ElectropaintOSX - 0.3

ElectropaintOSX is an OS X screensaver module port of Kent Rosenkoetter's clone of SGI's Electropaint screensaver "the most mesmerizing screensaver ever written". Kent's page can be found here. Kent eloquently describes it best: "Back in the day, when SGI was the pinacle of the graphics field, included in IRIX was a pretty little screensaver known as electropaint. It consisted of only a few quads swirling around the screen on a black background, but for everyone who saw it, the memory was burned in, never to be forgotten. It was simply the most mesmerizing screensaver ever written. Entire rooms of educated computer scientists were reduced to drooling unblinking zombies within minutes." This port only wraps Kent's OpenGL code in a screensaver module using Objective-C++. The source is released under the General Public License.

Download ElectropaintOSX