Mt. St. Helens VolcanoCam Widget - 2.2.4

More than just a simple webcam, this widget displays a half-size static image from the Mount St. Helens Volcanocam, as well as the current volcano Alert Level as assigned by the US Geological Survey. The Alert Level is not available on the volcanocam site, but the widget displays both the image and the Alert Level in a single, easy to access place. As always, the Volcanocam button below the image will take you to the official website in your default web browser. In the same way, the Alert Level button takes you to the USGS site for an explanation of the Alert Level. New in version 2.2 how the image refreshes. To reduce resource requirements, image refresh is no longer automatic. It now refreshes anytime Dashboard is opened. Also new is a manual refresh button on the face of the widget.

Download Mt. St. Helens VolcanoCam Widget