CUPS - 1.2.10

CUPS provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It is developed and maintained by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing solution and is the standard printing system in MacOS X and most Linux distributions.

CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") as the basis for managing print jobs and queues and adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description ("PPD") based printing options to support real-world printing.

Download CUPS

Simple Comic - 1.0

Simple Comic was written for one specific task, viewing comics, nothing more nothing less.

* Two page layout: Pages are by default laid out as they would be in print. Double wide images are properly handled and displayed even in two page mode. Single page viewing is of course available if so prefered.
* Alternate page ordering: Pages can be layed out either left to right or right to left.
* Multiple page scaling options: Original size, fit to window, horizontal fit to window and scale to defined height.
* Fullscreen: Comics can be displayed fullscreen.
* Archive handling: Never decompress another comic archive. Simple Comic can seamlessly deal with .cbr, .cbz, .zip and .rar files even if they are nested.
* Multiple sessions: View multiple comics at one time. Sessions are handled separately allowing each to maintain their own settings.
* Pick up where you left off: Feel free to exit Simple Comic as your sessions will be restored the next time it is opened.
* Simplicity: Does not attempt to be all things to all people. Features are not added unless they actually improve the user's experience.

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IceClean - 2.1

IceClean is a powerful Finder and System Maintenance and Optimization Tool using ONLY built-in System Tasks to help your Mac stay healty and to keep it running smoothly.

IceClean lets you execute the following tasks:

* System Maintenance Process
* System Cleanup
* Dashboard On/Off
* Three Spotlight features (Rebuild, Update, Optimize)
* Show Hidden FIles and Folders
* Finder Customization
* CD-DVD RW Quick Erase
* Force Empty Trashes and Securely Delete
* Lock your Screen

Download IceClean

VokabelTrainer - 0.7

VokabelTrainer is a little tool to help you learning words in english, german, french or whatever language you like. It supports saving and loading word lists to files which is useful for sending or transporting them to another computer. VokabelTrainer is localized in German and English, but you can use it to learn any language.

Download VokabelTrainer

UNO - 1.5

UNO derives from the Latin word for one.

UNO is the root of Unity.

UNO is a theme that brings the sunken unified toolbar / titlebar look & feel to every single window on your system (metal or aqua, and already unified windows as well).

On an higher level, UNO's main goal is to enhance aqua interface consistence, by making all elements look and feel as one.

UNO is aimed to those who want a clean and un-osbstructive interface while keeping the best of Aqua.The unity level proposed by UNO does not compromises overall GUI contrast: UNO and UNO shade can be mixed up in order to achieve that usability goal.

UNO also fixes some Blue/Graphite appearance inconsistencies.

Please check GUI section for screenshots, FAQs and more info.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Bug reporting as well... Please drop a line here.

Download UNO

Xcode Toolbox - 0.3

Xcode Toolbox prints out customizable accessor/mutator (get/set) methods for the variables of an Objective-C object. You can drag & drop entire projects, or individual header files, or even type the declarations. Accessors and mutators may be completely customized in the variable/method editor window, as well as defaults for various variable types.

Download Xcode Toolbox

CocoThumbX - 3.0.1

CocoThumbX is a freeware thumbnail creator for Mac OS X.

It is capable of creating and removing thumbnails from the common image file formats as BMP, TIFF, TARGA, GIF (animated), PNG, JPG, PICT, PDF, EPS, ICNS, JP2, SGI ... text files such as DOC, RTF, RTFD, HTML, CSS, TXT and QuickTime supported Movies.

CocoThumbX creates a thumbnail from your image and add the thumbnail as icon to your image file.

Download CocoThumbX

Xtoolchain - 1.1

This project provides a complete binary distribution package for the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) version 2.95.3 to start embedded Linux and ARM development on the Mac OS X platform, e.g. for the Sharp Zaurus. It includes gcc, g++, gcc-objc, the binutils and Qt headers. Newer gcc versions (e.g. gcc 4.1 for Linux 2.6 and EABI) are planned to come.

The compiler core is built using Lucid-Cake'sdescription.


* gcc [2.95.3] cross compiler for ARM-Linux as used on Sharp Zaurus supporting C, C++, Objective-C
* binutils [2.13.1]
* glibc [2.2.2] including libobjc
* Linux kernel headers [2.4.6]
* Complete binary distribution
* User mode installation (i.e., no root password required) to /Developers/Xtoolchain

Download Xtoolchain

GLoarbLine Client/Server - 1.9.6

GLoarbLine is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code. GLoarbLine's underlying architecture follows the original Hotline protocol. As such, it functions just like a regular Hotline client and server; and all original, or third party, clients which follow the Hotline protocol, should be able to easily connect to a GLoarbLine server.

While the GLoarbLine client and server are similar to the original Hotline software, the GLoarbLine suite enjoys a unique feature set which you will not find in the older Hotline, Openline and Underline releases.

Download GLoarbLine Client
Download GLoarbLine Server