Taco HTML Edit - 1.7.3

Taco HTML Edit is a full-featured HTML editor and PHP editor distributed as freeware. It is designed exclusively for Mac OS X and uses many of the core technologies built into Mac OS X including image transparency (in the image map wizard), toolbars, WebKit (for live previewing), and much more.

Taco HTML Edit includes the following features:

* Live previewing of HTML and PHP documents
* Projects with multiple documents
* Customizable HTML and PHP tag coloring
* Code Clips to keep track of frequently used HTML code
* The ability to choose any browser for the preview browser
* Creating new documents with the code from an existing file
* Customizable toolbar with a show/hide option
* Find panel with multiple search options
* Wizards for inserting colors, font tags, image tags, image maps, links, lists, meta tags, and tables
* Image map wizard that is easy to use and powerful
* Advanced Tag Insert Panel with all HTML 4.01 tags and attributes.
* Supports opening and saving files in Unicode and UTF8 formats to handle non-English characters.
* Checks tag syntax and structure.
* Auto-indent.
* Spell-checking, with ability to ignore HTML tags.
* Display line numbers for documents.
* Universal binary.

Download Taco HTML Edit