Organise Pro - 2.2.4

Organise 2 is a completely rewritten version of Organise, built as a Universal Binary and using Objective-C rather than Java for a lighter, faster-loading, more robust and slicker user experience.

Organise 2 will potentially come in two flavours - The Lite version is a no-frills, simple to use application containing the fundamental Organise features - Contacts, Inventory , Orders and Invoicing.

Organise 2 Pro builds on earlier versions of Organise. The core is the Lite version, but will add Time Management (the old 'to do' list with time recording against orders), Data Management (exporting to spreadsheet or html, reporting) and Accounts Managment (basic accounting).

These Pro features can be switched on or off so that the interface remains uncluttered by buttons that you don't use.

There is currently no need for the Lite version to be available because the Pro version is free, and the Pro features can be switched on or off.

Download Organise Pro