MagiCal - 1.1a8

MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in conjunction with, or instead of the built in system menu clock. In addition to this, MagiCal features a handy drop-down calendar that can be torn off and placed anywhere on screen.

Download MagiCal

EffectClass - 1.0

REALbasic class used for scrolling text and/or logo that is seen in certain movies and games.
Customizable to fit your needs.

Download EffectClass

Subliminal Message - 4.6.1

Subliminal Message helps you explore the idea of subliminal messages.

There are three modes: Text, Picture and Both. Set the mode. Set the on-screen time (1 - 50 ms), the time between flashes (2 - 30 sec), the message font darkness/picture darkness color, bold on/off and size and let the program run in the background. Use the default messages or enter your own messages. Messages may have up to 50 characters. All settings and messages are saved between sessions.

Because of its power and influence at the subliminal level, this effect is not allowed on TV in many countries.

Download Subliminal Message

Amnesty Generator - 1.2

Easily convert millions of web widgets, games and videos - designed to live on home pages, blogs or MySpace - into widgets for your Dashboard. If you like widgets on the web, you'll love them on your Dashboard.

Copy and paste the HTML code for a web widget directly into Amnesty Generator and generate a new Dashboard widget with the click of a button.

You can try out your new widgets right away by installing them into your Dashboard automatically from inside Amnesty Generator.

Download Amnesty Generator

JES Deinterlacer - 3.1.9

Utility to deinterlace or reinterlace QuickTime movies, reinterlace, PAL<->NTSC conversion, change field dominance, inverse telecine.


* Improve static parts
* Create double frame rate movies
* simple color correction

Download JES Deinterlacer

Bluetooth Remote Control - 3.02

Through the Bluetooth Specification, Human Interface Device (HID) Profile v1.0, a mobile phone can act as a HID device. When connected to a computer, the mobile phone acts like a combined keyboard and mouse. By assigning a combination of computer keyboard key presses to keys on the mobile phone keypad, the mobile phone can be used as a remote control device for computer applications.

The mobile phone keypad is configured for control of a computer application through a HID configuration file. This is a TAR file containing two other files: one XML file for the keypad key assignments and one image file containing the image to be shown on the phone screen. The image can, for example, display what functions are assigned to each key on the mobile phone keypad.

HID configuration files can be downloaded to the mobile phone using standard file transfer mechanisms. Users can modify configuration files using a computer. A few configuration files are pre-loaded in the mobile phone, for example, configurations that allow the user to navigate on a computer desktop or control presentations and media players.

Download Bluetooth Remote Control

Mail Unread Menu - 2.3

Mail Unread Menu is a simple menu bar application which can provide you with a quick and easy way to see how many unread email messages are in Apple's Mail. Unlike other menu bar notification applications, Mail Unread Menu is actually a plugin for, which means that the count is instantaneously updated whenever you receive new email or change the status of a message.

Download Mail Unread Menu

MacDust - 0.8.6

MacDust is a small cleaning application that just barely "dusts" your computer. Though small, it can free up hundreds of megabytes of space. MacDust is still in beta. MacDust is getting better all the time, if you have any ideas, or FireFox Cache Locations don't be afraid to email me!

Download MacDust

Iconverter - 0.9

Written originally as a developer tool to create ICNS files from anything dropped on it, now it has evolved to support icns, gif, jpg, png, tiff and ico exporting/importing--and batch conversion. Supports drag and drop through finder and main window. You get to chose the output directory. You can also set background color for file types which do not support transparency. Exported files have custom icon that reflects their contents. Please note that I don't have much time to devote to this project and am only updating it as a universal binary because of numerous requests to do so! Feel free to email me, but don't be offended if I don't get back to you quickly. Not tested on intel machine by myself as I do not have one.

Downoad Iconverter

MyTunesRSS - 3.0 rc3

Create RSS feeds, M3U or XSPF playlists, play MP3 music directly in your browser with a flash music player and much more. Create multiple user accounts, give them different user rights, create download quotas and much more. Discover other MyTunesRSS servers on your local network. Use your iTunes library or simple watch folders. Upload new music to the server through the beautiful web interface. Browse your music library by album, artist or genre. All the things you ever wanted to do!

Download MyTunesRSS

myAccount - 1.0

The bellshare myAccount widget allows you to get a quick overview of your bellshare VoIP account from your dashboard. The widget will show your currently available balances and all active calls including rate information. A free bellshare VoIP account is needed.

Downoad myAccount

ChemSpotlight - 1.2

ChemSpotlight is a Spotlight metadata importer plug-in that reads common chemical file formats (MDL .mol, .mdl, .sd, .sdf, Tripos .mol2, Protein Data Bank .pdb, Chemical Markup Language .cml, and XYZ). It indexes chemistry files, adds molecular formulas (complete with subscripts in the Finder), molecular weight, and a variety of other information for Spotlight searches and Finder "Get Info" windows.

Download ChemSpotlight

Pando -

Introducing a little app with a lot of muscle.

Pando lets you send your home videos, giant presentations and entire folders of original quality photos to anyone with an email address. See how...

No adware, no spyware ... no, really.

Download Pando

Desktop Carousel - 3.0

Desktop Carousel is a MacOS X application that can change or update your desktop picture at specified intervals. Works with URLs and local files. A permanent connection to the internet is recommended.

Download Desktop Carousel

Auto Flash - 1.0.1

Auto Flash was developed to help you learn any subject using text flash cards. Text phrases are selected (at random or sequentially) from a table in the Flash Text Maintenance Window. The Setup Window lets you set the duration a Part A text phrase is on-screen, the period between Part A displays, the text color, bold/unbold, and text size. Settings are saved between sessions. Part B (answers) to Part A (questions) phrases are displayed two seconds after Part A phrases for one second. Part A and Part B phrases may have up to 50 characters.

Download Auto Flash

DotMatrix - 1.004

If Photoshop and PhotoBooth were sampled and remixed by the spirit of Bob Moog, the result would be DotMatrix...Kind an automated AndyWarholBot with you as the Superstar. For your G4/G5/Intel Mac running Tiger! Works great with iSight (internal or external), also with MiniDV firewire cameras, but does not require camera - use pictures from your mobile phone.

Download DotMatrix

AppDelete - 1.1

AppDelete will delete the application you choose and any associated items (files and folders) that belong to that application. Now you will no longer have to hunt through your system to find these items and delete them manually. Or worse, just let them sit on your Mac forever even though the application is long gone!

To run AppDelete just drag the application or folder containing the application you want to delete onto the AppDelete icon. The easiest way is to keep AppDelete in your dock so you can drag your app or folder containing the app onto the icon in your dock. After doing this AppDelete will search your system to find the associated items. They will be moved inside of a folder in the trash named "AppDelete" with the name of the app you dragged onto the icon. You can inspect this folder if you like before emptying the trash.

AppDelete also has a "Undo" feature and keeps a log of every item that was deleted. And AppDelete is freeware!

Download AppDelete

MacEtegami - 2.02

MacEtegami is a watercolors simulation program. You can easily send e-mail attached your picture by

Download MacEtegami

ApertureToGallery - 0.98.5

The ApertureToGallery plug-in allows you to export images directly from your Aperture library to Gallery, the web-based photo organizer.

Feature List:

* Support for Gallery versions 1 and 2
* Support for multiple galleries
* Navigate albums on remote gallery using a browser
* Create new albums in remote gallery
* Upload selected images in Aperture to existing or new albums
* Upload image captions as titles for images

Download ApertureToGallery