Front Row Enabler - 1.5

Enabler let you enjoy Front Row on any Mac. It installs Front Row and unlocks the built-in support found in Mac OS X.

Download Front Row Enabler

1001 - 1.0.6

1001 is a desktop client to be used in conjunction with Flickr, the online photo-sharing website. 1001 not only uploads photos to your Flickr account, it notifies you anytime new photos from either your contacts, everyone, or your favorite tags are uploaded. 1001 allows you to step into the stream of photos passing through Flickr and to quickly see what's new at the moment. Just run the app in the background and if triggered, 1001 pops up a small unobtrusive window to notify you of new photos.

Download 1001 Widget - 1.5

The Dashboard Widget allows you to more easily keep tabs on Justin without a web browser. It displays the live stream right on your Dashboard in a resizable window. By default, the video pauses when Dashboard is hidden, but by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the back, it can be configured to play when hidden, so the audio can be heard even when Dashboard is hidden.
Try moving it to the desktop via DevMode to watch video continuously.

Download Widget

FontNuke - 1.1.0

FontNuke is a utility application for Mac OS X Tiger that removes corrupt / troublesome font cache files. I created this application as a tool for my personal use at the office, and has become very useful for me. To grant individual non-admin users the ability to remove font cache files, without my involvement--is HUGE! Not to mention intelligent application quitting, plus a GUARANTEED reboot, makes my life easier. FontNuke removes system font caches, Adobe font caches (*.lst), Microsoft Office font caches, and now also (as of version 1.0.6) QuarkXPress 6.x/7.x font cache files. Not to mention it's free. I have recently added an option which purges spotlight indexes on startup volume from /.Spotlight-V100. This has been added due to some intermittent unresponsiveness when searching network volumes for some of my MCX clients. Please use this feature with caution. See the FontNuke homepage for more details.

Download FontNuke

Sigma Chess - 6.1.4

Sigma Chess is a master strength Macintosh chess program for both OS X and Classic Mac OS. The feature set includes: Database support, PGN/EPD support, basic desktop publishing, endgame databases, novice levels, a true perspective 3D board, ExaChess compatibility and much more.

Download Sigma Chess

NovoEdit - 0.3.8

This program is designed to edit the following document types:

* .rtf
* .txt

More document types will be available in later versions of NovoEdit.

This program is a pre-release beta. Many features do not work yet.
You can support production of this application by assisting in the development of the Save, Open, and Print features.

Download NovoEdit

Deeper - 1.0.2

Deeper allows you to enable and disable the hidden functions of Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Exposé, Safari, Login window and any Apple's applications.

Download Deeper

TrailRunner - 1.3v143

If you ever asked yourself how long your workout routes are and what route you should choose for this evening - then TrailRunner should be your training-partner.

* Geographic display of your workout area.
* Plan routes interactively.
* Collect routes.
* Route description and direction signs at crossings.
* Timed-checkpoints according to your pace.
* Rate your favorite tracks.
* Plan routes automatically with target distance and as many favorite tracks as possible.
* Export route descriptions onto your iPod as Notes-Text or NanoMap-Photos
* Collect your workout data in a Diary.
* Send to and exchange routes with friends and workout partners.
* Import GPX-Tracklists from GPS-units.

Download TrailRunner

Mr. Tides 3 - Release 9

Mr. Tides displays tide and current information for a variety of locations around the world. It can display the day's tides, the week's tides, or the month's tides in two different ways. You select a station via the maps presented by Mr. Tides, or by searching the station list.

Download Mr. Tides 3

IceClean - 2.3.1

IceClean is a powerful Finder and System Maintenance and Optimization Tool using ONLY built-in System Tasks to help your Mac stay healty and to keep it running smoothly.
IceClean is now completely renewed in Scripting and Cocoa Interface for help you in faster and useful Tasks Managing of All Unix Power.

Download IceClean

Do It - 2.4

Do It is a small application to manage categorized to do lists. Each to do item can be linked with a file on your computer, a URL, such as the address of a website, or a contact from your address book. The linked item can be opened directly from the Do It window. Do It items can also include notes, priorities and deadlines, which can be set as reminders in iCal. Do It is applescriptable, includes plugins for Address book, to quickly set contact reminders, and a plugin for Quicksilver to allow rapid creation of Do It items from the Quicksilver interface. You can sync your Do It lists on multiple computers using .Mac.

Download Do It

PhotoInfoEditor - 1.2

PhotoInfoEditor is an easy to use meta-data editor for photo (JPEG. RAW or Tiff) files. The program is freeware, however, donatations can be made to help support future development.

With PhotoInfoEditor you can add location and summary details to a JPEG, RAW or Tiff files. Location information consists of latitude and longitide data, as well as town, area/region, and country. This can be added manually (just type it in) or 'automatically' by placing a pointer on a map to get the latitude and longitide data, and then allowing the program to add town, area/region, and country information. This process can also be described as 'geocoding' a picture/photo.

Download PhotoInfoEditor

XASH - 1.4

XASH is an open-source Flash help file viewer that allows you to view Flash help files without the IDE. XASH currently supports Flash MX2004 & Flash 8 help files.

Download XASH

YABI - 2.6

Import birthdays and anniversary from AddressBook to iCal, adding some features.

Download YABI

zxsp-osx -

zxsp is a simulator for the historic ZX Spectrum home computer family.

zxsp supports ".sna" and ".z80" snapshot files, ".tap" and ".tzx" tape files, excellent sound, precise screen and border effects, a virtual tape recorder, virtual keyboards and USB joysticks.

zxsp supports ZX Spectrum models with 16 kB ram, 48 kB ram, the +128, +2 and the +2A/B. If you still own one of the emulated machines and find that the simulation does not match the original, you are welcome to contact me for further improvement. Just keep the original thing ready for tests. B-)

zxsp can load, save, and dub in any direction between a virtual machine, the built-in virtual tape recorder, and a real-world tape deck or real-world machine. So you can archive your old tapes or load them back into a real machine.

zxsp comes with a debugger with register edit for the main chips, a video beam position indicator, single stepper and memory disassembly. The machine can be throttled down to 1 Hz or overdrived to 20 MHz cpu clock. You can directly load Z80 assembler sources into zxsp.

* Supports ZX Spectrum 16k through ZX Spectrum +2A
* Load .sna, .z80, .tap, .tzx, .rom, .ass and .scr files
* Save .sna, .z80, .tap, .rom and .scr files
* Excellent sound
* Precise screen and border effects
* Load from and save to real-world cassette recorder
* Virtual tape recorder and keyboards
* Joysticks
* Multiple instances
* Debugger

Download zxsp-osx