Yum - 2.2

"Yum" is a recipe collection manager for organising your own recipe collection (also includes an example recipe collection). Features include:

* Indexing by category - each recipe can belong to any number of user-defined categories.
* Several printing options (all, selected, category).
* Highly customisable page layout and text can be formatting including fonts, styles and paragraph settings. Your recipes can look just the way you want them for both printing and on screen.
* Graphics can be included (copy/paste, or drag/drop) within the recipe text.
* Recipes can be imported from MasterCook export files, other Yum files or Yum XML files, and can be exported to Yum files, XML files or plain text files.
* Email recipe(s) (uses your default email client)
* Generate Shopping list for arbitrary sets of recipes.

Download Yum