a single click.

What's new in this version:

* Added "Open Audio MIDI Setup" menu item
* Various minor bug fixes

Download SoundSource Now (File Size: 684k)

TabStop - 1.1.2

TabStop is a SIMBL plugin that displays a warning when you attempt to quit or close a window in Safari that contains multiple tabs. Very handy, if you're used to keeping dozens of tabs around and you're tired of accidentally Command-Q'ing instead of Command-W'ing.

What's new in this version:

* Fixed my incorrect implementation of localization... sorry about that.
* Includes Czech (cs_CZ) localization (thanks, Jakub Formanek!)
* Includes French localization (thanks, Laurent Beaurain!)

Download TabStop Now (File Size: 76k)