Yahoo! Widget Engine - 4.0.3

The Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator) is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather.

What sets Yahoo! Widget Engine apart from other scripting applications is that it takes full advantage of today's advanced graphics. This allows Widgets to blend fluidly into your desktop without the constraints of traditional window borders. Toss in some sliding and fading, and these little guys are right at home in Windows XP and Mac OS X.

The format for these Widgets is completely open and easy to learn so creating your own Widgets is an extremely easy task.

For the "skinning" crowd, Yahoo! Widget Engine is a dream come true. You can easily change the look, feel, layout, even functionality of a Widget so that it matches your lifestyle, your desktop, or the pants or skirt you have on that day.

Download Yahoo! Widget Engine

Adium X - 1.0.3

Adium is a fast and free instant messaging client which supports AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Yahoo! Japan, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, and Lotus Sametime. Adium supports beautiful WebKit message display, tabbed messaging, encrypted chat, file transfer, and more. Give it a try; you won't look back.

Adium is currently translated into Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

Download Adium X

CUPS - 1.2.11

CUPS provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It is developed and maintained by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing solution and is the standard printing system in MacOS X and most Linux distributions.

CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") as the basis for managing print jobs and queues and adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description ("PPD") based printing options to support real-world printing.

Download CUPS

EtreTask - 1.0.1

EtreTask is a small, fast, easy-to-use to-do list manager. It is designed not to get in your way. It will never have as many “features” as its competitors, but we feel that is a good thing.

EtreTask Users’ Guide:

1. Give each task a name and maybe a description.
2. If you want, associate files and URLs to tasks.
3. Check them off!

Download EtreTask

Bugzilla - 3.0

Bugzilla is the leading open-source/free software bug tracking system, with high-profile installations at (250,000 entries), Gnome, Red Hat and NASA, among others. It features a comprehensive set of fields, attachment management, inter-bug dependencies, email notification of changes, a powerful query interface, reporting, and web, xml, email and console interfaces. It can be managed entirely using a web-based UI. The user UI is customisable using templates.
Bugzilla is developing rapidly, and has a strong developer and support community in its newsgroup and IRC channel.
Bugzilla also has comprehensive documentation.
Bugzilla is a server application, you must be using your Mac OS X box as a webserver to make use of it.

Download Bugzilla

Play - 0.1.1

Play is an application for playing and managing audio files.

Play currently supports playback of FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 and various other audio file formats.

For lossless formats such as FLAC and WavPack, and for Ogg Vorbis and specially-tagged MP3 files, Play supports gapless playback allowing sample-accurate audio reproduction.

Play's powerful searching and organizational features make finding music a snap! Play's integrated browser allows you to easily locate tracks in your library grouped by artist, album, composer, or genre, while smart playlists create unlimited ways to combine your music.

Need to make changes to your audio files' metadata? No problem! Play has a powerful integrated metadata editor that allows multiple files to be edited at once, even if the files are in different formats.

Never touch your volume control again! Play supports replay gain, allowing files to play at a constant volume despite inherent differences in their loudness.

Play is integrated with the official client, so you can share your listening habits with everyone. Consider joining the Play Users group!

Play is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Download Play

R for Mac OS X - 2.5.0

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is a GNU project which is similar to the S language and environment which was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent Technologies) by John Chambers and colleagues. R can be considered as a different implementation of S. There are some important differences, but much code written for S runs unaltered under R.

R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, bioinformatics, ...) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible. The S language is often the vehicle of choice for research in statistical methodology, and R provides an Open Source route to participation in that activity.

One of R's strengths is the ease with which well-designed publication-quality plots can be produced, including mathematical symbols and formulae where needed. Great care has been taken over the defaults for the minor design choices in graphics, but the user retains full control.

R is available as Free Software under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License in source code form. It compiles and runs out of the box on a wide variety of UNIX platforms and similar systems (including FreeBSD and Linux). It also compiles and runs on Windows 9x/NT/2000 and MacOSX.

Download R for Mac OS X

Subliminal Message - 5.0.0

Subliminal Message helps you explore the idea of subliminal messages.

There are three modes: Text, Picture and Both. Set the mode. Set the on-screen time (1 - 50 ms), the time between flashes (2 - 30 sec), the message font darkness/picture darkness color, bold on/off and size and let the program run in the background. Use the default messages or enter your own messages. Messages may have up to 50 characters. All settings and messages are saved between sessions.

Because of its power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed on TV in many countries.

Download Subliminal Message

MacDust - 0.9.4

MacDust is a small and lightweight application designed to clean up your computer. MacDust performs many tasks that could easily take you another five seconds if you weren't using MacDust. The application also removes hard to get at files, and even files you forget about. The Caches folder can get rather large, so using MacDust at least once a week can save you hundreds of megabytes! The development of MacDust is a collaborative one, if you have any ideas, please feel free to send them in, they really help. Also if you have specific locations those help even more!

Download MacDust

TabStop - 1.1.7

TabStop is a SIMBL plugin, available in several different languages, that displays a warning when you attempt to quit or close a window in Safari that contains multiple tabs. Very handy, if you're used to keeping dozens of tabs around and you're tired of accidentally Command-Q'ing instead of Command-W'ing.

Download TabStop

OSXGeoCalc - 2.2

OSXGeoCalc is a Structural Geology calculator. It operates on lines and planes, strains, stresses, and drillcore data. Individual computations can be made using the calculator's interface. Multiple computations can be made using text files. Lines and planes can be visualized in a stereonet and stress and strain operations can be visualized in a Mohr diagram.

OSXGeoCalc was made for geologists, but it can be used by anyone who is interested in planes and lines, strains, stresses, and drillcore data (engineers, geotechnicians, physicists, etc.).

Download OSXGeoCalc

Lyrics - 1.1

Lyrics is a very simple piece of software that just shows the lyrics that iTunes is playing in a window. It never bothers you with needless functions. Package includes a source code so you can modify it by yourself.

Download Lyrics

Growl-net irssi script - 0.01

Growl-net is based on the growl script shipped with Growl. It adds the ability to send Growls over the net (LAN or Internet), for use with the very common ssh-screen-irssi trilogy, with very easy setup. It uses the Net::Growl perl module, so the machine running irssi doesn't have to be running on a Mac. To use over the 'net, you need to setup port forwarding on your router, and a few other things, but it's fairly straight forward.

Download Growl-net irssi script