IceClean - 2.5

IceClean is a powerful Finder and System optimization tool using ONLY built-in Unix system tasks to help your System stay healthy and to keep it running smoothly. IceClean lets you execute the following tasks: • System Maintenance Process & Infos - Periodic Routine Scripts - Verify Preferences .plist files - Repair Permissions - Update Prebindings - Update Locate & Whatis Databases - Rebuild Launchservices - Check Disk S.M.A.R.T. Status - System Info (Fixed Internal & External Disks, Kernel Infos & Processes Status, Power Management Settings) - Show (/var, /bin, /etc, /private, Receipts & Virtual Memory Lists) - Unix MAN Pages - Call Terminal & Console • System Cleanup - Remove Root & User System Caches - Deep Safari Cleanup - Remove Safari Icons - Remove Log fIles - Remove .Localized & Temporary files • Finder Utilities and Customization - Spotlight features (Rebuild, Update, Optimize, Remove Databases. Show Spotlight Index Status, Enable or Disable Spotlilght Indexing) - Dashboard ON/OFF - Show Hidden FIles and Folders - Force Relaunch Dock and Finder - Show Finder 'Quit' Item - Enable or Disable Finder Animations - Rebuild Finder Menu Icons - Force Empty All Trashes - Completely remove .DS_Store Files - Disable .DS_Store files from creating on Network Volumes - Three Desktop Screenshots Capture Options - SpeedUp Applications Windows Opening - Fast Screen Lock - Quick Display Sleep - CD-DVD RW Quick and Full Erase - Force CD-DVD Eject • Security & Network - Display Network Status & Socket Connections - Traceroute - Whois Informations - Enable or Disable Journaling Process - System Activity Monitor (CPU, Memory & Threads Usage) - General Network Info (IP Number, DNS Servers, TCP/IP & UDP Statistics) - Enable or Disable Firewall - Show Firewall Settings and Rules - Deep Hibernate Mac Possibilities (Default, Deep Sleep, Old Safe Sleep)

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