Sudokumat - 5.3

* Generate Sudoku
In different levels of difficulty - whereby the metric still has to be improved.
* Solve Sudoku
* Support in playing Sudoku
o Easy input: no Click - just go to the desired field using mouse or keyboard and type in your desired digit
o Set/Unset/Show candidates
o Support of multiple Undo / Redo
o Display of a tracker that highlights all relevant fields for application of the Sudoku rules (row,column, 3x3-cell)
o Show all permitted positions for a given digit
o Show an appropriate field to be solved next
o Solve a single step
o Toolbar for the most important functions of Sudokumat
* Create PDF-files with as many Sudokus as you want. The difficulty can be adjusted. Solutions can optionally be included.
* Save of single puzzles in flat text files
* Restore of single puzzles from previously saved text files
* Language support for German and English - depending on your system settings (default-locale) and choosable from "Options" -> "Select Language"
Help too is available in German and English

Download Sudokumat